Colleges in Pennsylvania

Colleges in Pennsylvania

Humid summers and cold winters are typical in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The Keystone State, where the Declaration of Independence and Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, were drafted, is also known for the Carnegie Museums, National Aviary, and for creating the first zoo in the nation. There are a variety of colleges in Pennsylvania, including Bible colleges, private baccalaureate institutions, for-profit schools, doctoral colleges, and the Commonwealth System of Higher Education, which includes more than 30 colleges and universities. Pennsylvania is also home to several specialized institutions and a Talmudical college. The oldest institution in the state is the University of Pennsylvania, which also debuted the country’s first medical college in 1874. Chemical manufacturing, coal mining, and food products are key areas of Pennsylvania’s economy, while other major industries include broadcasting and telecommunication, as well as administrative and support services. The Philadelphia Museum of Art, Hersheypark, and the Liberty Bell are prime attractions.
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“…Penn State was a large beautiful school. It offered many different fields for students to choose to major in. There were many activities to do, organizations to join, and people to meet.” – Michelle

“…Penn students are defined by their passion, even if it is undefined upon entering freshman year. Classes are so difficult that you have to experience them to understand, but the sense of accomplishment that comes with mastery over them is liberating...” – Josh from Dayville, CT

“…Settled in the middle of Pittsburgh, students learn in one of the best, most interesting, and understated cities in the country. Pitt has it all with beautiful academic buildings, an abundance of interesting classes, and sports teams unifying the...” – Debra from Harrington Park, NJ

“…Great school for adventurous students. If you want to start a career, this is your first step. You get to enjoy the city while getting a great education.” – Katie Rose from Northampton, PA

“…Drexel gives you so many experiences. Drexel gives you a chance to meet so many people. Drexel gives you a helping hand when you need it. ” – Eliza

“…Carnegie Mellon University offers an intense four years of training and education for all its students, regardless of their major. Each and every student is immeasurably passionate about their field of study. After graduation, students come out in...” – Austin from Shaker Heights, OH

“…villanova is a medium-sized school with large-scale opportunities and resources. they value community, academics, sports, and the arts. there is something for everyone, and anything is possible here.” – Lauren from East Brunswick, NJ

“…Lehigh University is a REALLY great school. Although the courses are more rigorous than I expected, they are do-able and serve as great character builders. It provides a friendly environment, overall, and, as it has made me happy, I'm sure it will...” – Benjamin from Phillipsburg, NJ

“…Bucknell is aesthetically pleasing yet a little isolated. It is located in small town America, better known as the middle of nowhere. However Bucknell's academics are great and the campus is very accomodating.” – Cheyanna from Corona, CA

“…Lafayette College is the place where the student comes before all else. Focused on ensuring the success of all current students, this Liberal Arts college is the perfect place to set up good future foundations in both the workplace and graduate...” – Rachel from New Jersey

“…Duquesne is a great school for respectable students that really want to learn and better themselves. Duquesne truly cares about improving people all around--mentally, emotionally, physically, and religiously. This is not just a campus where people go...” – Lauren from Wampum, PA

“…Philadelphia University has an amazing campus filled with amazing classmates and educators. Despite that the east coast has a too-busy-to-smile-at-strangers demeanor, PhilaU breaks this mould by making students feel like family. I love this school...” – Alec from Philadelphia, PA

“…Swarthmore is a great place to pursue your academic passions and push yourself to realize your full potential. It's not for everyone; the academics can be pretty intense, depending on your major and if you choose to enter the Honors Program, and the...” – Sarah from Wynnewood, PA

“…Gettysburg College is the perfect liberal arts school for students who have multiple interests. There is a wonderful social atmosphere. The student and professor relationships are very strong and a key to success.” – Erin from Slatington, PA

“…Widener University is a great school. I made friends easily and the teaching was great. Track and field kept me on top of my grades because i wanted to stay on the team.” – Jihad from Newark, DE

King's College
Wilkes Barre, PA

“…King's is a small school located in a small city. The professors are helpful and care about their students. Both students and faculty/staff are friendly and ready to help.” – Rachel from CT

Lincoln University (PA)
Lincoln University, PA

“…Lincoln University is an amazing institution of higher learning for all who attend. The University gives us students many opportunities to excel in the classroom as well as scholarship opportunities to help with the cost of attending the university....” – Jasmine from Brookhaven, PA

“…It is academically rigorous and perfect for Theatre and Biology majors. It has a good variety of majors but definitely specializes in the aforementioned. Competition in the theatre and everyone is very driven in their lives.” – Erin from Blue Bell, PA

“…Dickinson seems like the perfect college for me. It's close, but not too close to where I live, there are many opportunities, and the study abroad program is awesome.” – Cynthia from Greensburg, PA

“…If Susquehanna University fits your criteria when looking for schools, it is close to guaranteed that you will find it to be wonderful. Don't let the sticker shock get to you- they give good financial aid here. If you're serious about your college...” – Sarah from Pennsylvania

“…The Campus is simply beautiful. The thing I love though is definitely how personalized and student centralized they claim everything to be. Just the right word to the right person can make a real change and make your whole experience better from my...” – ExcitedtobeaGator

“…This campus is so open to every one, having a heart of its own. A beautiful should I say. People are awfully friendly and teachers are too.” – Randy from St. Davids, PA, 19087

“…It is a good student atmosphere. The professors are open and understanding and have a vast knowledge base. This is the best choice I could have made for my major, occupational therapy.” – Sarah from Imperial, PA

“…Saint Joseph's is a very fun college, but also very good academically. There is always something to do on and off campus. The staff is also helpful when you need them!”

“…If you are interested in studying abroad then Arcadia University is the school for you. It is very open to all cultures hence it is very diverse. Finally the professors and staff are very friendly and approachable and there is a one on one with the...” – Imoinda from Philadelphia, PA

“…This is a beautiful campus with alot of wonderful architecture. All the people I spoke with took the time to answer questions and to find out a little about me. The academic program was also very good.” – Jas

“…The University of Scranton is a Jesuit University in the small city of Scranton, PA which is nestled in a beautiful valley in the Pocono Mountain area. Students and teachers are so kind and are always looking to help out others academically and...” – Student from Oakland, NJ

“…A close-knit space where people of liberal tendencies really get to know one another. The faulty is superb and dedicated, and people generally look out for each other. The general air of people on campus is surprisingly reserved and polite.” – Jasmin from Brooklyn, NY

“…RMU has provided me with everything possible to be successful in both academics as well as life in general. The faculty are so passionate about teaching and every class I have taken has been enjoyable. I look forward to every day there and will be...” – Kaitlynn from Bridgeville, PA

“…Grove City has been an excellent school. I am a junior English major and I would definitely recommend the department to anyone interesting in studying English. The professors are really great and friendly and I haven't had a single English course the...” – L. from MA

“…Very friendly and close knit-atmosphere. Pleasant campus. Truely caring and passionate professors.” – Victoria from Silver Spring, MD

“…They are a very good University where they challenge you in ways you never thought possible. The curriculum is set to help you not hold you back. They do what they can to make sure you are being the best person you can be.” – Christi from Shamokin, PA

“…La Salle has an amazing Honors Program and promises to challenge you. I would suggest trying to apply to the honors program because it is definitely worth it. All of the college professors are great” – Candice from West Chester, PA

“…Campus is beautiful,always kept up. The professors always take the time make sure you understand what your doing. Everyone is always helpful and friendly.” – Shanice from Upper Marlboro, MD

“…For a university in the city, there's enough grass to roll around on, and if not, Drexel, which has more greenery, is pretty close by! USP, UPenn, and Drexel are the three universities that make up University City, so we all share our resources....” – Mary from Philadelphia, PA

“…It is a reasonably priced privite school. It has many opportunties to have fun, advance your career, and knowledge while attending. I would reccomend this school to anyone looking for a degree in science.” – Parker from Waldorf, MD

Messiah College
Mechanicsburg, PA

“…I love Messiah college! It is a fantastic school focused on building relationships and academics. You are free to express your views as a Christian on campus, allowing your faith to grow. ” – Carly from Mechanicsburg, PA

“…I really love the atmosphere at this school and how personal everything is here. I love that my professors all know my name and some of my interests outside of class.” – Paige from Erie, PA

“…Albright College is more than just a place to learn; it is truly a home away from home. I have never been to a college that is as warm, inviting, and caring as Albright. In all honesty, I am inspired by something or someone new every day, whether it...” – Kaitlin from Pine Grove, PA

“…i love this school. its a nice urban campus thats probably bigger than alot of people would think. this school also has a wide range of diverse people.” – LaQueisha from Pittsburgh, PA

“…CalU has a lovely smaller size campus and your teachers will get to know you by name. The online program CalU offers is great and is one of the best in the nation. Living on campus is fun and safe.” – Abbey

Ursinus College
Collegeville, PA

“…Ursinus is a small, suburban liberal arts college. Students are serious about their academics and extracurricular activities. The campus is very safe and students and everyone (students, faculty, adminstration) is friendly.” – Tracy from Philadelphia, PA

Wilson College
Chambersburg, PA

“…Wilson College is a small school so everybody knows everybody, and you will see a familiar face everywhere you go. We form friendships right away and there is a lot of community involvement. Our professors are willing to help any way they can when a...” – Student Class of 2013

“…Small town Kind faculty Great learning environment” – Kaley from Northumberland, PA

“…Wilkes is fun. The Professors are there to help. Wilkes has a very nice campus. ” – Kevin from Hazleton, PA

“…Community College of Philadelphia (C.C.P) provides a promising future for their students. C.C.P is an amazing college with a variety of opportunities for people to achieve their dream. Overall, it's one of the best colleges for people to attend to.” – Briana from Philadelphia, PA

“…moravian is a small school, that is very good in producing well-rounded students. it is very easy to get involved in the school, and to build up your resume. it is also very easy to build relationships with faculty and staff, which is a plus when...” – BooBoo from Allentown, PA

“…My first impression of DeSales was that it was not for me and I did not fit in with the types of people there. Although I still do not talk to a lot of people, I found my group of friends and they have made DeSales worth going to. The academics at...” – Keri from Lehighton, PA

“…This school is a school of business. Every faculty member wants you to succeed and grow in music. When you step in there as a student you leave each class everyday a better musician.” – Khrista from Fairless Hills, PA

“…Awsome campus! Would love to go there. Offer exactly what I want.” – Elizabeth from Bath, PA

“…NU is an astounding college with a decent size student body. The faculty and staff are nothing less than excellent. I feel like I am learning a lot at NU and can become a productive member of society once I graduate.” – David from Aston, PA

“…LVC is a great, small, community-oriented school to attend for a great education. The classes are challenging, but the professors and multitude of free resources available on campus to all students are there for great support in your success. With...” – Kelsey from Lititz, PA

“…This is a small school. This school has a growing incoming freshmen rate. This school has a variety of students.” – Kristin from Titusville, NJ

“…If you had to define the words Liberal Arts by showing a college, this would be it. There is the opportunity to do everything and anything here, and there is the opportunity to do it well. I would recommend it to people who are invested in their own...” – Ailee from Westminster, CO

“…this college, now university, offers the perfect balance of social activities, sports, and most importantly academics. my decision to come to mercyhurst is the best decision i have ever made for myself. it is definitely the place to build memories...” – Jonna from Grove City, PA

“…I think Chestnut Hill College embodies everything that a home away from home should. From the gracious counseling staff who are always available, to the professors who motivate us to do our best. Chestnut Hill keeps our education their top priority,...” – Brianna from Philadelphia, PA

“…there almost always something to do. the people are extremely polite and the atmosphere is great. i love this school!” – Dakota from Johnstown, PA

“…La Roche is a small college in McCandless Township PA , with about 1500 students enrolled. Professors know who you are. This school is known for its Interior and Graphic Design programs. ” – Ryan from Wexford, PA

“…Thiel is an amazing school for many reasons. The student to teacher ratio is 13:1, so the teachers really get to know you here. Also, there are many study groups, and people who want you to succeed; therefore, asking for help is never a bad thing.” – Rikki from Union City, PA

“…Seton Hill is a small, beautiful, castle like, and close-knit school that wants to see its students succeed. The students and faculty are all open minded and supportive of everyone. Do not let the Catholic affiliation run you off, everyone is...” – Cassandra from Olive Branch, MS

“…Small and efficient. The school is great for student teacher connections. The learning environment is a great positive atmosphere I have benefited greatly from going there for a year. ” – Jonathan from DOYLESTOWN, PA

“…Thomas Jefferson University is a great school in developing the future professionals of healthcare. Each year it develops new doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and others to help those who can not help themselves. I love being at this school because I...” – Peter from Philadelphia, PA

“…If you are looking for a small, close knit school Cabrini is perfect. It is close to the city with the security of the suburbs. With the connections that I make here, I know that I will be successful in life. ” – Gabby from NJ

“…This school is one of the best in Northeastern, PA. It has some of the best professors who are willing to help students in anyway possible so they succeed. Although it is a small school, this atmosphere allows everyone to know one another so they can...” – Deborah from Dallas, PA

“…This school has offered me experiences I don't think I could receive anywhere else. The science professors have integrated a plethora of information into just the three years I have been there. In combination with the hands-on experiences, I have...” – Kayleigh from Byron, NY

“…Carlow University is very personable. The staff is dedicated to the true learning of students. I would give Carlow a high rating for prospective students.” – Kelsey from East Pittsburgh, PA

“…There is a place for everyone at West Chester. It is a great location, a great price, and a great community. I honestly have never met anyone who doesn't love it here.” – Jenna

“…Waynesburg University is a great place to get an education. The campus itself is beautiful all year round and the campus is well kept. It also has many activities to become involved in, along with a great fitness center for exercising.” – Chelsie from PA

“…Cedar Crest College introduces young women to the role of becoming a leader. Being a part of the Cedar Crest College community has allowed me to take more responsibility and become an active citizen within the community. Students will receive a great...” – De Janet from Silver Spring, MD

“…! Craigslist/FB search for books! Enjoy, seriously it goes by fast and then you're standing at graduation like.. how the hell?!” – I didn't like highschool and yet I'm graduating college AUGUST 2012, FUCK YES!

“…Keystone College is a wonderful and welcoming place to continue education. The Weekender Program and hybrid courses made it easy and manageable to attend school as a parent. I loved my experience at Keystone College.” – Kristal from CLARKS SUMMIT, PA

“…Holy Family is a great University! Professors make sure that students know all materials being taught. Besides the fact that tuition here is very high, overall the University has many activities to have students involved.” – Denisha from Philadelphia, PA

“…i love the small classes. i love the attention given by each professor. and the food isn't bad either! :)” – Camara from Lehighton, PA

Geneva College
Beaver Falls, PA

“…if you are looking for a christian college with rigorous academics, you can find it here at geneva. geneva is small enough to see familiar faces, but still large enough to make new friends. no matter what type of person you are - social, athletic,...” – Amy

“…It was a no brainer that I would be attending MCCC before I went to North Carolina. The campus is so clean and welcoming. Also every single person that works there helps students out the best way they can. I am so thankful to have had people help me...” – Melissa from Souderton, PA

“…Bryn Athyn is one of the most beautiful campuses I have ever seen. The entire environment of the school is peaceful, quiet, and overall makes you feel at home. The students, teachers, and faculty are very welcoming and I can't wait for my years to...” – Jacqueline - Philadelphia, PA

“…The teachers really care about the students. The classrooms are small, which helps students stay focused. The clubs are awesome, and the people are very nice. ” – Catherine from Oakmont, PA

“…It is a small school and you get to have one on one time with your professors. You also get to talk with friends and stuff too. ” – Ka Ron from Carlisle, PA

“…Bloomsburg is what you make of it. If you get involved and are active in the community and on campus, you'll have a great time. If you're looking for city life and constant activity, this school is probably not for you.” – Erin from Harrisburg, PA

“…I have had an absolutely wonderful experience here at Pitt Johnstown. The staff, students, and facility provides a great learning experience! i am proud to be a student here and will also be a proud alumni! ” – Amanda from Friedens, PA

“…Kutztown University is a fantastic institution, for even more than just teaching. The campus is beautiful and the classes are small, making it the ideal place for academically serious students. If you want to do well, be offered a wide range of...” – Letecia from Pottsville, PA

“…Gwynedd Mercy College is a very personable, service-oriented school. This school has a lot to offer every person in all kinds of ways. They focus on the student and getting them to the goal they wish to achieve” – Hannah from Red Hill, PA

“…Saint Vincent is a fun loving place i like the way people are friendly and open minded ” – Carl from Latrobe, PA

“…Westminster College has a beautiful campus, caring professors, friendly atmosphere and well rounded educational paths. There are plenty of on campus activities - always enough to keep you busy. You can be yourself here, you don't have to put on a...” – Jessica from Lake Lynn, PA

“…Mount Aloysius college has a beautiful campus. The instructors actually care about you and help you through the course. Also, the classes are small enough for the instructor to get to know you and take time to help in class. ” – Jamey from Northern Cambria, PA

“…Edinboro University is a wonderful campus that feels like home with friendly staff and well maintained facilities. Higher education is valued very high here and the Nursing program is one of the best. I am proud to be affiliated with this University....” – Kaitlyn from Conneaut, OH

“…millersville university might be located in the most rural of settings, but there is a dedication there by the faculty and students that is visible by anyone who has happened by the campus. it is a truly spirited campus and anyone who comes here will...” – Charissa from Nazareth, PA

“…Lancaster Bible College (LBC) is an AMAZING place. The people are so friendly and literally everyone knows and loves one another. I wouldn't trade it. ” – Lindsay from Philadelphia, PA

“…Rosemont is a very small college, with an intimate setting. All the people here are very personable, and there is never a way to feel out of place because since the college is so intimate everyone is familiar with one another. Lastly, the academic...” – Breanna from Philadelphia, PA

“…The university is nice and easy to get around. But for me it is a little too far. However I still like it and look forward attending it. ” – Sevila from Pittsburgh, PA

“…I have always wanted to attend this college ever since I graduated high school. I am looking forward to going fall 2013. This is a new chapter for me and I'm awaiting to see the end result.” – Kimberly from Boonsboro, MD

“…The size of the campus is Perfect. The faculty knows you by name. There are many opportunities for success here.” – Heather from Oil City, PA

“…Slippery Rock University allows people from all over the country to feel at home and bond with their fellow students. This university provides a positive environment for learning. There are many activities and sports for students to join.” – Jessica from Coraopolis, PA

“…Shippensburg University is an excellent state school with an even better faculty board. It is a semi-large campus with a lot to do. If you attend Ship and work hard alongside your professors, you will make it far in life!” – Jonathan from Avoca, PA

“…Very clean and beautiful campus. Excellent staff and admissions was a breeze. Had an excellent orientation for incoming students.” – Louis from Wilkes-Barre, PA

“…Lackawanna College has given a experience that i though t i would never be interested in. I have had the opportunity of meeting new people and enjoying the education that they have to offer. it has also given me the responsibility of being and...” – Charles from Scranton, PA

“…Convenient - L.C.C.C. offers a variety of ways to attend classes towards a multitude of majors, there are online, local, and main campus classes. Comfortable - there is a high percentage of non-traditional students, so it's easy to feel comfortable...” – Shannon from Mifflinville, PA

“…Harcum, for me, is a transition school. Harcum is a great place to transition from high school life over to college life. A great school to learn and grow academically and socially.” – Joshua from Aldan, PA

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