Tips for Decorating Your Dorm Room

on April 3, 2017

It’s quite possible your freshman dorm room is going to have a cinderblock wall. At least one, if not all four, will be painted off-white with a large window across one.


The beauty of your dorm room is within you. Take advantage of the opportunity to create a functional work and sleep space that shows your personality.


Here’s a list of items that make dorm life easier and fashionable:


Color Scheme


Determine what colors you’re going to use. There are so many decoration sites and stores for dorms, the easiest way to start is narrowing down the color scheme. Typically, your towels, bedding, rug and curtains should be cohesive. Are you a fan of neutrals, or would you rather have a pop of flair? If you shop consistently at one store, chances are you can find items in matching colors. For students on a budget, check for coupons in the mail or Sunday paper.


Bed Risers


The key to dorm space is creating more of it. Bed risers are relatively cheap and some come with an additional outlet or USB port (always necessary in dorm rooms). Making your bed a little bit higher can add extra space for storage or seating under the bed.


Wall Art


Don’t leave those cinderblock walls bare. Hang a poster, design a mural with your favorite photos or hang a map of the world and mark places you’ve been or have yet to go. The options are endless.




Christmas lights can make your room cozy. String them along the wall to make your art pop, on the ceiling above your bed for stargazing or around your desk to make studying seem less arduous.


Storage Bins


Short, tall, small or long, storage options are a necessity for dorm life. You’ll need storage for snacks, shoes, off-season clothing, makeup and toiletries — essentially everything. If you can find one, an ottoman serves as additional seating and an extra place to put your things. Drawer dividers can help arrange your clothing and add extra space. Also, try floating bookshelves to de-clutter your desk area, so you’ll have room to work.


Mini Ironing Board


Find a mini ironing board that can hang in the back of your closet or on the back of a door and take up almost zero space. You’ll be thankful when it’s time for an internship interview or an important class presentation.


Accent Pillows


Not necessary, but add a touch of comfort to your space. They will encourage you to make your bed and can tie a room together. Find pillows with funny sayings or ones that add a pop of color. Whatever your style, you can find it in an accent pillow.




To be honest, the floor of your dorm is about as charming as the cinderblock walls you will be covering. Whether it’s a fluffy white rug you can dig your toes in or a cute decorative piece that matches your bedding, you’ll want to find something to cover the floor. Also, if you’re attending a college in an area that has winter, a rug can keep your feet from being cold.

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