How to Save Money in the College Application Process

on August 9, 2017

The price of applying to college can add up. Avoiding unnecessary costs when you apply for college will save you money that could be used on dorm decorations, a meal plan or joining a student organization.

Here are some ways to save money during the college application process:


Fee Waivers


Most college applications and application services feature waivers. If the proper steps are taken, these will allow you to avoid paying an application fee. Some application waivers are tied to standardized test waivers, so if you took the SAT or ACT for free, you’ll be able to use that information to apply to colleges at no cost. You also can contact colleges and ask for a waiver.


Don’t Go Overboard


Limiting the number of colleges you apply to is one of the easiest ways to limit application costs. Even if an application allows you to check a box to apply to an additional college, don’t apply to colleges you aren’t interested in. That can lead to paying far more fees than necessary.


Make Your Own Plan


Making a college application roadmap saves you time and effort and can help you eliminate college applications that aren’t worth the cost. Completing your college essays in an efficient manner grants you more time to weigh the pros and cons of each college.


Travel Reimbursements


Some colleges offer reimbursements to prospective students who travel to visit campus. To make the most out of your visits, ask the appropriate offices about both travel reimbursements and fee waivers while on campus, meeting in person gives you a better chance to save money in these two areas.

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