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Cappex College Fit Kit

Tools designed to complement your programs and engage your students

These videos and ready-to-print student handouts are categorized under different stages of the college search. Use them during class workshops, one-on-one sessions with students and during parent and college nights.

You can view and print the entire Kit in by downloading it here.

Feel free to make copies.

What Counselors Are Saying:

"This kit is great! … I think this will save me a lot of time this year." Sharon D. Vann
Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science
"Great questions for students and parents to think about. Concise information." Gaye Clements
Wichita Southeast High School
  • For students who have not yet begun their college search

    • Download Worksheet

      New! 5½ Tips for Writing an Essay

      This fun, handy one-pager explains how students can write essays that shine.

      Download Student Worksheet PDF

    • Download Worksheet

      New! Juniors Timeline

      What key things should students be focusing on to gear up for their college search? Juniors can use this handy one-page timeline to stay on track.

      Download Student Worksheet PDF

    • Download Worksheet

      New! Seniors Timeline

      What are the important college search milestones that seniors should keep in mind? This handy one-page timeline will help them stay on track.

      Download Student Worksheet PDF

    • Download Worksheet

      Your Application: Now and Then

      What do you need to do between now and senior year to reach your college goals? Use this roadmap to set goals, expectations and priorities for the college search.

      Download Student Worksheet PDF

    • Download Handout

      Student Worksheet: What sets you apart?

      Before students can find the right college they have to know what they're looking for. This survey is designed for students to take before they begin their college search, and helps them organize personal factors to be considered during their search.

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      Student Worksheet: What kind of student are you?

      This exercise helps set college expectations, and lets students know what they need to do to meet their college aspirations.

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      Student Handout: Your Standout Factor

      There are more than 26,000 high schools in the U.S., and that means lots of football captains, prom queens and even valedictorians. If your students want to get in to competitive schools they'll need to stand out.

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    • Download Handout

      Parents Quiz: What kind of helicopter are you?

      Designed for parents, this quiz will help set expectations as their child begins the college search. Make it a "pop quiz" during parents' night or when you meet one-on-one with parents.

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      Student Worksheet: Planning Your Campus Visits

      Five thought-starters to help plan successful campus visit trips.

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  • For students just beginning their college search

  • For students ready to complete and send out applications

    • Watch Video

      Video: Admissions Behind-the-Scenes: Where's My Application

      Get a behind-the-scenes look at how a large state college and a small private college handle incoming applications and make decisions on which students are admitted. This video also includes college admission tips and advice from the people making the decisions.

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    • Download Handout

      College Application Checklist

      Helps you manage deadlines, track your progress and complete all the important details of each college application you submit.

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  • For students ready to make a choice

    • Download Handout

      New! “Can you afford your college choices?” Worksheet

      Beyond tuition prices and family contributions, there can be a lot involved in comparing colleges from a financial standpoint, though we've made it a little easier with this concise one-page worksheet.

      Download Student Handout PDF

    • Download Worksheet

      Choosing Your College Priorities

      To succeed in college, students need to find their college fit: A school offering the right mix of academics, location and atmosphere. Prioritize which college fit factors matter most with this activity.

      Download Student Worksheet PDF

    • Download Handout

      College visit checklist

      Take this handy checklist with you to college visits. It will help you rank and compare each campus by what matters to you.

      Download Student Handout PDF

  • En Espanol

    • Download Handout

      ¡Nuevo! Habla el idioma: Admisión a la universidad

      (New! Speak the Language: College Admissions)

      No te pierdas durante la búsqueda de una universidad. Este recurso conveniente te introducirá a términos comunes de admisión a la universidad con los cuales probablemente te encontrarás.

      Descarga el PDF de la Hoja de Trabajo

    • Download Handout

      Hoja de trabajo para el/la estudiante: ¿Qué te diferencia de los demás?

      (Student Worksheet: What Sets You Apart?)

      Antes de que los estudiantes puedan encontrar la universidad más compatible, tienen que saber lo que buscan. Esta encuesta se diseñó para que los estudiantes la tomen antes de comenzar su búsqueda, y les ayuda a organizar todos los factores personales que se deben considerar durante la búsqueda.

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  • Find a College

    • College Scattergrams

      See which students are getting in and which aren't with these helpful charts, and use them to set realistic expectations for your students! College Scattergrams

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