What to Ask Siblings in College

on September 12, 2017

Here are ways your siblings can be helpful during the admissions process and one important thing to keep in mind.


Ask About Their College and Major


As a younger sibling, you're in luck: Older siblings have navigated the college application process and they probably have a lot of insight as to why they chose their college and major. Ask how they selected the colleges they applied to, why they chose the college they did and whether or not they would have done anything differently. Even if you have no interest in attending their college or studying what they are, their experiences are a testament to the realities of the application process.


Ask for Advice About Applications


If an older sibling currently attends a college or graduated, that means they did something right on their application. Talk to them about your grades, test scores and extracurriculars. You also can send them essays to read. Every admissions experience is different — especially if you're following a different path — but your older sibling can help you get a better sense of what colleges are looking for. Their advice and criticism can help you make a more impressive application. 


Don't Feel Pressure to Make the Same Choices


Whether you aspire to emulate your older sibling or hope to build a different future, decisions about where you go to college and what you study are ultimately yours. Don't feel pressure to attend the same college or university as your older sibling simply because they had a good experience. Similarly, don't make the opposite decision because you're worried about living in your sibling's shadow. At the end of the day, you should apply to colleges and pursue majors you want to.

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