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Florida State University

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The average verbal SAT score of students admitted to Florida State University falls between 550 and 650, and the average math SAT score is between 560 and 640. The average ACT score of admitted Florida State University students is between 25 and 28.

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Student Reviews of Florida State University

based on 560 reviews
  • Florida Football Fan

    Visit the campus and attend a prospective student information session. They touch upon every aspect of the university and equip you with crucial information you may not have known. read full review

  • Apat

    Before you come to FSU please realize what you are after. Are you after a school to pursue a higher education or to get hammered and have a good time? FSU is notorious for their Frats/Sororities, party lifestyle, and school athletics. This is not a… more read full review

    Before you come to FSU please realize what you are after. Are you after a school to pursue a higher education or to get hammered and have a good time? FSU is notorious for their Frats/Sororities, party lifestyle, and school athletics. This is not a school known for their production of scholars, cutting edge technology, or teaching curriculum. It's not a terrible school if you can balance these things out (aka teach yourself with zero to little tutors available, have a social life, and grow up) not to mention there is almost zero guidance from staff or previous students. The men's Greek life emphasizes lots of drinking, misogyny, and racism. I know. I went out to Rush week, and was a pledge at a couple Frats. If you are colored, prepare to be discriminated against. Not only do I find these few problems a big ordeal at a Federal/State recognized University, but their treatment of students is also a big problem. Try getting into FSU, it's an easy procedure. Once you accept and begin your tour you will notice they have given EFFORT into providing you a glimpse into the "lifestyle" of an FSU student. However fast forward a couple years or even a year when you are studying. There is almost no tutors available for upper letherevel math or bio courses without reserving weeks to months in advance (I'm not lying). The departments laid out to help students are a joke. I had several issues with FSU and took to emailing the Dean of Students. The biggest joke here is that even after explaining my situation for months to positions lower in the rung of FSU Dean of Students I always got the same automated response, even after emailing the Assistant Dean of Students. My problem was not READ, my money that I fed into FSU were just NUMBERS to them. They do not have any system in place where your problem will be handled. I'm sorry for my rant but if this helps at least ONE student I will have felt accomplished. Just know what you are getting yourself into, it's basically a nice school with a bunch of mirrors. You are there to help yourself learn, if you choose this school please know this now because most teachers will not have schedules set for you to come in. If you do go in you are most likely speaking to a Teacher's Assistant (in my math major) the case was that they do not speak English as a primary language. The teaching curriculum needs a MAJOR overhaul. Literary classes are a joke, and core classes make students flunk out of harder majors because there is little to no funding going towards them. It is easily noticeable when you look at the difference between the Science/Bio/Business buildings vs the Math departments building. Hell, there isn't even a tutoring room in the Math department for MATH majors. You have to go to ACE tutoring, mind you I went there during my Soph/Fresh years for Calculus I,II and ended up tutoring other students in lower math classes. I quote to you "We don't have anyone here that can do any of those problems." From ACE tutoring. It's a joke, please don't go here if you are interested in Actuarial Science or Math related studies. Esp don't go here if you are a minority. read full review

Latest Reviews
March 20, 2017
Florida Football Fan read full review
March 14, 2017
Apat read full review
February 13, 2017
Laura read full review

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