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Any instructional program in visual and performing arts not listed above.

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“…First of all, UCLA is in one of the most amazing cities by far! Los Angeles has so much to offer within its grasps and if you think Los Angeles is boring then that is your fault. I would give UCLA a 9 out of 10 just because it is so diverse and...” – Katie

“…The University of Chicago is known more for its academic rigor and all-encompassing intellectualism than its campus life or party scene. This is far from true, however! If you're looking for hard-hitting academics, a picture-perfect campus, top-notch...” – Chris from Houston, TX

“…Columbia University is extremely challenging and therefore extremely rewarding. It does not allow you room to be average or mediocre because it encourages excellence. CU will show you what you are made of.” – Krizia from Fort Bragg, NC

“…Cornell University is an unparalleled college, filled with opportunities. Currently, I am in the Arts and Sciences College and though I wish to aspire to be a doctor, I am given the chance to study Latin and Ancient Civilization as a minor and to...” – Lisa from Commack, NY

“…The University of Michigan is truly an incredible place with incredible people. There is a lot of school pride about both academics and athletics, and although the academics are challenging, there is a good combination of studying and fun. I would...” – Sarah from Troy, MI

“…Duke's a diverse school with students of all sorts of races and backgrounds. The education is vigorous, so you'll get out whatever you put in. There are hundreds of student groups, academic opportunities and living environments to choose from, so...” – Elisabeth from Durham, NC

“…new york university is an academically strenuous and challenging school in the heart of downtown new york city. the campus is new york city, with lots of grand old buildings, mainly centered around washington square park. each of their programs are...” – Isabella from Los Angeles, CA

“…The University is a wonderful school because of its diverse student body, strong academics, and recreational facilities. There are so many great tutoring and advising resources available for me whenever they need help with certain classes. Also, I...” – Maria from Tucson, AZ

“…Amazing campus and beautiful buildings and people. The students are very diverse and all of them talented. With 40,000 or so students, you are sure to find friends whether you look for them or not.” – Daniel from Ridgefield, WA

“…UC Davis is a beautiful campus, with endless opportunities in all areas of interest. There are many research and academic internships, as well as being well-rounded with sport, music, and art opportunities. Every student can find clubs and academic...” – Kaitlyn from San Jose, CA

“…At Miami, it really is all about the U. U are treated as an individual student with personalized attention from top professors, incredible opportunities, and amazing tools to help you succeed in all aspects. With the fabulous weather and super...” – Jennifer from Florida

“…UCI is a very quiet school in terms of partying, but there are always activities going on throughout the day that any student can participate in. The school is fantastic in Academics and has many research opportunities. ” – Bi0N3rd

“…Clemson has a beautiful campus, and has so many things to offer its students. Clemson also has a staff that is always willing to help its students. Most of all, Clemson makes you feel at home and the bond between fellow students and faculty members...” – Kristen from Latta, SC

“…BEAUTIFUL! The campus is everything you dream about when picturing a modern university. The atmosphere, as well as the people around you are so full of spirit and energy it is hard not to yearn to be part of it.” – Alexandra Elizabeth from Peru

“…This campus is small enough to get to your classes in a reasonable time, but still big to find fun things to do. They have great places to eat with lots of variety. The people are all really friendly.” – Alex from Cincinnati, OH

“…unique. rigorous. rewarding.” – Pre-med from Portland, OR

“…Brigham young stands as a precedent for student education. It is a pinnacle of cleanliness of word and of character. It is a school like no other with the honor code as a standing tradition to be upheld by the students and the faculty. ” – Kaitlyn from Riverton, UT

“…Carnegie Mellon University offers an intense four years of training and education for all its students, regardless of their major. Each and every student is immeasurably passionate about their field of study. After graduation, students come out in...” – Austin from Shaker Heights, OH

“…Small classrooms and good teachers.” – Garrett from Portland, OR

“…Illinois State University (ISU) is a great way to get a great education and experience different things. You have adults and students that want to get involve with your career and future. It is a fantastic place to meet lots of unique and different...” – Amber from Chicago, IL

“…I loved being an asset at Towson University, because college has provided me with a well-rounded education on integrity and artistic sensibilities. My college curriculum provided me with complementary skills to use after graduating, as well as...” – Nicole from Baltimore, MD

“…What a life changing college experience. Here I feel challenged and exposed to so much diversity. I learn so much, from the classroom to the campus, I am enlightened everywhere I go here.” – Johnny from Lorain, OH

“…in the end, it is what you make of it. adelphi really tries hard to make students feel welcome. the parties are not crazy, but again, you can make them fun for you.” – Thelma from New York, NY

“…The facilities are fantastic and abundant, the professors are always willing to help but give you enough freedom to roam on your own, and the college gives students all the benefits of a college campus in a city without an overwhelming city feeling....” – Kira from Earlton, NY

“…Immediately stepping foot on campus I have transformed into a better individual with a higher education. Westerns motto is higher values in higher education, they apply this very well with their amazing professors, numerous extracurricular activities...” – Meghan from Frankfort, IL

“…Swarthmore is a great place to pursue your academic passions and push yourself to realize your full potential. It's not for everyone; the academics can be pretty intense, depending on your major and if you choose to enter the Honors Program, and the...” – Sarah from Wynnewood, PA

“…Drake University is a very prestigious university that helps students excel to their best knowledge. Drake does whatever it can to help students find careers, and advise them in every possible way. Any type of student can excel and succeed at Drake. ” – Shelby from Waukon, IA

“…UB is centrally located in Baltimore, MD. No longer a graduate school taking on the adjustment of incoming freshman had gave UB a great opportunity to provide education to everyone of all walks of life.” – Ashley from Owings Mills, MD

“…The campus is lovely and staff that I have met so far are very friendly. The atmosphere seems to be very welcoming and accepting. The campus is located in a wonderful part of Birmingham.” – Anonymous

“…on a 1 to 10 i rate oru a 10. it is truly a fine university academically, athletically, and spiritually. it is an honor to say i attend oru!” – Michael from North Carolina

“…Grambling State University is a great place to start your college career. I fully enjoyed my first semester there with all the things that they have to offer. If you choose Grambling as your college, I'm pretty sure you will not be sorry.” – Jasmine from Colfax, LA

Bard College
Annandale On Hudson, NY

“…Bard College is not only a beautiful college, but is also on a beautiful mission to help college student learn and cultivate their ambitions and talents. Bard College has just the right balance of peace on campus to study and adventure in the city...” – Briana from Alpharetta, GA

“…NYIT has two campuses in New York. I enthusiastically attend the Manhattan Campus. The location in incredible and curriculum is challenging.” – lee martin from Belmar,, NJ

“…In love with the atmosphere. Professors are outstanding. Close-knit, fun, academically challenging and prestigious school.” – Kayla from Lexington, KY

“…Endicott College is an institution based on helping the needs of students. With rigorous course work, an overload of student activities and an involved president, EC is somewhere worth spending the next four years of my life. The college has a wide...” – Alyssa

“…it is the best choice i've made in my life so far! the school is a tight-knit community focused on the student's success. it is like the missing puzzle piece you search forever for and finally, when you find it, everything is complete. ” – Kyline from Crystal Lake, IL

“…Marywood is a Catholic IHM-run University, so it's not cheap, but it's well worth the money. The campus is beautiful and semi-secluded, the teaching staff is courteous and knowledgeable, and there is something for everybody there. And even though the...” – Karrie from MOOSIC, PA

“…Nazareth College is amazing. It has such a great atmosphere and everyone is so friendly. The teachers and classes are awesome and you really feel like you're getting the education that you want.” – Sierra from Harrisville, NY

“…CalArts is a wonderful choice for any student looking to stretch their artistic abilities. The faculty are very nurturing and helpful. The classes can be difficult, but it's worth the great education. ” – Erin from Saugus, CA

“…a fantastic opportunity to enhance anyone's situation. northern virginia community college (nova) is the second largest junior institution. i would rate this school (from 1-10) 10 being the highest level of recognition.” – Brian from Bealeton, VA

“…Saginaw is a wonderful school with a beautiful campus. The class sizes are small so it makes learning more effective. I would not trade my school choice for the world because my experience here has been and still is wonderful.” – Cydni from Detroit, MI

“…I think the school is very will equipped and has a very high level of teaching quality for a 2 year college. I think it is one of the best in the state” – Yennis from El Cajon, CA

“…Is a good school to be a part of because they prepare the students to become the best on the field that there taking. Also that they give you a strong foundation in all the academic subjects for future reference. Lastly, is that they love the...” – Reby from Norfolk, VA

“…great programs, family-feel, small school” – Alexandria from Evans, GA

“…Baldwin Wallace has a caring faculty that wants you to succeed. Baldwin Wallace, also called BW, has a beautiful and safe campus which also is in a great location near Cleveland. The classes for a music student are very challenging but will push...” – Joel from Myerstown, PA

“…Bluffton University is a small school that is based off of close community. With a college based on community the teachers know you by name rather than a number. This school is great for a good education and makes studying and communication with...” – Chelsea from Dayton, OH

“…bennington college is a place where intellectual development is highly and constantly encouraged. students are challenged using innovative ideas. the community is welcoming and close-knit.” – Brianna from New York, NY

“…Marlboro College is a unique, interdisciplinary learning experience where you know your professors personally, sometimes even having dinner at their own homes. Marlboro is prized for its serious academic rigor and success. The student body of about...” – Rebecca from Red Lion, PA

“…Amazing staff and classes at MICA you learn a lot, from students and teachers especially in your first year there. I don't think any other school can compare in MICA's foundation year and the amount that you can learn about art and yourself. This is...” – Sommer from Hamburg, NY

“…saint mary's college is an amazing school. here you will meet amazing people and professors that will teach you a lot about yourself and life. be prepared to leave high school behind because you literally grow more as a person and student in your...” – Sandra from CA

“…Oklahoma Christian University is a wonderful college for those who seek to follow God and even those who are unsure about their faith. Professors are kind, supportive and friendly. The student body isn't just your graduating class, it's like a giant...” – Lindi from Needville, TX

“…It seems like a very nice school. I'd like to live around there. It's a nice town for art.” – Heather from Visalia, CA

“…The best place to study without been distracted. best place to school and also best place to get to know your lecturer.” – Rebecca from Lawton, OK

“…It is a gorgeous college with so many opportunities. The professors are willing to work with any student who will put forth the effort. There is also something going on all the time so you'll never be bored.” – express16

“…Waynesburg is a wonderful school! I love the people there and the teachers are very willing to help. I love this university!” – Christena from Falling Waters, WV

“…I really enjoy the Christian atmosphere here at Roberts Wesleyan College. I really feel like the professors care for their students and the student: teacher ratio here makes it a more close knit environment. I feel like I've gotten a quality...” – Emelie from Rochester, NY

“…Very supportive, encouraging, and the discipline to learn is exhorted by the faculty, staff, and advisors.” – FRANK from Amelia Court House, VA

“…Mercer County Community College is good school to start off, finishing or continuing your education. Good reason to go to Mercer County Community College because its affordable and they challenge students to go farther. I rated Mercer County...” – Foster from Hamilton, NJ

“…UWGB offers everything you might need, including a beautiful campus, state-of-the-art fitness center with a rock climbing wall and personal trainers, and faculty who are genuinely interested in helping you succeed. ” – Erika from Green Bay, WI

“…Thomas Nelson Community College is a great way to save money and get your general classes out of the way before transferring to a 4-year institution. The teachers are amazing and the students are humble. However, the staff in financial aid and...” – Matthew from Newport News, VA

“…Northwestern is perfect for people who are looking for a close community! The classes are small, professors are great, and the dorm life is a ton of fun! It's a college whose goal is to integrate spiritual and academic learning. ” – Justina from Orange City

“…Great experience, people on campus are so friendly and the professors are truly dedicated to their students. Much better than a large university, you get much more individual attention and help! Should be a number one choice for anyone looking for a...” – Liz from PA

“…Virginia Wesleyan is a suburban-style living campus. The faculty, staff and students provide a welcoming environment. From the very first visit, it felt like home to me.” – Julia from Newport News, VA

“…Cape Cod Community College is a great place for any student. The faculty work hard to make sure they are catering to the needs of all of their students, and the other students are also always willing to help. For people that want to take a more...” – Jeremy from East Falmouth, MA

“…Outstanding self-paced program. More than helpful staff. Great low residency school.” – Wallace from New Rochelle, NY

“…BPCC has a hometown feel to it. If you do what you are suppose to do, then everything almost always falls into place. I have never spoken to a rude person employed by BPCC.” – Jacquelyn from Longview, TX

“…I love the teachers here at Russell Sage College. Many of the buildings are old and the campus is gorgeous. The atmosphere is very accepting to new students and the campus is kind.” – Brianna from Brewerton, NY

“…The campus at LIU is simply amazing. Everyone seems extremely friendly and always ready to help. I believe that LIU will help me reach my dreams.” – Sarah from Middle Island, NY

“…UWB is a public university with a private school feel--small class sizes and a warm, tight-knit campus community. Here, there is a heavy focus on interdisciplinary studies, critical thinking, and getting students prepared for life after undergraduate...” – Avalon from Bothell, WA

“…CIIS offers progressive educational practices, formats, and courses of study that suit both traditional and non-traditional students. Faculty expertise coupled with honoring student experience allows the learner to be an explorer as meaningful...” – Kristen from Harrisonburg, VA

“…This is the most helpful place I have ever been. Wether I am getting good news, or bad news SAU is always there to answer any question I may have. There are no waiting lists and no phone wait tone. I love being a student at Southern Arkansas...” – No name woman

“…penn state altoona is a smaller campus, seated less than an hour away from university park. the classes are much smaller and you are able to really get to know your professors. this is a great option for those of you who are looking to go to...” – Brittany