The New School's School of Drama
New York, NY, USA


The New School's School of Drama
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Julia from New York, NY

a current student here
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In three sentences
I have never met a more empathetic school. If you want to become an artist with passion professors wanting you to succeed in your future this is the school for you!
Tips for prospective students
Be sure to keep attentive on the things you yourself could do. You have so many opportunities here take all of them. As well as keeping up on your assignments, for the professors won't remind you because its your responsibility. You're either ready or not.
Academic Rigor
You get whatever you want out of your education here. You're expected to do 110% and keep up. The work is more intensive and intellectually hard then an over work load.
Dorm Life
Everyone helps each other, knowing that everyone is struggling with money. Everyone on my floor is social and friendly. Everything is clean and whenever theres an issue it always seemed to be solved by our RAs.
Food and Dining
We have amazing staff and the food is delicious and HEALTHY! I don't think anyone could get freshman fifteen here but you never leave with an empty stomach.
What to do for fun
We always have free opportunities to meet celebrity through interviews and having school fairs with trying free food and getting to know college students from all over Lang, Parsons, and New School!
Bang for the buck
Theres issues as any school such as how we always have broken laundry machines in our rooms but nothing that can't be fixed. Nothing that would drive me away from this school.
Great for these types of students
Any artists students interested in continuing their art and becoming their own individual artist.
Greek Life
We dont have any.
Campus Safety
There's security when you first walk into the entrance so no one comes in that isn't suppose to be there.
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