A program that focuses on the scientific study of subcellular pieces of genetic material, called viruses, that inhabit living cells in parasitical relationships and their role in disease. Includes instruction in virus taxonomy and systematics, viral structures, viral genetics, prions, virus/host cell interaction, viral pathogenesis, and applications to specific topics such as cancer biology.

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Harvard College

Harvard College is an undergraduate liberal arts school located in Cambridge, MA, within Harvard University. Founded in 1636, this private, very selective, Ivy League college is the oldest institution of higher learning in the United States and was...

“…It's impossible not to learn a lot at Harvard, with such a wide range of classes taught by professors who are often experts in their field. Obviously, Harvard is known for being a prestigious research university and so the academic education...” – Emily

Case Western Reserve University

Founded by the merger of Western Reserve University and Case School of Applied Science, Case Western Reserve University is a 4-year private research institution in Cleveland. Case Western features nine schools conferring bachelor’s degrees in 95...

“…You will definitely work harder than you ever did in high school, but at the end of every class, you will also know that you actually learned something. Everyone at Case is very focused on their career goals, and the coursework teaches you exactly...” – Brittany from Macungie, PA

Baylor College of Medicine

The Baylor College of Medicine is a health sciences institution in Houston. Baylor is home to schools of Medicine, Health Professions, Biomedical Sciences, and Tropical Medicine. For a hands-on learning experience, the Baylor campus is located within...

“…From what I've read about this schools medical program its outstanding. It even has a 7 year program if my sources are correct. I am hoping to get into this school.” – Vishruth from Frisco, TX