System, Networking, and LAN/WAN Management/Manager

A program that prepares individuals to oversee and regulate the computer system and performance requirements of an entire organization or network of satellite users. Includes instruction in performance balancing; redundancy; local area (LAN) and wide area (WAN) network management; system migration and upgrading; outage control; problem diagnosis and troubleshooting; and system maintenance, budgeting, and management.

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“…Wonderful atmosphere on campus. Just attended NSC in early June and enjoyed hearing about all the great programs and classes I will start in the fall of 2012. Enjoyed getting to know some of my fellow classmates. I am from out of state and they...” – KLM from Florida

“…Through Central Washington University, there are thousands of students who have the potential for educational success. Because of this, and because of Central's great ability to contribute to the education of its students, I would give the school a...” – Haellie from Buckley, WA

“…mcc is a great place to go to school either to get ready to go to a 4 year university or to get ready for a new career. the classes are really affordable. the campus is really navigable.” – Alexandra from Tempe, AZ

“…College of Dupage has changed alot and has become a very beautiful school to attend. It has added alot of new building to help each major get a better education experience. The school has expanded alot and allows personal rooms of education so...” – Thomas from Justice, IL

“…the recent change in collin turning into a 4 year university has helped the university and student reach a higher level of education. it has made it possible to become more prepared to transfer into a larger state university such as utd. overall the...” – Ernesto Plano, Tx

“…Alcorn is a true academic resort, lying beneath the shade of the great oak trees, to quote our Alma Mater. Alcorn's campus is flourished with vast amounts of these huge pristine trees, making it a true southern paradise. On closer inspection one can...” – Jonathan from Natchez, MS

“…sac is offering so much more than what they first did when i attened in 2003. i love the fact that everything is spread out and doesnt seem so cluttered, and no one has to walk shoulder to shoulder like some colleges. also very clean!!!!” – Pearl from San Antonio, TX

“…An Excellent University! Building up to become one of the leading schools in the area. Safe and Affordable.” – Beau from Cincinnati, OH

“…This college is great, I really rely on the tutoring that is offered on campus. The class size and instrutor ratio is satisfactory, along with some instructors that take time out to explain/teach to students. Students services can also be a great way...” – Valerie from Warren, MI

“…This college is affordable and you can get a good education here. I love the atmosphere and the classroom's. The professor's are very well educated as well. ” – Briana from Longview, TX

“…Your basic college, very affordable with great professors. Good for getting started, and I recommend using this as a starter college if you plan to transfer. Be patient with the registrar! ” – A Student from Nevada

“…Snow College has helped me to become a well-rounded young adult. This institution has aided me in the process of becoming an excellent student and a contributing member of the community. I have loved every second of my experience at Snow College. ” – Amber from Spanish Fork, UT

“…lane community college is a great school with a hard working, friendly faculty that give personal attention to their students which is made easy by our smaller class sizes. also, lcc has a sustainable organic garden on campus, run by students and...” – Julie from Eugene, OR

“…Chestnut Hill is a great atmosphere to learn in. This college has great teachers. Also, it has great available resources to help you on your way to obtain your degree.” – Briana from Roslyn, PA

“…Butler has opened my eyes to the possibilities that a school can offer. Butler has also opened my eyes to seek a higher education for the benefit of my family. Butler is a fantastic regional community college, which has a reputation for students who...” – Mario from Wichita, KS

“…This college is pretty awesome! I know it seem cliché to say that but it is what it is. There is so much diversity! I moved here about 6 months ago from a small town in Minnesota. Everyone knew each other and there wasn't much diversity at all....” – Petr from Federal Way, WA

“…just be willing to work hard, and every teacher will be willing to help you succeed. if you are looking for blow-off classes, then you are going to dislike some of the best teachers. they give you your money's worth, and is the best community college...” – Petra from West, TX

“…ctc is a awesome school if you are looking for a degree. professors are of decent quality and facilities are nice. the best thing is the price of the courses is very low, around sixty dollars per credit hour.” – Taylor from Copperas Cove, TX

“…el paso community college is a great place to learn because the learning is more hands-on and personal. classes are usually available in different areas allowing less money on gas and more on educational materials. classes are also smaller allowing...” – Robin from El Paso, TX

“…Spokane Community College is the first stepping stone to a great future. Their resources and faculty are highly regarded by many students as exceptional.” – Yolonde from Spokane Valley, WA

“…Its a safe environment. Its a neat environment. Its makes one feels at home. ” – Dennis from Bronx, NY

“…Temple College makes it easy for us students to find our way to our classes, meaning they give us maps and once you find what one building is you are certain to find which way you are going. We just made improvements in the parking lots and it looks...” – Toi from Killeen, TX

“…Hudson Valley Community College has the best two year education a student can ask for. The professors are encouraging and are there to help you succeed. The price is reasonable and can open doors to other opportunities.” – Stephanie from East Greenbush, NY

“…grcc is a great school. parking is convenient if you buy a pass and everything you need is accessible on campus.” – Paula from Black Diamond, WA

“…Midland College has made me excited about school, and anxious about further education. The teachers are very welcoming and knowledgeable about their subjects. On top of regular classes, I learn a tremendous amount from interacting with teachers and...” – Alexander from Midland, TX

“…Lee College's Honors Program is one of the top programs in the nation. Lee College continues to make academic history. Lee College is diverse, helpful, and will provide a stable foundation for the rest of my life.” – Hai from Baytown, TX

“…Moraine Valley is a very special college, they push students to do their best to their fullest potential. Each and every teacher I have personally been taught by has showed a deep desire for all their students to succeed. And they do there best to...” – David from Calumet Park, IL

“…attending dsu this past year has been a great experience for me. the campus is not too big that you get lost and you're not just another number as on some campuses. i can't wait to return in the fall of 2012.” – Chad

“…North Shore Community college is a grate school to begin you academic career. They offer a MASS Transfer benefit that is worth looking into. You can cut 2 years of course work out (transfer as a junior) if you continue to a four year state college...” – Christen from Saugus, MA


“…The campus is nice and lively. Many of the services are ran by student employees allowing for a nice and no pressured talk, but allows for easy misinformation and problems. The classrooms are delightfully small and so far 3 out of 4 teachers have...” – Kice from Norman, OK

“…St. Philip's community college is a great school to attend your first two years of college. The staff and teachers really care about the students and will do everything they can to help you be successful. I'm so glad chose to attend St. Philip's...” – Janielle

“…overall the college has been a great choice! from the day i registered i had help from the students to administration. i feel secure and i am not afraid to ask questions ” – Chrystal from Phoenix, AZ

“…I find that Hill College helps their students with any questions, concerns, or difficulties they might run into. They also look out for the student's best interest. I would give Hill College high scores on everything from teaching, counseling,...” – Cherilyn from Burleson, TX

“…Great College, Smalls class size, and hands on learning.” – Eric from Grangeville, ID

“…San Jacinto is an excellent college for duel credit students such as myself. It puts students in the position to take responsibility as young adults while still in high school. Overall, it is a good two year college as well.” – Ashley from Channelview, TX

“…Great School. They want you to succeed. Dedicated staff, they want to help you reach your goals.” – Fayth-an from Yukon, OH

“…For a Junior/Community College, 4 1/2 Stars! It has that home-town feel, with mostly helpful and friendly teachers and staff (unlike the ones you hear about in major universities). A great place for those who want to transfer up to a larger college...” – Cobyn from Blossom, TX

“…Monroe County Community College is a great place to start your education, especially if you're unsure of your field of study. It's rather affordable and there are many scholarships in the community that are given to MCCC students. The majority of the...” – Logan from La Salle, MI

“…st. ambrose university is a small, liberal arts college. it is diverse in the acedemic and social possibilities for their students. laslty, it is a very warm and welcoming place, a home away from home. ” – Emily from Arlington Hts., IL

“…It is difficult to compare CCC to other colleges, considering this is the first and only college I have attended, but judging by my visits to other colleges, it is small and simple. The campus does not stretch for miles and miles, and it is easy to...” – Lacy from Corning , NY

“…Nash Community College is a school that gives a positive look in the small city. The school isnt that big as a university or and other community collge, for its exciting and fun to go to. there are alot of things to get into. The staffs and students...” – Mia from Nashville, NC

“…BPCC has a hometown feel to it. If you do what you are suppose to do, then everything almost always falls into place. I have never spoken to a rude person employed by BPCC.” – Jacquelyn from Longview, TX

“…North Central is affordable and close to home. I love the small class sizes. The professors are also wonderful. NCSC has many opportunities to get involved. ” – Student Nurse

“…The professors are very attentive and supportive. There is a great student government on campus that supports the student body. The administration and admission process is very easy and flexible” – Eden from Goshen, NY

“…-my school has the best teachers. -all staff members (including non-teachers) are truly dedicated to education, and the students. -one of the top community colleges for digital technology” – CSC Student, IL

“…wonderful teachers, and other staff. i'm looking forward to taking more classes there this summer. thank you!” – Danielle from Oregon, IL

“…I am very happy with the education I have received so far. That is why I am not interested in changing schools. The instructors are very knowledgeable and helpful.” – Michael from Riverside, TX

Belmont College
Saint Clairsville, OH

“…Belmont College is an excellent local college. Belmont College students and faculty make you feel welcomed. You are truly accepted here at Belmont.” – Derek

“…Wayne County Community College District has the most helpful and dedicated staff, and are always willing to go that extra mile to help see a student succeed. WCCCD is easily affordable and still able to receive the best education. WCCCD is...” – Chelsea from Lincoln Park, MI

“…Lamar Community College is awesome, it gives you the feeling like the teachers are actually there to help you! It is in a small town so the class sizes are amazing, so you get the one on one help that I love! The best thing about LCC is that it is...” – Gabe from Lamar, CO

“…Over all great school based on the instructors. The administration needs improvement as they don't seem to care about students in general. Durham tech offers great programs and the instructors are usually great” – Anthony from Graham, NC

“…Williston State is a good place to go for those who want a smaller school. It is more personal. The college is growing and becoming bigger and will have more fun stuff to do.” – Kira from Watford City, ND

“…This school is awesome. They have very supportive staff, who respond quickly to your needs as well as some of the best teachers I've ever encountered. Their campus is also amazingly beautiful and I feel very welcomed there. ” – Auriel from Bronx, NY

“…Overall, terrific teachers/instructors that care a great deal about getting the education that we (students) deserve. They continue to assure that students understand the course lessons, more so, willing to take time out to work with students that...” – Tanya-Marie from Guam

“…Ulster County Community College is a great place to get started the teachers are great when you need help they are there. There are so many clubs and progams to help you in school! ” – Alexandra from Kingston, NY

“…hallmark university college of aeronautics has been a great experience so far. i would highly recommend the air frame and power plant course. everyone is extremely helpful and willing to help.” – christopher from san antonio, tx

“…The have the perfect program for future interpreters. Their facility members are extremely nice and hard working. I think they deserve a 7 on a scale of 1 to 10 only because I am just starting school here.” – Keyanda from Fort Bragg, NC

“…Blueridge has been wonderful in all they have helped me with in getting back to school after 28 years. The Human Resource department has gone beyond the call of duty to make the transition back to school a pleasurable experience. I only hope that...” – Lisa from Martinsburg, WV

“…Latter-day Saint Business College is just that, it has a diverse community of many, hundreds of countries and states that are represented. The LDS faith is 99% represented and there are over 50% Return Missionaries that are here. You don't have to go...” – Tiffany from Minneapolis, Minnesota

“…its a good school” – Charmayne from F.t Wingate, NM