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Why MeritAid.com?

College is expensive and getting more-so each year. On average, tuition increases 8 percent annually.

As it becomes more difficult to fund a college education, what many students and parents don't realize is that more than $11 billion in merit scholarships provided by colleges are available to incoming students. Most students become aware of these significant merit scholarship opportunities only after they are accepted.

That's why we started Meritaid.com, the Web's first comprehensive directory of merit scholarships from colleges. We want to make it easy for you to understand how much merit aid is available to you from colleges across the country before you apply.

In fact, many students may not even apply to certain colleges because they seem too expensive when in reality, with the help of merit aid, previously out-of-reach colleges may be affordable. These scholarships can even make some private colleges as affordable as state schools.

Each year, thousands of students receive an average of $5,000 in merit scholarships from colleges. Many of these awards can be renewed year after year. Merit aid can sometimes reduce the cost of attending a college by tens of thousands of dollars a year.

Understanding what merit scholarships are available from colleges should be an important factor in deciding where to apply along with the other aspects of college fit, such as available academic courses, distance from home, size of campus and social life.

Merit aid scholarships are not just for students with a 4.0 GPA. Many merit scholarships from colleges require only a 2.0 GPA - or lower - to qualify and are awarded for accomplishments in leadership and school and community involvement.

We want students to know which colleges they can afford before they apply so they can make a more educated decision on where to apply.

We invite you to take a look around and let us know what you think about this exciting new resource.

Meritaid.com. Good money. Great schools.