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Quick Fix - The Right College Match
Problem: Finding colleges compatible with your child's interests and academic performance.
Solution: Create a profile on Cappex, a free Web-based "matchmaking" service that pairs students with colleges looking for specific candidates."

The Wall Street Journal

From Q&A interview with Chris Long, President & COO:
An online service like ours saves the cost of the name, the printing and the postage. That can reduce the same school's cost per prospect from above $20 to less than $5."

Today's Campus

'Facebook works really well because that's how kids are communicating these days,' [Lisa] Browning said. Rocky Mountain College also relies on Cappex.com, a social networking site that connects prospective students with colleges and financial aid resources."


MeritAid.com is the first website to provide a central and comprehensive resource for matching students to merit scholarships from colleges."


Founded in 2006 ... Cappex offers college search tools designed to promote easy access to profiles and reviews of more than 3,000 colleges and universities. A key support for the service is MeritAid.com ... Both websites are definitely worth investigating, as they offer an incredible wealth of information in addition to the search tools which form the basis of both services."


Special-interest websites cater to niche concerns of college-bound students MeritAid: MeritAid.com matches students to more than 75,000 merit scholarships from U.S. colleges. Users can search by institution or plug in personal information to see what's available more generally."

Usa Today

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