Colleges in Alaska

Colleges in Alaska

Alaska is the north-most US state with temperatures varying from “arctic” to “mid-latitude oceanic” depending on the region. The colleges in Alaska are divided between 2-year and 4-year institutions, with the largest university in the The Last Frontier being the University of Alaska Anchorage. Popular industries in Alaska are oil and gas, which support nearly 80% of state revenue. While Alaska does have a high cost of living, it’s the only place in North America where the Aurora Borealis is visible from mid-September to mid-April.
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“…To say the least, UAF is a unique, culturally diverse University. Fairbanks has opportunities available for students that no other university can offer (ice climbing, anyone?). Small class size and a community atmosphere make UAF the perfect place to...” – Kate

“…they have very helpful instructors and they will do anything they can to help you succeed in class. the campus is well kept and very big with great facilitys. i love uaa because everyone there, including students, will help you in anyway they can.” – Lucinda from Palmer, AK

“…alaska pacific is a place where students get to know their professors. alaska pacific sets students up to be employable. alaska pacific students know what it means to be professional.” – Jonathan from Anchorage, AK

“…i'm a distance student through uas. i'm really enjoying it. they're distance program is well put together!” – Kayla from Honolulu, HI

“…AVTEC is a wonderful place to be when you go there. All the people are so nice and welcoming being your first time there. The people in AVTEC makes it feel like it can be another home for people who have been there and you feel like you know everyone...” – Delia from Russian Mission, AK

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