Restaurant, Culinary, and Catering Management/Manager

Who doesn't love a good meal? Probably no one. Planning creative dishes, shopping for groceries, and creating a budget, however, aren't things everyone enjoys. For those who do, a restaurant, culinary, and catering management major may be the right fit. With this major, you'll learn to supervise and manage food and beverage preparation for catering services or restaurant facilities. Most programs provide detailed instructions in cost control, business administration, personnel management, menu planning, event planning and management, purchasing and storage, and all applicable laws and regulations surrounding the food industry. Considering the diversity of the program, you have plenty of career options to choose from. The field you specialize in will broaden your scope. After graduating, you may work as a chef, lodging master, dietetic technician, food service manager, dietitian, or nutritionist.

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“…This school is amazing. The teachers are very understanding and seem to love their jobs. The campus is very beautiful, clean, and very easy to navigate.” – Kirby from Chesapeake, VA

“…Ferris State University is a well organized college, full of helpful professors. I love it there and the food and dinning is also wonderful. This university has a friendly atmosphere. ” – Katherine from Newaygo, MI

“…The college is great!! It won the Aspen award, as the best community college in the nation!!! The campus is very nice.... people are very friendly, and eager to help when you need it... I certainly recommend any one in Orlando to attend Valencia...” – Andreas from Orlando, FL

Broward College
Fort Lauderdale, FL

“…Broward College is a good school. They really help people learn, compensating for disabilities, and different learning-styles.” – Jennifer from Lauderhill, FL

“…pima is an outstanding community college. the college makes it convenient for students with campus locations all around the city of tucson. the staff for the most part is very helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. ” – Shanna from Marana, AZ

“…1. Fresno City College is a beautiful, old fashioned campus, with a diverse student population, located right in the heart of Fresno's historic Tower District. 2. Teachers are involved and invested in the success of their students, and in my...” – Elise from Fresno, CA

“…montgomery college is an affordable, conveniently located, and diverse campus in which a student can gain the best experience and knowledge they need to succeed.” – Alexis from Germantown, MD

“…College of Dupage has changed alot and has become a very beautiful school to attend. It has added alot of new building to help each major get a better education experience. The school has expanded alot and allows personal rooms of education so...” – Thomas from Justice, IL

“… I feel that this school will give me the start to my academic college career I need. I plan to attend for one full year. Soon after transfer to another college geared more towards my career choice.” – Alex from Tampa, FL

“…bakersfield college is a diverse school where most professors care about the students. the education level is good, and they are opening a writing center for helping students when writing papers. the campus is of a good size and there are many...” – Joselin from Bakersfield, CA

“…My experience so far has been very rewarding the professors and faculty have gone out of there way to make me feel at home.I look forward to going to my classes each day. I plan to make the most of every opportunity in order to make my dreams a...” – Miranda from Port Orange, FL

“…This college is great, I really rely on the tutoring that is offered on campus. The class size and instrutor ratio is satisfactory, along with some instructors that take time out to explain/teach to students. Students services can also be a great way...” – Valerie from Warren, MI

“…American River College is a diverse place of higher learning and networking. Faculty strive for you to succeed in spite of budget cuts to education that our state is currently facing. Student life also has wonderful opportunities for students to get...” – NaKisha from Antelope, CA

“…orange coast college is one of the best community colleges in california, in transfer rates, athletics and academics. there are so many resources and opportunities to succeed and move forward, weather you want to transfer to a university or to get a...” – Jasmine from Costa Mesa, CA

Chaffey College
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

“…I must say that Chaffey College has been an outstanding college to have begun my scholarly journey. The fellow students that I have met here have proven to be quite a diverse and fantastic group. And best of all, I have been taught and academically...” – Pedro from Fontana, CA

“…I think the school is very will equipped and has a very high level of teaching quality for a 2 year college. I think it is one of the best in the state” – Yennis from El Cajon, CA

“…I would have to say that PSC is a 7.5 on a scale from one to ten. the reason for my anwer is their organization problems, and the fact that all students are not treated as equally. ” – Pre-Med from Pensacola, FL

“…nassau community college is a great school for finding what you want to do in life. it really helped me decide and find my passion and what i want to do as my career. definitely give this school a 10.” – Qiana from West Babylon, NY

“…this is my second year at cypress college so far i like it. most of teachers are helpful but i do recommend you to check rate your professor before registering for classes!” – Yvonne from Stanton, CA

“…Arkansas Tech University in my book rates about 7 out of 10. The campus and people are great and classes are small, the teachers really get to know their students. However, the accessibility features are outdated and need improving. ” – Christina from Russellville, AR

“…city college has a large campus, it can be confusing at first but once you get used to it you'll love it. everybody is generally helpful and its very internally friendly. the only draw back is that there are a lot of people so getting the classes you...” – Khiry from Vallejo, CA

“…I think that it is a wonderful college. It offers many different degrees and programs. They also have professors that really understand the students and are very helpful as well.” – Cheyanne from Earlville, NY

“…i give them five stars for their teachers, advisers, and councilors, but only four stars with there financial aid office. they are positive and accommodating towards people that have difference goals and live different life styles. the only quarrel i...” – Jessica from Newberry, IN

“…Community really have a great team. They really take the time out to help you move forward in your future career and there courses is really great.” – Cassandra from Philadelphia, PA

“…college of the canyons is wonderful facility. the faculty here are very welcoming, friendly and always willing to help. this is a great campus where you will get a knowledgeable education. ” – Kayla from Santa Clarita, CA

“…the school is very organized and help a great help staff. the teacher are easy to talk and are willing to work with students. overrall the college is great.” – Tiffani from Fort Pierce, FL

“…The professors at JCCC are outstanding, especially in the Mathematics and Science departments. Each professor I've come into contact with has taken an interest in my personal journey as well as other students in the classroom, and has gone above and...” – Kristian from Spring Hill, KS

“…san bernardino valley college is truly a good college. the whole staff is always ready to guide you through your academic path. i really like the different programs they offer.” – Lucero from Highland, CA

“…they are really on you on what to do and how to do it. the key is to stay consistent and pay attention. review your notes and don't slack off.” – Pete from Jacksonville, FL

“…I am the happiest little zoo science student in the world here at Delaware Valley College. Our tight-knit community, fantastic learning environment, and people who have the same dreams as me have made the transition to college more manageable than I...” – Celina from Hamden, CT

“…lane community college is a great school with a hard working, friendly faculty that give personal attention to their students which is made easy by our smaller class sizes. also, lcc has a sustainable organic garden on campus, run by students and...” – Julie from Eugene, OR

“…I love it here! It's small, but packed full of interesting classes and people. Student life and activities make up a lot of campus life. It's a shame this isn't a 4 year university, I would've stayed had they been.” – Cassandra from Wheeling, IL

“…Howard Community College is a very great school and can,t wait to attend this fall. Campus is great, friendly people and great is very affordable school ” – Linda from Columbia, MD

“…Nationally recognized for a reason. Almost every instructor I have had in my four years while attending have been passionate and genuinely interested in the success of their students at both an academic and personal level. The courses are challenging...” – Brandon from Forestville, CA

“…This is a great two year school for those interested in any outdoor activities associated with mountains, rivers, or desert. Not only does CMC offer a quality education with small classes, but you also have access to great outdoor adventure classes...” – Lacey from Steamboat Springs, CO

“…I would give Baker of Flint a 4 out of 4 because they have a great staff that cares about teaching you the things that you need to know. The facility is very well kept and everyone is very friendly.” – Elizabeth from Flint, MI

“…MiraCosta College is a lot like your average community college, just newer, cleaner and smarter. The professors here really care about students, and seem to love their job. The school also generally seems to have more funding available than many...” – Virginia from Oceanside, CA

“…very personable and small classes. experienced teachers. world class learning.” – Seth from Cedar Rapids, IA

“…Elgin has been a great college to start out at. Everyone is friendly and the cost is low for a good education. The parking is great and the buildings are easy to navigate around.” – Mikaela from Saint Charles, IL

“…mt. hood is a wonderful way to get started on your academics, and help you find out what you want out of life. ” – Erica from Gresham, OR

“…JCC has wonderful instructors that help you succeed. Faculty are employeed in the subject matter they teach so they know what they teach. The small class sizes give way to more personal instruction.” – JACQUELINE from Adrian, MI

“…GCSC's staff is great! They are some of the most professional, passionate, and concerned teachers and staff I have come across. You must apply yourself though, to succeed.” – Daniel from Chipley, FL

“…Arizona Western College is a great place to achieve your educational goal. It is a college with great opportunities for students. It can help you achieve your eductional plan to be very successful. ” – Iliana from Yuma, AZ

“…grand rapids community college is a school that wants the best for you. this college is all about preparing you for the future. if you want a quality education without paying through the nose to get it this is the college for you.” – Isabelle from Grand Rapids, MI

“…mcc is an amazing school. the instructors are very helpful and want to help students succeed. the design and decor of the institute is beautiful. there are man places to relax and get your work done, with help or alone.” – Hector from Bristol, CT

“…i love the small classes. i love the attention given by each professor. and the food isn't bad either! :)” – Camara from Lehighton, PA

“…I love the classes that they offer at Newbury College. The size of the school is small, which means all my teacher know more about me. The location of the school is perfect.” – Karina from Cromwell, CT

“…Professional and resourceful staff. All information taught in class is accurate and applicable in today's world. Online classes have adequate study information, just as good as attending class!” – Susana from Seminole, TX

“…Moraine Valley is a very special college, they push students to do their best to their fullest potential. Each and every teacher I have personally been taught by has showed a deep desire for all their students to succeed. And they do there best to...” – David from Calumet Park, IL

“…Mission college is a perfectly typical community college. It is a gateway for students into much bigger universities. Due to the small classes, the professors here pay more attention to each individual.” – Aatif from San Jose, CA

“…Love the class size. Free tutoring available. Current instructors are very supportive and want all students to succeed.” – Adult Student from rural Iowa

“…i am currently a student at college of the redwoods in crescent city. i have had some real great teachers. some of the teachers at the college of the redwoods in crescent city make learning easy and enjoyable.” – Brandon from Crescent City, CA

“…the teachers are very nice and helpful. the campus is a good size, so everything is easily accessible. it is a fine place to start college and earn your beginning credits. ” – Erika from Chesterland, OH

“…It is a great school to get your general education. Counselors make transferring an easy process. Also, it has many clubs and activities to keep you social.” – DeAngela from Elk Grove, CA

“…Close to home and a pretty campus. Employees are really friendly. Beautiful lake in campus. Great teachers and I enjoyed my first semester here.” – Christianna from Victorville, CA

“…This school offers a several different programs. They have a great support structure. They even offer a free health club and clinic to registered students.” – Kecha from Fitchburg, WI

“…St. Philip's community college is a great school to attend your first two years of college. The staff and teachers really care about the students and will do everything they can to help you be successful. I'm so glad chose to attend St. Philip's...” – Janielle

“…it is convenient and inexpensive. the classes are pretty easy and the homework isn't too much. there are resources available if you need help” – Reviewer from Crystal Lake, IL

“…Milwaukee Area Technical College is very student orientated and helpful with hands-on experience regarding your program. MATC, with all four campuses, serves Milwaukee by offering a variety of technical programs that will prepare us students for the...” – Willmar from Milwaukee, WI

“…Norwalk Community College has taught me that my goals are always attainable, and that if I want something, this is a good place to start. The advisor and teachers are their for you, not for themselves. Norwalk Community College opens their arms to...” – Steven from Norwalk, CT

“…LMC is a good community college to get a boost on your education. From what I've seen of their music program, this is a good school to get started with. Affordability is a plus.” – Jackson from Berrien Springs, MI

“…San Jacinto is an excellent college for duel credit students such as myself. It puts students in the position to take responsibility as young adults while still in high school. Overall, it is a good two year college as well.” – Ashley from Channelview, TX

“…This college is very competitive, cost effective & current. The campus is beautiful, large, and most importantly, functional. The faculty, staff & students are friendly and diverse.” – Nicole from Whitehouse Station, NJ

“…Gateway is a great school whether you're receiving an associate degree, a certificate, or just taking a class for fun. Gateway has a wide range of degree/certificate programs to satisfy different interests and career focuses. Since Gateway has...” – Megan from Mt. Pleasant, WI

“…a great environment to be in and around. very easy to access all of campus and classes. offers way more programs than i would have guessed, a lot of programs.” – Phillip from Oxnard, CA

“…los angeles mission college is an incredible community college, that allows their student to feel safe in a well protected campus . both the staff and professors are able to teach their students more than the basic fundaments of their field and broad...” – Mary Gail from Pacoima, CA

“…the university has a diverse, fun, and clean campus. the variety of classes offered can lead students into varying majors and professions and help get their foot in the door. on a side note, the location of the campus, here in the valley, offers...” – A student from Montana

“…Garden City Community College had great teachers and a well-maintained campus.” – Tajia from Garden City, KS

“…I rate my school a 10 is a great school. the staff go step by step with students on informations especially the financial ladies.” – Maria from salinas, CA

“…Not a bad school, but there is so many choices to get you started on a career. They didn't have many choices for me to choose from for my intended major therefore I have nothing to really do here. The teachers are enthusiastic about their classes,...” – Phelicity from Tacoma, WA

“…This college is a very good community college for students that wish to start or end college in. I am one who is starting here to get my general education classes out of the way, and it has been a great two years so far. It is a very compatible...” – Valerie from Cassville, MO

“…It has a great atmosphere and is a very fun place. They really care about you graduating and succeeding in the real world. The campus is beautiful and always evolving to help the students.” – Jansen from Stillwater, OK

“…The new bookstore is awesome! I also love the recent changes in the cafeteria! The Ace Lab is great too!” – April from Chipley, FL

“…gateway community college offers a decent learning environment with knowledgable professors. some of the courses are dumbed down a little due to the type of students that the college attracts, but there are still opportunities provided to get a...” – Daniel from New Haven, CT

“…this is an excellent university, the campus is amazingly beautiful. there's always something to do here, its never a dull moment. if you enjoy a small campus experience, then jwu denver is the way to go!” – Amanda from Bayamon, PR

“…it is a small campus that is easy to get around. the class sizes are relatively small. most classes are great especially for the price.” – Rebecca from Greensburg, PA

“…MVCC is a great school for those who want a good education for less money, also because you can figure out what you want to do before attending a four year school. Has very many classes and majors to choose from. It can be a bit confusing and...” – Kaitlin from Clinton, NY

“…the professors are outstanding. they really care about their students and make their selfs avalible for extra help. the college is an amazing place to be.” – Athena from Alexandria, KY

“…on a scale of 1 to 10; i would rate western at an 8. i absolutely love it there, the atmosphere, the people everything. i think they could use some improving on their wireless internet connections and the parking situation.” – Rachel from Houston, MN

“…Teachers play close attentions to there students. They make themselves readily available so that students will always get the help they need. In addition my professors have experience in the field I want to get into and I love to hear their stories...” – Tiffany from Bronx, NY

“…excellent tutoring services. knowledgeable and personable instructors. very affordable.” – Jeremiah from Shiloh, IL

“…Like most Puerto Rican colleges, UNE is very inexpensive compared to the US. The appearance and hygiene of the university is excellent. It is very well kept and the administration resources are great for students. Student activities are promoted...” – Kevin from Puerto Rico

“…It is a great place to start. The student life is fun and exciting, and the food is excellent! I'm super happy that i saved money and am still attending a great school.” – Cheryl from Coos Bay, OR

“…LATTC is a great school for those who are serious about obtaining an education. I have come a long way and I would recommend is college to all my family and friends. ” – Latrice from Los Angeles, CA

“…Is a really good campus, the staff is very kind, classes and instructor's are the best.” – Rosa from Grand Island, NE

“…i am very impressed with the level of education i've recieved here. the faculty of the plant science dept. are outstanding on both an academic and personal level. i'm learning more than i ever thought i would, and having alot of fun doing it; we get...” – Mary from Jefferson, NY

“…They are continuously making new changes to help provide students with the best education possible, but it would be helpful if more online classes were offered for those students who have families and need to work. ” – Laura from Hamburg, PA

“…central maine community college is a great two year school. this is my first semester and everyone is so helpful. i have mostly a's in my classes and my professors are always willing to help improve my grades” – Daysi from New York, NY

“…I would rate Kingsborough Community College as a great college for students who love scenery and the ocean view. I could also say that this school provides a great educational experience, the utmost respectful staff of professors and a successful...” – Rhonda from South Richmond Hill, NY

“…There is plenty of parking spaces located in front of every lettered building, which comes in handy. The buildings are color coded and lettered for us. There are outdoor benches and fountains to relax any hectic day! :)” – Lillian from Key West, FL

“…good college, good teachers.” – Anjelica from Bangor, ME

“…waukesha county technical college has changed my life. the teachers and staff are so caring and understanding, they truly are there to help you succeed and achieve your goals. i rate wctc a 10/10!” – Stacey from New Berlin, WI

“…glendale has a very beautiful campus. glendale has very understanding teachers. glendale has good food. ” – Corinthian from Sylmar, CA

“…I would rate JWCC a 9 out of 10. It is an outstanding school that is dedicated to the success of their students and equip them with the tools necessary for their chosen career. ” – Danielle from Quincy, IL

“…I could not imagine going to school anywhere other than Missouri State West Plains. They find way that make it easy to pay for college and EVERYTHING you need to complete your degree can easily be found on campus. Whether you need books and other...” – Emily from Houston, MO

“…Richard Bland College is a great school. The faculty and professors are very nice and respectful. They have challenging courses but the professors will gladly help with no problems.” – Brittanie from Petersburg, VA

“…I love the campus and the people that are involved in keeping it maintained. I love the staff, they have all been amazing help to me.I love that i have so many options for programs that will help through college” – Brandi from Copperopolis, CA

“…On a scale of one to ten... I would give SWC a 8 points. Everything you need is there. I wish there were more music and dance programs as well as extracirricular ones.” – Dyanne from San Diego, CA

“…This school is awesome. They have very supportive staff, who respond quickly to your needs as well as some of the best teachers I've ever encountered. Their campus is also amazingly beautiful and I feel very welcomed there. ” – Auriel from Bronx, NY

“…Lakeshore Technical College is a great college to attend. They are constantly updating their programs to match employer needs and staying relevant with updated technology. If you are looking for a school that offers variety ranging from a Wind Energy...” – Richard from Sheboygan, WI