Youth Ministry

If you enjoy working with young people and wish to pursue a career as a religious leader, a degree in youth ministry might be for you. Not only will you get to utilize your public speaking skills, you will also get to study the Bible in-depth while spreading the word of God to today's youth.The youth ministry major focuses on preparing students to become ordained youth ministers or priests of the Christian faith. Curriculum for this major generally includes topics such as church history, Christian ethics, church organization and management, evangelism, and homiletics (preaching). Degrees are usually offered at the graduate level.Many courses are held in typical classroom settings, though some may require observations, interviews, or engagement in research. Some courses will likely entail visiting local worship centers of various faiths. Fieldwork, including service learning opportunities, is often available with most programs.Career opportunities are available in a number of areas for students graduating with a youth ministry degree. Employment is possible as an elementary, middle school, or high school teacher, a nun, a monk, a minster, a therapist, or a rabbi.

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“…liberty is an absolutely fantastic school due to its involved staff, passionate students, and overall christian experience. as a christian school it carries certain stigmas, but i have found that despite the rules that are just there to protect us,...” – Jacquelyn from Crozet, VA

“…Emory is surprisingly the perfect grounds for culturing new ideas. Even though it doesn't have a football team, Emory is still high in spirit and makes up for it in swimming and soccer. Above all, Emory is the perfect combination of nature-esque...” – Sindhu from GA

“…Outstanding educational experience. Course offered are a length, and offered at times that are most advantageous to the working/professional student. Counselors and teacher offer advice and mentorship that make this school worth attending.” – Tariq from Semmes, AL

“…I would recommend this university to anyone! They have great resources for the students attending in order to help them figure out what type of career to strive for. This university is also very prestigious so it will help give credibility to your...” – Barbara from Belleville

“…Lee University is a great school that challenges its students academically and spiritually. There are many clubs on campus and numerous ways to get involved. Lee will equip you for the future and give you tools for a successful life after college.” – Sarah from Murrayville, GA

“…I would rate North Park a number one school. I left North Park after my first year because I thought another school would be better. Believe me once your at North Park with the great teachers and the super help you get from everyone you will not...” – Taylor from Chicago, IL

“…Eastern University is one of the best options out there for prospective Christian college students. I am still struggling to find something that I DON'T like! Eastern ensures quality education, memories, and spiritual growth.” – Leta from Herkimer, NY

“…lipscomb is an excellent school with a very caring faculty and staff. the christian community here is uplifting and encouraging.” – Jessica from Smyrna, TN

“…Oral Roberts University opens the doors to life through challenging you to go above and beyond the average person by challenging you academically, physically, and spiritually. The professors care about your success and are so encouraging. The...” – Aaron from Tulsa, OK

“…the community here is an incredible blessing. the close-knit relationships formed are life changing. the professors truly care about each student.” – Sharon from Abilene, TX

“…very proactive hands on teachers that are serious about helping you to learn.” – Colea from Montgomery, AL

“… great engineering and meterology programs. nice small school atmosphere with good interaction with professors, friendly students, good choice for school. ” – engineering major

“…southeastern is an amazing experience no matter where you are in your life. it seems as though every professor and administrator are on your side and are truly trying their hardest to give you the most.” – Derek from Sebring, FL

“…csu is an awesome university. it offers outstanding courses and does just as the university's mission states, integrating faith in learning, leading, and serving.” – CSU student

“…Harding is a great school with great opportunities for students. Teachers are very helpful and truly care about students. I would recommend Harding to anybody looking to be involved in a tight community of students. ” – Janice from Bartlesville, OK

“…york college is a great place to go to school if you like the small town atmosphere. professors and students really want to know you on a personal level so you will have the opportunity to make relationships that last a lifetime. this school is...” – Dustin from Silver Lake, KS

“…The Christian atmosphere is great, I love knowing that people care about you. The professors actually try to help everyone succeed.” – Chris from Bolingbrook, IL

“…Cedarville is an amazing place. If you are looking for God, fun, friends, and a great education, you should check out Cedarville. It's a fantastic environment!” – Jonnah from Independence, KY

“…The atmosphere of Ohio Northern University is overwhelmed with a positive vibe invigorated in every student. The people at the school make Ohio Northern University what it is, which is an incredible educational experience. Not only are the students...” – Megan from Springboro, OH

“…Dallas Baptist University is a university that puts values student leadership. From academics, to relationships with Christ, to the workers, faculty, and classes, Dallas Baptist University values each student and member and offers every possible way...” – CHRISTINA from Austin, TX

“… there is an amazing christ-centered community here. you will not only make relationships that will last a lifetime, but you will also learn about your future career in a small environment from brilliant professors who truly care.” – M

“…augsburg college is extremely welcoming and friendly. we are a part of the super competitive minnesota intercollegiate athletic conference and do well in the majority of our sports (go auggies!). we are dedicated to community service, shown through...” – Jamila from Minneapolis, MN

“…Union University is the best school on the face of the earth. Teachers really care about the success of the student and encourage the students to do their very best. Almost all of the students there are friendly and genuinely care about their peers.” – Justin from Belmont, MS

“…I like king college very much it has helped me get to know many new people. It is a small school but i have found that i learn better in a small classroom situation. This college is just perfect for me.” – Robert from Arab, AL

“…i have never attended a school where they were so encouraging. i was guided every step of the way. anyone looking to go back to school should enroll at colorado christian university. ” – Diamound from Las Vegas, NV

“…Shorter has a low teacher to student ratio which is great for building relationships with teachers. The students at Shorter are friendly and the campus has a great atmosphere in general. Shorter's faculty definitely makes Shorter a great school. ” – Thomas from Dallas, GA

“…cornerstone university is an academically inclined and friendly environment that is centered on jesus christ. each student is recognized for his or her own strengths. faculty and staff do their best to make students feel comfortable and welcomed in...” – Jessica from Zeeland, MI

Andrews University
Berrien Springs, MI

“…andrews university is a faith-based university that focuses on community and diversity. andrews is a great place to explore a career in the arts and sciences and professors are well-trained from highly respected institutions. andrews is located in a...” – Sarah from Berrien Center, MI

“…A very safe, ethical, and academically supportive institution, the focuses not only on education, but the individuals spiritual strength. The environment is very conducive to learning and fellow students are very friendly and supportive as well.” – Randy from Shingletown, CA

“…bluffton university is a very good university. the teachers are very helpful and are willing to spend extra time with you, to help you understand the material. the classes aren't very big which is good because you have more of a one on one...” – billy bob

“…Amazing! great place develop intellectually and spiritually!” – Alicia from Fredericksburg, OH

“…i really enjoy being at nu because the atmosphere is light and everyone seems to connect with you on a personal level. i like how each student i have met has a strong personal relationship with jesus and they are trying there best to invest in nu and...” – Jessica from Federal Way, WA

“…Trinity is an amazing college where I feel I have thrived and developed into not only a better friend, student, daughter, but also a better christian. Being at Trinity I have also learned to be more organized and less of a procrastinator. All in all...” – Natasha from Zuni, NM

“…evangel is an uplifting community that fosters growth and education. not only are students able to build strong relationships with classmates, but smaller class sizes give professor more opportunity to invest in their students. it is clear through...” – Loree-Lynn from Springfield, MO

“…The campus is very compact, with every class I'll need in only one or two buildings. The people are extremely friendly and ready to help you as necessary. Campus life seems fun and there apparently is never a dull moment.” – Zoe from Ransom Canyon, TX

“…If you are a Christian, loves going to church and loves school. Nyack is for you! Worship and praise in the elevators (usually Monday), teachers who actually care about your academic achievements, and students who would not mind helping to achieve.” – Joanna from Flushing, NY

“…the university is fantastically christian, striving to draw students into a deeper relationship with god and well as providing a well-rounded education. all of its courses attempt to show how god intended each subject and how students can use the...” – Rachel from Franklinton, NC

“…The campus is well layed out and kept up through yearly improvement projects. The programs are state of the art with professional tools to enhance learning. The professors are personable and highly educated in their fields and well as classroom...” – Ashley from Buchanan, MI

“…i love it! judson is the perfect place for me and i know it's where i belong. i feel as though i am really a part of the community here and that i am valued.” – Ashley from IL

“…The school is great! I attend the campus in Spokane and it is so beautiful! If you are considering Moody, I would say apply; if you don't get into Chicago, Spokane is amazing too :)” – Jamie from IN

“…i enjoy the aim program. the professors are great. life changing opportunities.” – Brenda from Chillicothe`, OH

“…Huntingdon College is an exceptional college that strives to give students the best education possible. Being a part of the Huntingdon family has provided me with many assets I am sure that I could not gain from other colleges or universities....” – Kaitlyn from Nashville, TN

“…belhaven is an excellent school for the adult learner. whether just starting or returning to college, the adult program will get you on the road to earning your degree quickly. the classes are rigorous, and the professors are committed to student's...” – Rita from Houston, TX

“…hope international university is one of the greatest places to make new friends while going to college. everyone knows everyone and the faculty and staff are so friendly. hope has some of the greatest student activities as well such as humans vs...” – Kaleigh from Fullerton, CA

“…obu provides such a friendly environment for all students. the professors make it a point to get to know you as a person and are so kind. i couldn't ask for a better mixture of a biblical education and amazing environment!” – Anna from Mcallen, TX

“…overall nnu is a pretty great school. it has many very good departments. the theology department is a fair amount on the liberal side, so that may be a positive or negative depending on your own stance.” – Dustin from New Meadows, ID

“…I Love Anderson. It is a small school full of people who care. The class sizes are perfect so you can get individual attention.” – Stephanie from Greenville, SC

“…It is a great Christ centered college. The classes are challenging and the professors really know the material. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a Christian college in the Midwest.” – John-Charles from Fort Wayne, IN

“…LeTourneau University is a very professional school. They make you work hard, lean a lot and have fun doing it. It is very hands on and the teachers go the extra mile to make sure you succeed at what you are doing in the LeTourneau Community and...” – Rebecca from Crestwood, KY

“…Its been a great experience. The atmosphere is fun and the teachers care about how you do in their classes. There is lots of people to help you out if needed.” – Dylan from Canada

Geneva College
Beaver Falls, PA

“…if you are looking for a christian college with rigorous academics, you can find it here at geneva. geneva is small enough to see familiar faces, but still large enough to make new friends. no matter what type of person you are - social, athletic,...” – Amy

“…john brown university is a fantastic school filled with wonderful people and opportunities. there is an overwhelming sense of community when you get to campus. people just genuinely care for each other and love jesus, and you experience this love in...” – Sarah from Colorado

“…This college is great for anyone who strongly desires to learn and to become a better person, focusing on God and carefully studying the Bible. The faculty and students are all passionate about God. The professors work hard at encouraging the...” – Joy

“…Trevecca has been a wonderful experience for me. You will find a community that wants to accept you and learn from you, if you are willing to seek it out. The professors actually care about their students here, too!” – a student

“…Overall great campus ! Great activities. Everyone is helpful, nice, and glad that you're attending HPU ! ” – Alison from El Paso, TX

“…Asbury University is an excellent place for spiritual growth through diligent teaching of God's Word. Asbury University is a fast-growing,stable environment for the young mind. Asbury University is a life long journey for the students as well as the...” – Tara from Lexington, KY

“…Midland University is a tight-knit community with something for everyone. The education prepares students with real experience. The opportunities the school offers are amazing and it always seems to have a very active campus.” – Jack from Lincoln, NE

“…It has a beautiful campus that is the middle of downtown Minneapolis so you will never be bored. The students and faculty are unbelievably nice and made me feel totally comfortable there. Everyone is so willing to help you with any questions,...” – Whitney from Austin, MN

“…i would rate bluefield college on a scale of 1-10 a nine. bluefield is a small christian school that has small classes where i feel i can succeed better academically. the environment has a warm, safe and relaxing feel to it which can help me feel at...” – SC

“…Anderson University has given me the tools I need to succeed. They have programs specifically designed for working adults as well as traditional college students. ” – Stephanie from Muncie, IN

“…Greenville has a beautiful campus. Everyone there, both students and faculty, is so pleasant, warm and welcoming. They really care about the individual students and helping them to pursue their dreams and goals.” – Hannah from Urbana, IL

Crown College
Saint Bonifacius, MN

“…Crown is an excellent small school with a great faculty and student body. It is a great place to display and grow in your faith, which can be done through many venues at crown including worship team, choir, eleven different NCAA sports, and theater....” – Drew from Fennimore, WI

“…i feel ohio dominican is a very welcoming and challenging school. it pushes the limits of one's education beyond school work to the spirituality of a person. it is a great place to learn and discover who you are and explore your options with...” – Meredith from Galion, OH

“…Bethel College has an incredible and very welcoming environment that will completely draw a person in. While attending the college and getting the opportunity to walk through the beautiful campus, a person will meet many new people because everyone...” – Rachelle from Sturgis, MI

“…The school has been incredibly welcoming as I entered my freshman year. I haven't felt this welcome anywhere ever. Everyone is so nice, the classes are interesting and the professors are knowledgeable. ” – from LANCASTER, PA

“…You shouldn't come here if you are specifically looking for someone to marry or if you enjoy to have a few drinks now and then etc. This is a great school for people who's main focus is to live their lives for God. This has to be your main priority...” – Melanie from Bushkill, PA

“…i am really enjoying nwc. the professors are great, the people who help me schedule my classes are so helpful, and i love the focus program. i love how i can go to school one night a week, test out of classes, or go on line to earn credits. ” – Juli from Stacy, MN

“…The University of Sioux Falls is an incredible school of academics, opportunities, and community. I cannot have imagined starting my life anywhere else. I'm not a number, but a student; not a statistic, by a searching and seeking soul; not just a...” – Lindsey from Colton, SD

“…etbu is a very peaceful university with hardly any distractions that will make you lose your focus. the faculty and staff and the students are very friendly that keeps a positive attitude. the school does its best to make sure you feel like you're at...” – Charles from Beaumont, TX

“…SAGU is wonderful because the Spirit of God shines on this campus. Ministry and Spiritual growth are priorities. The love of Christ holds the student body and faculty together.” – Darcie from Logan, UT

“…Great instructors that emanate knowledge and experience in the respective courses they teach. Coursework is focused and classes are tight-knit, giving one a true feeling of community.” – Michael from Wesley Chapel, FL

“…the sense of community is so awesome at this school. everyone is so friendly and welcoming. i love living on campus and being involved.” – Steven from Shingle Springs, CA

“…SNU is a wonderful school. Snu is a very warm friendly place based on faith and dellowship. SNU is by far the best university I have ever visited or attended.” – Carly from Yukon, OK

“…I would give Multnomah University a rating of 9/10. If you are looking for a school that offers a double major in biblical studies as well as a major you can use anywhere else, like education, business, psychology, etc. then Multnomah is the place...” – Rachel from Kent, WA

“…Warner Pacific College is an urban college located in the center of Portland Oregon. For a christ based liberal arts education, Warner Pacific is the best choice. You will enjoy close friends and be challenged to earn a relevant education to your...” – Lucy from Vancouver, WA

“…Toccoa's a great place to get away from the hurry and scurry of life and focus on God, fellowship, and academics. It's only 1.5 hours from Atlanta and an hour from Greenville, SC, so you can still get to civilization when you want it! Great...” – Becca from Savannah, GA

“…Bethel University is a great place to go if you are looking for a faith based education. Each course has an integrated faith approach. They offer many opportunities to succeed as well as form a strong relationship with others as well as your lord and...” – Taylor from Cambridge, MN

“…So far I love Tabor College, it is a great place to meet solid friends. They offer excellent academic courses. Professors are not only involved in your personal work in class but also your spiritual life.” – annonymous

“…wonderful college. professors and staff are the best. great activities and studies.” – Lauren from Parsons, TN

“…vanguard university is one beneficial college. their criteria & way of teaching is absolutely amazing. i wouldn't trade it for the world.” – Kayla from Hawthorne, CA

“…Cincinnati Christian University prizes community over everything else. The school takes pride in being well connected and well networked throughout christian community. The school has excellent courses from professors with excellent insight.” – Jerry from Lawrence, MA

Rochester College
Rochester Hills, MI

“…it's a small college where everybody knows everybody. there is chapel which gives you a break from school life and just focus on your faith. you don't have to be afraid to be yourself.” – Alecia from Washington, MI

“…gordon is one of the top christian liberal arts colleges in the states, and the only non-denomenational christian college in the states! gordon succeeds in presenting exceptional academics and student life on campus. with helpful, engaging professors...” – Brittany from Peabody, MA

“…I am known by my name not by a number or just another student. I am prayed for everyday. I get the help that I need.” – Lisabeth from Brockton, MA

“…Great college with teachers and faculty that actually care about you. Located right outside the Smokey Mountains it is a beautiful campus and is very well maintained. Awesome place to connect with people and further your education.” – samuel from Saint Charles, MO

“…a great, christ-centered school. ” – Bryndal from Apple Valley, CA

“…This is an amazing place. I feel very lucky to be able to study here. My professor' s are very accommodating.” – Dutchboy

“…this college is small so it has a great teacher to student ratio. teachers as well as the college mission is to challenge students, but instill a love of learning. i believe wants to see students succeed. ” – Meredith from Orr, MN

“…lincoln christian university has been an excellent experience both in education and spirituality. their expectations for us are kept high and keep me motivated to succeed in my college career. lincoln christian university is doing an awe inspiring...” – Emily from Columbia, TN

“…This is an excellent university committed to student success. You can expect to find smaller classes which allow for more personalized instruction. The professors are genuinely interested in each students success!” – ALEXANDRA from RAYMORE, MO

“…Northwest Christian University has friendly faculty, staff, and very helpful student leadership. They have helped me so much through my application/ scholarship process. Needless to say, I feel very welcome at NCU. ” – Aloma from Port Angeles, WA

“…It is a well balanced christian college where I believe that I am receiving a good education.” – Dawn from Chicago, IL

“…It's a great college, with great professors, and a great heart for ministry! The community is very welcoming and it was a delight to attend there last semester.” – A PSEO student from Oak Hills

“…Florida Christian College is not just another institute ready to take your money. The faculty and staff are very caring, they care about you and your growth, both intellectually and spiritually. I rate FCC a 10/10.” – Amanda from Kissimmee, FL

“…A wonderful university on the East Coast.” – Samuel from Kenya

“…Grace University is dedicated to their mission statement. Grace University is committed to the education of their students. Grace University has professors and faculty who genuinely care for the students. ” – Jessica from Dubuque, IA

Clarks Summit University
South Abington Township, PA

“…Baptist Bible College is small, but family oriented and the people (students, faculty and staff) are very caring and friendly. The student-teacher ratio is 10 to 1, and the average class size is twenty students. This makes it possible for teachers to...” – Rachel from Pottersville, NY

“…grace college is a great place for a student to grow with god and in academic excellence. whatever your major is there are classes that you will take to strengthen and grow you relationship with god. the faculty are very diligent in helping students...” – Ty from Cedar Rapids, IA

Kuyper College
Grand Rapids, MI

“…I absolutely love Kuyper College! It is a small school focused on ministry and bringing God's word to the ends of the earth. It's one big family.” – Karissa from Grand Rapids, MI