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Cappex Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to Web sites operated by Cappex.com, LLC ("Cappex"), including, without limitation, www.cappex.com, www.collegegreenlight.com, and www.meritaid.com (each such Web site being a "Cappex Site"). This Privacy Policy also applies to the use of the CappexConnect Service and all virtual events conducted by Cappex and its sponsoring educational institutions. Please read this policy carefully before sharing any of your personally identifiable information with us.

Cappex goes to great lengths to respect and protect your privacy. Except in connection with the use of the CappexConnect Service (in which information may be shared as set forth below) or as otherwise provided in this Privacy Policy, we promise that we will not knowingly share your contact information with a college, university, educational institution, sponsor or advertiser without your permission or as may be provided in this Privacy Policy.

Because our services require us to collect some fairly detailed personal and/or financial information, we want you to have the information you need to make an informed decision about sharing information with us. This Privacy Policy will outline our practices and procedures we follow when handling information input through our Cappex Sites and the CappexConnect Service.

1. Types of Information We Collect

Information is collected from our users at several different points during visits to a Cappex Site or attending a virtual online fair or other event hosted through the CappexConnect Service.

Registration - Each user must register in order to use the Cappex Sites and CappexConnect Service. Registration at a Cappex Site also registers you for attending virtual events and use of the CappexConnect Service. During the registration process, you are required or requested to provide certain information, such as name, address, phone number, e-mail address, password, date of birth, gender, country of citizenship, ethnic heritage/race, religion, educational background, grades, test scores, class rank, high school, actual or anticipated high school graduation date, and extracurricular activities. In addition, you may choose to provide other information, such as intended major, colleges of interest, college preferences, educational attainment of your parents, career objectives, athletic pursuits, hobbies and other interests. This information may be updated and amended at any time after the initial registration. Cappex encourages its users to provide these fields of information so you may maximize the effectiveness of our college search and matching services. If you will be applying for financial assistance, certain financial and other information regarding you and your family will also need to be provided. If you are searching for scholarships, you may be requested to provide and we collect information relating to your parents' employment, financial information regarding yourself and your parents, membership or participation in various organizations, disability of yourself or a family member, and other information and attributes to help determine whether you qualify for particular scholarship opportunities.

You may also elect to register for our service using an account you already have with certain third-party social networking sites ("SNS") (including, but not limited to, Facebook). For example, Cappex allows you to create an account and login to Cappex using your Facebook account credentials through Facebook Connect. If you are not currently registered as a user on Cappex and you click on "Sign Up Using Facebook," you will first be asked to enter your Facebook credentials and then be given the option to register and join Cappex.

During the registration process and certain other points when using a Cappex Site, you may be asked if you would like to receive information and/or marketing messages from third parties that have products or services which may be of interest to you. If you consent to receiving these messages, we may share your personally identifiable information with third parties to enable them to DIRECTLY to contact you for these purposes. At any time, you may prospectively opt-out of Cappex sharing your information with third parties for the third party's products and services through the following link.

Collection of Information from Children - Cappex abides by federal law and the guidelines set up by the Federal Trade Commission regarding youth privacy. As such, Cappex will not knowingly collect any personal information from or allow the registration of young people under the age of thirteen (13) years.

Referring Friends - You can choose to let others know about Cappex through our referral feature. If you choose to use this feature, we will ask you for that person's name and e-mail address and Cappex will send him or her one or more e-mails inviting him or her to visit a Cappex Site to learn more about our services. Cappex stores their contact information for the sole purpose of sending these e-mails.

Inviting Parents, High School Counselors and References - You can choose to allow others to monitor your Cappex account, such as parents, guardians, high school counselors, and references. If you choose to use this feature, we will ask you for that person's name and e-mail address and Cappex will send him or her one or more e-mails inviting him or her to visit Cappex to register and monitor your progress. By inviting these people to monitor your progress, you are granting permission to Cappex to share the details of your profile with them. This information includes the personally-identifiable data such as name, address, phone number, e-mail address, grades, schools that are interested in you, scholarships you have saved, and other information you have provided to us or that we have collected.

Newsletter - If a user wishes to subscribe to any of our newsletters, we ask them to register by providing their contact information, including e-mail address, geographic information (ZIP code), and other information about themselves (such as high school student, parent, etc.). Newsletter recipients will also receive offers from time-to-time from Cappex and select sponsors; however, you may opt-out of receiving these offers at any time by following this link.

Cookies and Web Site Information - We use "cookie" technology and web server logs to collect information about how our Cappex Site(s) is used by you and to customize advertising that you may see on our Cappex Site(s) and other sites with which we have a business relationship. We also may use cookies in connection with the CappexConnect Service and your participation in virtual events. Cookies are small pieces of data that are stored by your web browser on your hard drive. The cookies allow our web servers to recognize the computer used by you to access our websites. Cookies allow you to move from page to page on our website, remembering the information about the entire session at the Cappex Site. Information gathered through cookies and by our web server logs may include the date and time of visits, your IP address, the pages viewed, time spent at our Cappex Site, and the Web sites visited just before and just after a Cappex Site. This information may be appended to your personal information provided by you to us to help us provide you with better service and information. It also may be collected on an aggregate basis, and shared with or collected by third-party Web analytics services to help Cappex understand our users' aggregated Web site usage patterns and related trends.

User Communications - When you send e-mail or other communications to Cappex, we may retain those communications in order to process, respond or improve our services.

Chat Rooms, Peer to Peer Messaging and Public Postings - The Cappex Site(s) and the CappexConnect Service may initially and/or in the future contain chat rooms, public posting forums or one-to-one communication forums permitting direct communications with other users and sponsors of virtual events. Any information provided by you in these rooms or forum is deemed to be information available to public viewing, not subject to any disclosure restrictions or representations. We are not responsible for any information posted and/or viewed in such portions of our websites or in any virtual event as part of the CappexConnect Service.

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2. Use of Information

In connection with the Cappex Sites, the information you supply to Cappex enables us to provide the college search and matching services which you select by matching your background to the admission requirements and/or preferred student backgrounds of colleges and universities. Participating colleges and universities may search the non-personally identifiable information of users (such as grade point averages or class standing, but not names or addresses) in order to decide which users they are interested in having apply for admission. Cappex may also recommend certain colleges and universities to students, and we will use a similar methodology to select which students should be informed of those opportunities. Except as provided in this Privacy Policy, we will not share any of your personally identifiable information with colleges or universities without your consent. If you appear to be a viable candidate for admission to a college or university, a notice will be placed in your message in-box in the college center on our website, and we will send you an e-mail that may contain a link to your message in-box. Once you have reviewed the notice in your message in-box, you may give us permission to release your contact information to such college or university so that they may directly contact you. Cappex may be compensated for these services, including for information we share with colleges and universities with your consent.

In addition, Cappex uses your information in order to customize our Cappex Site(s) to your interests, enhance your overall experience, and customize advertising that you may see on a Cappex Site. Cappex uses various methods to recognize you, including the use of cookies and requesting your e-mail address and password before accessing our site. Once Cappex recognizes you, pages, advertisements, including advertisements and offers in your college center, and other content is customized for you so that you can see what interests you the most. In addition, as described above, Cappex utilizes passive information to learn more about how you interact with the Cappex Site(s). This passive information may be combined with your other information for purposes such as testing and improving your experience at our site and the compilation of broad aggregate demographic data and related usage information for internal purposes and for disclosure to third parties such as advertisers and content and Web analytics partners. This aggregate passive information does not contain any personal information which can identify any individual user.

In connection with the CappexConnect Service, it also enables us to facilitate your participation in virtual online fairs and events and foster communications between you and participating colleges and universities and other event participants. Please see the Section on CappexConnect regarding the sharing of your information with colleges and universities in connection with virtual online fairs and other events hosted on the CappexConnect Service.

Contacting You by E-Mail - Cappex may use your contact information periodically in order to send you e-mail regarding updates at a Cappex Site, such as new Cappex opportunities and additional listings which may be of interest to you. The frequency of these messages will vary depending upon your profile, including the types of colleges and other activities you indicated having an interest in. You may receive e-mails from Cappex and/or colleges and universities featured in CappexConnect virtual events you participate in. Please note that e-mail messages from third parties are not governed by the opt-out provisions of this Privacy Policy.

Special Offers - We send all new users a welcoming e-mail. You may also occasionally receive information on products, services, special deals, or a newsletter from Cappex and others. Out of respect for your privacy, you may opt out of receiving these types of communications such as these offers at any time by following this link.

Optional Information - At various other points during your visit to a Cappex Site and/or in connection with attending a virtual event on the CappexConnect Service, you may be asked to provide information about yourself. For example, you may wish to participate in a survey or a contest, or apply to a scholarship. Participation in surveys, contests or scholarships or the use of other services which require the input of additional information is completely voluntary on your part, and you have the choice about whether to disclose the information necessary to use these features of the Cappex Site. Personally identifiable information will be used to process entries, send promotional material, notify the winners and award prizes. Survey information will be used for purposes of monitoring or improving use of and satisfaction with the Cappex site. Cappex may also conduct surveys on behalf of colleges, universities and other parties in order to provide them marketing and business information; provided however, none of your personally identifiable information will be shared as part of such surveys without your consent. A disclosure will be viewable by you prior to sharing your personally identifiable information in connection with a survey, contest or scholarship, where such information will be shared with a third party. Please be sure to consult the official rules of any contest or sweepstakes you enter on a Cappex Site as specific data collection, usage, and information sharing practices may vary by contest and sweepstakes.

Use of SNS in Account Creation - If you decide to create your account by logging into a SNS via Cappex, you are using the personal information you have already provided to the SNS (such as your "real" name, e-mail address and other information you make publicly available via the SNS) to create your user account on Cappex; the information we collect may depend on the privacy settings you have with the SNS, so please consult the SNS's privacy and data practices. For example, by using Facebook Connect, you are allowing Cappex to access the personal information in your Facebook account pursuant to the Facebook Terms of Use regarding your use of Cappex via Facebook.

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3. Sharing of Information

Cappex will not knowingly sell, share, rent or otherwise transfer your information other than in accordance with the terms set forth in this Privacy Policy.

Sharing Information with Colleges and Universities - During the registration process, and at certain points thereafter in connection with specific offers or use of the CappexConnect Service, Cappex asks you whether information about you may be sent to third parties, including colleges, universities and sponsors who have products, services and opportunities which may be useful to you. Certain actions on the applicable Cappex Site(s) - including, but not limited to, adding a college to your list, asking a college a question, and indicating you are planning to apply to a college - may also result in your information being shared with colleges. If you give your permission to allow third parties to contact you, personal information about you (such as your contact information and other information collected during your visit to Cappex) may be shared with colleges, universities and other organizations. Regardless of your decision regarding the sharing of your personal information, we reserve the right to share aggregate demographic data and related usage information with our business partners and university and college users. Such aggregate information will not contain any personal information which can identify any individual user. Please see Section 2 this Privacy Policy on the sharing of information with colleges and universities in connection with surveys, contests or scholarships, and (ii) Section 6 of this Privacy Policy on the sharing of information with respect to the CappexConnect Service. Cappex may be compensated for information you authorize to be shared with colleges, universities and sponsors.

Parents, Counselors and Advisors - Cappex permits you to share access to your account with parents, guardians, school counselors or other trusted advisors. If you permit such access, an e-mail will be sent to such persons who, if they are not already registered at Cappex, will, after registering at a Cappex Site and creating a password, have full or partial access to your account and personally identifiable information. If they are already be registered with Cappex, as may be the case of a high school counselor for example, and you grant them access, such access will be immediate. Thereafter, we will share with such persons your profile, messages to you about colleges and universities, and other information relating to you so they may assist you in making one of the most important decisions of your life.

Third Party Service Providers - From time to time, Cappex may decide that it is more efficient to use third parties to perform specific services, such as sending newsletters to Cappex's users or software programmers and software vendors. If we use a third party to provide specific services (such as sending newsletters to our users on our behalf), then personally identifiable information (such as contact information) may be shared with that party to the extent necessary for such third party service provider to provide these services. These third party service providers are only allowed to use personally identifiable information only for the purpose of providing the specific services requested by Cappex. These third party service providers have agreed to hold and use your confidential information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. The third party services covered by this paragraph do not include links to third party sites found on our site, which are governed by a more specific provision below.

Lucky Orange Web Analytics Service - Cappex Sites use the Lucky Orange analytics system to help improve usability and the customer experience. Lucky Orange may record mouse clicks, mouse movements and scrolling activity. Lucky Orange does not track this activity on any site that does not use the Lucky Orange system. You can choose to disable the Lucky Orange Service at http://www.luckyorange.com/disable.php. Note, that doing so will disable other features of the Lucky Orange system that the Cappex Site(s) employs such as 1-to-1 support chat.

Scholarship Administrators - If you applied for a scholarship on Cappex, your profile information may be shared with a third-party scholarship administrator to select scholarship recipients. If you are selected as a scholarship winner, a third-party scholarship administrator will contact you directly to verify your profile information, including, but not necessarily limited to, obtaining copies of academic transcripts, proof of financial need if required, or any other documentation Cappex or the scholarship administrator requires to award the scholarship and disburse funds to your college or university.

Social Networking Sites - We allow you to link your Facebook account to your Cappex account, through Facebook Connect. You can then post recent activity on a Cappex Site back to their Facebook account. You will be prompted to decide whether or not your activity on Cappex will be shared and disclosed on your Facebook account. Use of this feature is entirely optional. Any information shared with Facebook is subject to Facebook's Privacy Policy. We may in the future permit you to link other social networking sites to your Cappex account, in which event your information shared with such social networking site would subject to the social networking site's privacy policy.

Other Third Parties - If you have given Cappex permission to allow third parties to contact you, personal information about you (such as contact information and other information about you) may be shared with schools, potential employers and recruiters, data aggregators, advertisers, marketers (possibly in the form of list rental) and others. Please review Section 7 below for further information on this subject.

Links to Other Sites - You may find on a Cappex Site links to third party websites in a format that enables us to keep track of where those links have been followed. This Privacy Policy applies only to the Cappex Sites that are owned and operated by Cappex.com, LLC. As we do not control other sites to which we may link, they are not subject to our Privacy Policy. Please realize that we do not control the information provided by you to any other third party site to which you may link from a Cappex Site. Please review Section 7 below for further information on this subject.

Disclosure to Law Enforcement and Similar Disclosures - Cappex reserves the right to release your personal information if required by law, in connection with a subpoena, or in the good-faith belief that such action is legally required.

Sale or Merger - In the event that Cappex sells, assigns or transfers some or all of its business to a successor or acquirer, Cappex may sell, assign or transfer all of your information, regardless of your opt-out status, to such successor or acquirer.

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4. Our Data Security Procedures

Cappex has security measures in place to help protect against the loss, misuse and/or unauthorized alteration of information you provide to us or that we collect. You are the only user authorized to update your profile, unless you provide your login/password information to another party. We will assume that anyone who has the required login/password information for your account is you, so please keep this information confidential. Parents, guardians and counselors with whom you permit to have access to your account will have their separate login information and password, and will not be permitted to alter or authorize the release of your information. Cappex helps protect personally identifiable information by utilizing both online and offline security methods, including firewalls, passwords and restricted physical access to the servers where your information is stored. Our staff is trained to comply with our security procedures, are bound by confidentiality and our security procedures are reviewed and revised periodically.

If you have any questions about security issues at our site, please send an e-mail to , and we will try to answer your questions.

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5. Updating Your Information

You can update your personal information by clicking here, by clicking on the "Update Profile" link on a Cappex Site, or by following the instructions included in any e-mail message you receive from Cappex. If you are experiencing problems with updating your information, contact us at , and we will try to resolve your problems.

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6. CappexConnect Service

Cappex will host online virtual fairs and events for colleges and universities through the CappexConnect Service. When you attend a virtual fair or event hosted through the CappexConnect Service, Cappex collects information about your experience through the use of cookies and other means, including pages and presentations viewed, IP addresses, links visited, conversations you have with college representatives, postings in public chat rooms and in any one-on-one chat function, among other information. This information, as well as your personally identifiable registration information to enable communications with you, may be shared with the educational institution(s) with whom you interact with during such virtual fair or event or whose presentation you view as part of such virtual fair or event. While Cappex collects the postings in one-on-one chat rooms among virtual event participants to enable you to view each participant's historical postings, such information is not shared with participating colleges or universities (unless they are included in such chat group).

If you fill out a survey in connection with a virtual fair or event hosted on the CappexConnect Service, that information may also be shared with participating colleges and universities. Cappex will not share your grades or financial information about you or your family without your consent. Your attendance at a virtual fair or event hosted through the CappexConnect Service indicates your permission to share your information with such educational institutions. Please note that educational institutions who may receive your personal information are not bound by this Privacy Policy. Cappex is not responsible for the participating college's or university's use of your information that is shared with such institution.

The CappexConnect Service may also enable you to share your personally identifiable contact information (such as in a vCard format) with representatives of colleges and universities and other virtual event participants, among others. For your convenience, Cappex may use your information to prepopulate for you certain forms, such as event registration forms, among others. Please note that any statements, information and documents that you post in a chat room, one-on-one chat function will be viewable by others and become public.

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7. California Online Privacy Protection Act ("CalOPPA") Disclosures Required by 2013 Amendment

Please note that the information provided in this Section 7 pursuant to CalOPPA is in addition to the disclosures contained in other sections of this Privacy Policy, which sections similarly address the requirements contained in CalOPPA.

Do Not Track ("DNT") Signals - Various web browsers offer you an option to send a signal to websites you visit not to track you - so called "Do Not Track" Signals. The Cappex Sites may use third-party ad servers and retargeting services, such as Google, to provide advertising on our sites and to provide us the ability to display advertisements to you when you have left our site. Cappex does not respond to DNT Signals as it does not track you when you leave a Cappex Site. Cappex's third party service providers, who provide ad serving and retargeting services to Cappex, may not respond to DNT signals. If a user comes to a Cappex Site directly with a DNT signal enabled on such user's browser, Cappex does not look for such DNT signal or respond to it.

Third Party Collection of Personally Identifiable Information - Please be aware that unless you opt to send your personally identifiable information to a third party or participate in in CappexConnect events, we generally do not allow third parties to collect your personally identifiable information provided on the Cappex Sites. In some cases, however, our third party service provider collects information through the Cappex Site in order to assist Cappex in operating its websites and services. See Section 3 of this Privacy Policy for additional disclosures.

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8. Other Provisions

Acceptance of Terms - Your use of a Cappex Site or attending a virtual event hosted on the CappexConnect Service indicates an acceptance of the terms of the Privacy Policy.

Disclaimer - Cappex provides information created both by Cappex, and by third parties. While our site strives to provide accurate advice, Cappex does not make any warranty regarding the accuracy, reliability or use of any information provided on any Cappex Site or on any virtual event hosted by the CappexConnect Service. Please see our Terms of Use for the applicable Cappex Site or CappexConnect Service.

Modifying Privacy Choices and Opt-outs - Cappex users are given the opportunity to "opt-out" of having their personally identifiable information used for purposes not directly related to our Cappex Site. You may opt-out from receiving specified types of communications from Cappex by clicking here. Cappex will only communicate with you according to your listed preferences. In order to opt-out of third party communications, you will need to contact the applicable third party. If you have any questions relating to opting-out, please contact us at , and we will do our best to answer your questions.

Changes to the Privacy Policy - Cappex reserves the right to update this Privacy Policy from time to time without notice to users other than posting the new Privacy Policy on this page. After posting such amended Privacy Policy, all information provided to us will be subject to the terms of the amended Privacy Policy. Please visit this page periodically so that you will be apprised of any changes. Your use of a Cappex Site or the attendance at a virtual event hosted by the CappexConnect Service indicates an acceptance of the terms of the Privacy Policy.

Your privacy is important to Cappex. If you have questions about any of the provisions described above, please contact us at .

Alternatively, you may contact us at:

Privacy at Cappex
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Last Updated: February 3, 2016