Sports Medicine Residency Program

Individuals who complete a sports medicine residency program prepare themselves to treat injuries related to sports and exercise and advise patients on how to prevent them from happening in the first place. To undertake a sports medicine residency program, you must have completed a bachelor's degree and medical school. The residency allows you to put the skills you've learned in the classroom into practice in a health care setting with supervision from an experienced physician. Upon completing your residency, you can obtain your license to practice as a physician and work at an established hospital, rehabilitation facility, or other health care setting, or start your own practice.

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University of Gloucestershire

Gloucestershire (locals pronounce it gloss-tuh-sher) is an historic institution, dating back to 1834. The area offers the best of both city and country living. It’s as vibrant and innovative as it is historic and beautiful. We have world-famous...


Brilliant. Large. Filled with academics.

” – Alexandra from Phoenix, AZ
Kingston University London

Located just 25 minutes from central London, Kingston University offers internationally-recognized qualifications and welcomes around 100 new students from the USA every year, with many more on Study Abroad and exchange programs. Founded in 1899, the...