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Student Reviews of Vanderbilt University

based on 62 reviews
  • K from Atlanta, GA

    Vanderbilt is currently ranked #18 in the nation, tied with Notre Dame and Emory. Many of you prospective students may be wondering, Why should I pay $37,000 per year for my college tuition? In order to attend an equivalently ranked school, you… more read full review

    Vanderbilt is currently ranked #18 in the nation, tied with Notre Dame and Emory. Many of you prospective students may be wondering, Why should I pay $37,000 per year for my college tuition? In order to attend an equivalently ranked school, you would only be paying about $700 less for Emory and about $300 less for Notre Dame. But, please give me a chance to convince you that the experience and education that Vanderbilt has to offer is worth your $300 - $700 extra dollars. 1) Vanderbilt provides a great balance between work and play. Many students live by the motto: work hard, play if partying is your thing then you will find plenty of opportunities to reward yourself for all of your A's and your well-earned B's. But, the great thing about Vandy is that if you prefer not to hang around the party scene scattered with frat juice, black lights, the Ying Yang Twins, and party fouls, then you too are not alone. There are plenty of work-a-holics that can find pure joy and soothing happiness simply by correctly solving a differential equation, but don't want the buzz of a cool beer to help relax their nerves. 2) Vandy is a great place to make friends from all over the U.S. and the world. I had the opportunity to go to one of my state universities, but after visiting my friends there I realized how happy I was that I had decided to go to Vanderbilt instead. All of my friend's friends were the same people from our high school or other people from our state. They had learned nothing about other parts of our glorious country or world through their friendships. At Vanderbilt, I have friends from California, New York, Montana, Maryland, Wisconsin, Texas, Japan, Florida, India, North Carolina, Great Britain, Ohio, Missouri, Georgia, Virginia, West Virginia, Alabama, Mississippi, Massachusetts, you get the point? I have friends living all over our planet...I mean, how awesome is that! Many students at Vanderbilt are open to having friendships with people of a different race, ethnicity, religion, etc. If I were to go to any major city in the U.S. right now, then I feel like I would have at least one person nearby that I would feel comfortable calling up if I needed help or needed a place to stay. My friends at Vandy are real friends. We care about each other's success and well-being. 3) Are you into music? I mean most people like some kind of music, right? Well, if you do like music then you are in luck because Vanderbilt is located in Nashville, TN...aka Music City, USA (or the Country Music Capital of the World). Okay, after reading that last part you probably had one of two reactions: ughhhhhhh I HATE country music! Game over...I will never go to Vandy. OR... You know I like my chicken fried, cold beer on a Friday night, a pair of jeans that fits just right, and the radio up. COUNTRY MUSIC HATERS KEEP READING 'cause I have good news for you: if you really despise country music then I promise you will do just fine in Nashville! There are tons of bars, concert halls, little dives, cafes, frats, and clubs where country music is not preformed. Many very talented starving artists have taken up root in Nashvegas and they too would absolutely love your support! So let all those Country-music lovers go support the rising country stars and songwriters in the Honkey-tonk part of Downtown and the rundown bluegrass bars. Just so you understand the wide variety of artists that play in Nashville here is a VERY small sampling of who I saw play last year, The Avett Brothers, Lil Wayne, Grassroots, The Wooten Brothers, the Flaming Lips, songwriters (for Garth Brooks, Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, etc.), Santigold, N.E.R.D., Pat Green, the Ying Yang Twins (at a frat party...good times), the Blair school of music, K'naan, T.I. (his last performance before he went to prison), Sarah Watkins (from Nickel Creek), etc. Yeah, so if you like music, then you will LOVE Nashville. 4) Another cool thing about living in Nashville is the celebrity sightings. It's no L.A., but it's still fun, especially if you don't come from a celebrity-filled home town. Taylor Swift randomly shows up at the Bluebird Cafe to play along with other artists or can be seen grabbing some pancakes in Hillsboro's Pancake Pantry. Nichole Kidman also enjoys these infamous pancakes, and shows up with hubby, Keith Urban, at the Green Hills Mall movie theater. And one night while dining at the restaurant called Watermark, I sat a few tables away from the handsome James Marsden...he also ran the Country Music Half Marathon in April. 5) Vanderbilt is going green...yeah, I know, so in right now. Vanderbilt's campus is a national arboretum and over near the fabulous freshman dorms is the Commons Center. This grand building is Vandy's trofeewife. Vanderbilt could not be more proud of her flush down, flush up toilets, automatic everything, and green this, green that. Vandy still has a long way to go on the green side of things, but if being environmentally conscious/friendly is one of your passions then you will be able to really help change the Vandy world with your ideas of how to greenify our already fabulous school and beautiful campus. But, if you could care less about all this green talk, then hey at least you get to benefit from from the people that do going to Vanderbilt is a win-win. 6) Vandy is part of the SEC...which is incredibly fun. We get to go up against big state schools like Alabama, UGA, Ole Miss, etc. Yeah, so us Commodores might not be exactly well known for our athletic programs, but we do surprise people every now and then. I mean, who would have though that Vandy would beat Auburn 14-13 last fall! So it's always fun to show up to the sporting events, not only because those huge SEC athletes that are making touchdowns, dribbling down the court, or hitting a home run are your friends, but because they will probably give you a good reason to cheer as a proud Commodore when you are least expecting it. I believe and I promise that Vanderbilt University is a bang for the buck. If you're still reading at this point then I hope I have convinced you to come join me and my fellow students at Vandyland this fall. I would not trade my past year at Vandy for any other experience in the world...and yes, I know that statement sounds vague and slightly not believable, but it's the truth. I LOVE Vanderbilt. GO 'DORES! read full review

  • R from MO

    I am from a small rural town in MO and that is not my style of living. I prefer to live in suburbs or a city and Nashville offers a great mix of both. Exploring the city while you have free time is always great because there is always something new… more read full review

    I am from a small rural town in MO and that is not my style of living. I prefer to live in suburbs or a city and Nashville offers a great mix of both. Exploring the city while you have free time is always great because there is always something new to discover. The music scene is great as well and should be - considering Nashville is known as Music City, USA. Vanderbilt University is a very nice looking college. There is so many plants and trees around you that you honestly feel like you are walking through a park on your way to class and that provides for a great atmosphere. The buildings are mixed with old style architecture and modern buildings, also pleasing to the eye. The greek scene is pretty huge. Many of activities and community service to do. read full review

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August 19, 2015
James from Anchorage, AK read full review
June 11, 2015
Anthony from Madison, AL read full review
May 26, 2015
Jisoo from Irvine, CA read full review

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