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Lee University Campus Life

Campus Size

Medium-Sized Campus
Total Undergrads
Including 462 Part-time
Degree-Seeking Freshmen
Including 2 Part-time

Gender Breakdown:

58% Women
42% Men


NAIA Division I

Southern States Athletic Conference

  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Cross Country/Track

Total Varsity Sports


Men's sports coaches (Average salary: $46,154)
Women's sports coaches (Average salary: $49,902)
Athletics Details
Sport Varsity Men Varsity Women Club Intramural
All Track Combined 8 10 - -
Baseball 29 - - -
Basketball 14 15 - -
Golf 11 6 - -
Soccer 20 25 - -
Softball - 22 - -
Tennis 7 8 - -
Volleyball - 15 - -


Student Total
American Indian/Alaskan Native 0.5%
Asian/Pacific Islander 1.1%
Black/non-Hispanic 4.3%
Hispanic 3.2%
Non-resident alien 5.0%
Race/Ethnicity unknown 7.5%
Two or more races 1.3%
White/non-Hispanic 77.2%
Percent of students with disability 3% or less

Services & Housing

Services Offered
  • Remedial services for students with learning disabilities
  • Academic/Career counseling
  • Employment services for current students to find part-time positions
  • Job placement for graduates to find full-time employment
  • Shared library with other institution
  • On-Campus Housing
  • Meal plan offered, meals per week can vary

Clubs & Organizations

Musical Groups
  • Choral Groups
  • Jazz Band
  • Music Ensemble
  • Pep Band
  • Symphony Orchestra
Performance Arts
  • Drama Theater
  • Musical Theater
  • Opera
Journalism & Publications
  • Literary Magazine
  • Yearbook
  • International Student Organization
  • Model United Nations
  • Student Government
  • Campus Ministries

Safety Statistics

Arrests On Campus
Illegal Weapons Possession 0
Drug Law Violation 0
Liquor Law Violation 0
Criminal Offenses On Campus
Personal Crime 0
Property Crime 1
Reviews Dorm Life
  • Student from Virginia
  • 4
  • Dorm life isn't too bad. As long as you are outgoing there will be people all around who would love to get to know you. They also have a lot…

  • Apr-19-2012 Read More
  • Brian from Philadelphia, TN
  • 4
  • dorm life is amazing!! the dorms and dorm community at lee is incredible for first and second year students. medlin hall is the oldest male's dorm on campus and has…

  • Feb-09-2012 Read More
  • A girl from Franklin, TN
  • 5
  • First off, I would like to say that the dorms are very much overpriced, but this seems to be the case at most colleges. However, they are really great for…

  • Jan-04-2015 Read More
  • Destin from Nashville, TN
  • 5
  • I gained all my friends from living in a community style dorm. There is also suite style, but community is the way to do. Activities are always being planned and…

  • Dec-18-2015 Read More


Student Responses to Review Topic: Food And Dining
  • 4
  • Dylan from Cleveland, TN
  • Jul-30-2017 I am a current student here

    Lee is a school that offers a wide variety of foods and eateries. The Caf is a buffet style eatery that offers food from Asian, Hispanic, and Southern backgrounds. Outside of the Caf, Lee hosts Dunkin' Donuts, Einstein Bro's, Subway, Chickfila, and Sandella's which is a Panera-esque restaurant.

    Read More
  • 3
  • Maureen from IL
  • Dec-28-2015 I am a current student here

    Well its college don't expect great food but sodexo is edible. Some days are better than others by far my favorite was Nigerian Independence Day (the food was so good and we got to try something new). The other food options on campus though can help offset how much cafeteria food you eat.

    Read More
  • 3
  • Destin from Nashville, TN
  • Dec-18-2015 I am a current student here

    The cafe food is not the best, and they always have the same choices. However, the other venders are great. There is subway, dunkin donuts, Einstein bagels, chick fil a, jazzmans coffee, and sandellas.

    Read More
  • 3
  • Angie from Atlanta, GA
  • Dec-03-2015 I am a current student here

    There are a few options on campus besides the dining hall (Subway, Chickfila, Einsteins Bagels, etc.), and these will be better options than the dining hall food. It is not terrible in the dining hall, but it is not the best.

    Read More
  • 4
  • Colm from Jasper, GA
  • Apr-23-2015 I am researching this school and have visited the campus

    The actual campus food is alright, (this is coming from one of the pickiest eaters you've never met) but they have a ton of other dining options. This includes a *FREE* dining option on campus in which grocery stores donate food that is getting close to the expiration date. You never what you'e getting, but one guy told me he had ribeye steak 3 times that week. For free.

    Read More
  • 4
  • Anon
  • Apr-13-2015 I am accepted here and planning to attend soon

    On campus they have some typical fast food places that use can use your meal plan at. Off campus has cute little shops nearby that have good food. Plus, it's pretty close to downtown Cleveland.

    Read More
  • 3
  • Jimi from Freeport, FL
  • Feb-08-2015 I am researching this school and have visited the campus

    There are a lot of good restaurants off campus but I didn't love the food in the dining hall. It's an all-you-can-eat type place where you just have to swipe in at the front.

    Read More
  • 1
  • A girl from Franklin, TN
  • Jan-04-2015 I am a current student here

    To be honest, the food is terrible. I think a lot of colleges have bad cafeteria food, but our cafeteria food is utterly terrible. The only days that the food may be somewhat acceptable are on frontline days or during Lee Day (since this is when prospective students will visit). Seriously, everyone jokes about how terrible Sodexo (the company that runs the cafeteria and the food places) is. I would get excited if something was not bad (which didn't mean that it was good, it just wasn't bad.) I can't even say how many times I found hair in my food. ..and it was apparent that often times they would serve left overs for the next couple of days..which is when they would come up with weird combinations like sweet and sour chicken burrito. There are 4 stations that are always the same: sandwich/wraps, hamburgers & fries, pizza & pasta, and then the soup (2 types that alternate) and salad bar. Then there were two sections that would always offer different food: the international and classics stations. There is also a dessert bar and an ice cream section (both soft serve and two cartons of ice cream that rotate flavors). Sometimes they would place out boxes of gluten free flour and other gluten free products. I don't know if this means that whatever they made had a gluten free substitute or not, but it didn't seem to have too many gluten free options (at the time that I would eat in the cafeteria, I didn't have to eat gluten free). There are also other food places: Jazzman's (coffee/bakery), a mini Chickfila, Subway, Dunkin' Donuts, Einstein's Bagels, and Sandella's (which is like Mexican-ish food). These places are all pretty good. Although all of Dunkin's food is pretty unhealthy. Einsteins is really good and I've heard good things about Sandella's, but both are pretty expensive. (I haven't had Sandellas cause I have to eat gluten free now). On the meal plan, you can eat at any of these places for a meal, which is $4.05. However, at most of these places, you can't actually get a meal for only $4.05, so you will most definitely have to dip into your flex (which is just extra money). Your flex will probably run out pretty quickly and you'll most likely have to buy burgundy bucks/declining balance. Flex can be used at any time and when you use a meal, flex, or declining balance, your purchase is tax free. The one really annoying thing is that you can only use 3 meals a day and you can't have your next meal until 2 (or it might be 3?) hours afterwards. So, if you come back from a break or leaving from the weekend and have 5 meals for 1 day, you just don't get to redeem those last 2 meals. The 2 hour limit can be really annoying especially since some places have short or inconvenient hours. For example, Chickfila is not open on the weekends. Also the meal plan is VERY expensive and is not worth it if you can get out of it. However, for freshman and transfers, it's a good way to meat others in the cafeteria. Only freshman are required to be on a meal plan. However, if you're a freshman but came in with enough credits to make you a sophomore, you can opt out of the meal plan in your 2nd semester. Lee does also have a food bank which is open for like 1.5-2 hours on weekdays. They have food there that's about to expire or is technically expired (though they say it's not actually bad once it's expired. They have a list for how long you can eat certain expired foods until). This is free for students without meal plans or students on the 10-meal plan (I don't know about the other meal plans).

    Read More
Student Responses to Review Topic: Greek Life
  • 0
  • Maureen from IL
  • Dec-28-2015 I am a current student here

    Many students are a part of Greek life and it sounds like fun for many of them. The campus does not hate Greeks at all but some of the Greek organizations do not like each other. You don't have to be involved in them to have a great experience but if you want to party there are a few that will definitely help you get that experience.

    Read More
  • 0
  • Angie from Atlanta, GA
  • Dec-03-2015 I am a current student here

    The Greek life is different at Lee. They are called clubs and do a great deal of service for the community. Those who are in Greek clubs love them and make many friends through their clubs.

    Read More
  • 0
  • Colm from Jasper, GA
  • Apr-23-2015 I am researching this school and have visited the campus

    They have a lot of greek organizations, most of which have an awesome house.

    Read More
  • 0
  • A girl from Franklin, TN
  • Jan-04-2015 I am a current student here

    Lee has Greek clubs, which are basically the same things as frats and sororities. Although, currently, there is now one real frat and one real sorority, so that'll probably increase. The Greek clubs get a lot of bad rap cause I think some of the members tend to be cocky. Not all of the Greek clubs have the best reputation. Some are known for drinking/partying/weed,etc. However, it's a really good way to make a lot of friend quickly. Honestly, I wouldn't mind doing one and I have always been a little interested. However, there are membership fees that are more than I can afford and it;s a really big commitment. Most of them make their new tap raise all the money needed for the events that they put on (which can be like $5,000-$10,000). So, if you're a full time student and need to get good grades, you may want to think twice, however it is doable. It does seem pretty time consuming. No one really knows what happens at initiation. I've been told some things by some Greek members and other things have just been rumors. A girl that I know fairly who who is in the real sorority said that she wasn't hazed. Again, it seems like some of them encourage the party lifestyle. So you should probably pray about it before joining if you consider yourself a true Christian.

    Read More
  • 0
  • Rachel from Ohio
  • Mar-08-2014 I am a current student here

    Lee does not have nationally recognized sororities or fraternities, but they do have Greek clubs, which happen to be fairly similar.

    Read More
  • 0
  • Colleen from Charlotte, NC
  • Mar-01-2014 I am a current student here

    If you choose a Greek club, be prepared to dedicate your life to fundraising for the first semester. But you cannot apply to be in a Greek club until second semester freshman year. The Greek system is a club so there are no special housing or anything like that, so dues aren't too much. But the exclusivity is still present, just not as much as most because most of them are centered around faith.

    Read More
  • 0
  • Misses T
  • Feb-18-2014 I am a current student here

    We currently have a good number of Greek clubs - not official Greek fraternities and sororities, thought they are treated that way. We currently have one officially Fraternity and are currently in the process of getting a Sorority. There are no parties on campus.

    Read More