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Learning another language often opens special doors across a number of industries, from law to business, from publishing to medicine. Spanish majors will not only be expected to become fluent, but also to research, write, and analyze the language for a well-rounded comprehension. Common as both a major and a minor, it can be accentuated by pairing with just about any other major or minor.

Associate Level

Associate degrees typically take two years and earning an AA in Spanish can be beneficial for individuals interested in becoming more fluent. It won’t likely provide much of an impact towards a career in the area of study, but can certainly help develop language skills.


During the baccalaureate level, the process of learning a language becomes more involved. Along with the standard slew of general education courses, students study literature written in Spanish, classes will eventually be conducted entirely in Spanish, and there may even be a required semester abroad in a Spanish-speaking country. The curriculum will likely also include studying Latin American culture.

Pairing Spanish with another major can be fruitful, since almost every industry can use a fluent Spanish-speaking component. If ending up in the business or medical world is the end goal, schools offering special classes geared towards Spanish translation in those areas can be highly beneficial.

Career paths for graduates with a baccalaureate in Spanish include: Spanish Teacher, Interpreter/Translator, Foreign Correspondent, Diplomat, Court Interpreter, FBI linguist, Peace Corps, Immigration, Foreign Claims Settlement Commission, Office of Economic Opportunity, Missionary, Nursing, Medical Research Writer, Case Worker, Editor, Textbook Author, International Law or Banking, Import-Export Firms, Advertiser for Ethnic/Foreign Markets, Journalist.

Starting salaries for this major can be low, but the average salary across the board for individuals with Spanish degree is $54,000.

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