We know the college search process is hard, so we built a tool to simplify it.


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The Cappex Story 

At Cappex, our mission is to help you get to day one at the college that’s right for you. This quest was born out of our own frustration with the college search and selection process. We realized that inherent barriers were limiting many students’ access to education, and we needed to do something about it. 

Since our inception, in 2006 in Chicago, IL, the Cappex team has been working to build and deploy the most comprehensive and easy-to-use school and scholarship search platform in the industry.  

Over the years, we’ve had many successes (and learning experiences) as we worked to create our best-in-class tool for students. We’ve conducted user behavioral research, interviewed high school students about their experiences, and continually tried to improve algorithms in an effort to deliver invaluable insight to students. 

In 2020, Cappex was acquired by EAB, an industry leader dedicated to driving transformative change through data-driven insights and best-in-class capabilities in enrollment; student success; data & analytics; institutional strategy; and diversity, equity, and inclusion.  

EAB’s insights on enrollment data, behavioral research, and experiential marketing services allow Cappex to craft better resources targeting exactly what college-bound students need in order to succeed at every step in their journey to higher education. 

Today, Cappex is known as the go-to resource for all-things college. Our unique tools, resources, and expert advice are built to help students like you make their highest impact on the world through education. 

How Cappex Can Help You 

Whether you are just starting to look at colleges in high school, returning to college after a hiatus, or seeking a postgraduate degree, Cappex can support you every step of the way. 

Browse our extensive database of schools, majors, and scholarships to build the perfect plan for attending college. We’ll even help calculate your chances of acceptance based on your real-life stats, like GPA and test scores. 

Once you register, we'll connect you with the schools in which you’re interested – and the ones interested in you! To opt out of this communication, simply contact us. 

College Greenlight, Part of Cappex 

College Greenlight makes college more accessible for underrepresented and historically underserved students by bridging information and opportunity gaps with free resources, events, and scholarships.  

The support and services College Greenlight provides are truly unmatched due in large part to the collaboration of community-based organizations, school counselors, and admission staff.  

Some of these unique opportunities for College Greenlight students include exclusive information about affordable pre-college summer programs, schools that meet full financial need, and fly-in and diversity visit programs.  

Become a Cappex University Partner 

If you're a college or university admissions professional interested in leveraging cutting-edge tools and tactics to reach college-bound students at scale, we invite you to connect with us.  

Through a combination of customized promotional tools, organic and paid web traffic, and an expansive network of partner sites, Cappex leverages the depth and breadth of the internet to help you connect with more right-fit students from across the country. 

Click the button below to learn more about how Cappex can help you achieve your unique enrollment goals. 

Become a Cappex Affiliate Partner 

We leverage the expertise of our robust network of like-minded community organizations, aligned companies, and websites to expose as many students as possible to Cappex resources while also advancing the goals of our partners. 

If your beneficiaries, target markets, or audiences include adult learners, high school students, or their parents, who would benefit from our college search tools, or who might want to apply to our scholarships, let’s talk!