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Rachel from Middlesboro, KY

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Am learning a lot
Southeast is a decent school. These aren't world class teachers by any means, but they generally know what they're talking about and are very willing to lend a hand. Teachers are also understanding that you have a life outside of school. It's very rare that your workload will be excessive to the point that it's a major source of stress.
Am enjoying being here
I enjoy all of my classes and most of my teachers. The administration is very friendly and helpful. One negative aspect is that a lot of students tend to still be in a high school sort of mindset.
Bang for the buck
Not only is Southeast much cheaper than a regular four-year university, but your credits will transfer and they also have a 2+2 program with several area schools that will carry over your cheaper tuition, based on your intended major.
Tips for prospective students
Know what you want to take! It makes registration much faster. The Southeast website has a full course catalog so that you can choose before you show up to register. Make sure your FAFSA has been turned in and don't be afraid to ask questions! If you're not sure who to ask or where to go, the workers in the administration office can point you in the right direction.
Great for these types of students
Southeast is great for any kind of student. Students who want to save money and live off campus, non-traditional students, students who want to earn a certificate or associate's degree, students who want to transfer, and anyone else in between.
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