Tips to Avoid Catching Senioritis

on January 12, 2017

You’ve reached the last semester of high school, been accepted to college and are feeling free. After all, you’ve put in hard work, earned good grades and made it to the next step in life. Kicking back until graduation might seem easy, but giving in to senioritis can have dire consequences.


“In the short term, decisions to slack off on studies and attendance can impact learning, affect grades and make it more difficult to make the transition from high school to college,” the counseling department at New York University (NYU) says, adding that maintaining proper study habits are essential to success in college.


According to an article on senioritis by the New York Times, senior year is a time to learn to balance academics and other commitments. Colleges expect students to juggle classes and extracurricular commitments with ease.


NYU warns that a student who falls prey to senoritis and has plummeting grades and attendance could have his or her admission revoked. Nothing is guaranteed, NYU says.


“Colleges typically include a clause that allows them to rescind their offers in the months after acceptance is granted,” NYU’s counseling department says. “Many colleges don’t receive final grades until June or July, so if the final report doesn’t align with the information in the application, students may find they’ve lost their spot at the college of their choice.”


Beyond grades, bad behavior — such as an arrest, plagiarism or cheating — also can cause a student to lose their place at a university, the New York Times reports.


NYU has a few tips to avoid falling victim to senioritis:

  • Responsibly enjoy senior year – Avoid drugs and alcohol. Have upstanding academic character. 
  • Maintain a rigorous schedule – Take challenging classes. Do an internship or career-focused activity. This helps prepare students for the challenges they’ll face on campus during their freshman year
  • Stay organized – Keep a calendar of important dates. Do tasks one at a time. This lessens the burdens seniors face.

Following these few, simple steps can help students build strong academic and time-management skills that will make balancing life as a college student a breeze.


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