How to Demonstrate Interest in a College

on June 24, 2016

Getting in to college takes more than sending in an application. If you want to show a college that you’re interested in them, there are few ways to signal that you’d like to be a student there.

Sign up for Emails and Snail Mail


Joining a college’s email list and asking for admissions brochures not only demonstrates that you’re interested in a college, but it keeps you in the loop. You’ll also be armed with information about the college when it comes time to apply. This only takes a few minutes and is one of the easiest things you can do to demonstrate interest.


Follow the College on Social Media

Following a college on social media is a great and easy way to show you’re interested. It also helps you stay on top of developments as they happen. Colleges are increasingly communicating with people via social media, so don’t be left out. You can ask questions about the college on Facebook and get a quick response — just don’t include anything too personal in your question. This also is a time to showcase your talents and academic achievements on social media. Just remember, don’t put anything out there you wouldn’t want a college to see.

Schedule a Campus Visit


College isn’t just about your academic experience. Your environment will have a huge impact on how you develop during the next four or five years. Visiting a campus will let you know if you’re comfortable with a college’s vibe. You should walk the campus, eat in a cafeteria and take the time to talk with a current student. They will be able to give you an unbiased opinion of what life at the college is life. Also go on the campus tour.  Make sure to ask plenty of questions.


Meet with an Admissions Officer

Taking the time to meet with an admissions officer shows you’re serious about a college. Although this is a great way to show you’re interested, you must be prepared for your meeting. Do not ask generic questions or things you can easily find online — this is the time to ask detailed questions about academic programs or on-campus activities you’d like to join.

Apply Before the Deadline

Although applying early action or early decision shows a college you are interested in attending, applying a few weeks before the deadline demonstrates your enthusiasm. It also shows them that you are driven and organized. Don’t rush your application — you want to make sure you’re submitting your best work.

Connect on Cappex

Connecting with a college on Cappex or adding them to your college list is a great way to express interest and let an admissions team know you're seriously considering a college. You also can use Cappex to narrow your college list. In fact, you can apply to colleges you’re interested in through Cappex.

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