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General Studies Degree

A general studies degree allows students to sample a wide variety of classes. Majoring in general studies means that any class can fit in the curriculum, and they’re particularly useful when a student is unsure of what career path they want to take. General studies majors are available at the associate and baccalaureate levels.

Associate Level

Especially when beginning college, it can be difficult to choose a major. Many students will opt to earn an Associate’s in General Studies so that they can feel out multiple areas of study. Many students use this 2-year program as a stepping stone to their baccalaureate, once they’ve decided upon a more specific career path.


With many careers requiring a bachelor’s degree, earning a Bachelor’s in General Studies is a way to acquire the critical thinking, communication, and analytical skills needed without limiting any options. Earning a baccalaureate in general studies can also be ideal for students that are returning to school after taking a break, especially if the career goal has changed. This way, those credits from the first stint at school will still count towards the degree, but students can focus on their new passion.

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