How to Prepare for College in 10th Grade

on August 1, 2016

You already know how to prepare for college as a high school freshman, but what can you do to ensure you're on the right track sophomore year?

1. Take all your classes seriously. Remember, it's not easy to increase a low GPA!

2. Make sure you talk to your teachers and counselor your plans for the future. This will make sure you're on the right track and getting ready for college-level work in a few years.

3. It's not too late to get involved in extracurriculars. These will matter on your college application, so choose two or three activities and start participating. 

4. Keep reading to ensure your skills stay sharp and you'll be ready to handle more difficult texts in college.

5. Take a practice PSAT. If you do well on the real PSAT, you could be eligible for the National Merit or National Hispanic Scholarships.

6. Have a summer plan (between 10th  and 11th grades). Colleges want to see that you've spent your free time wisely. Get a summer job, find a volunteer position or get involved in a community organization. 

7. Go over your schedule for junior year with your counselor and parents. You want your classes to be challenging, but not impossible. If honors or AP classes are available, try taking one or two. 

8. Continue filling out scholarship applications. 

9. Check out a college fair or two. If your high school doesn't offer one, you can find local college fairs at

10. Schedule a college visit or two during school breaks so you can start seeing which campuses appeal to you and use that information as you continue your college search

Barbara DiAlberto has been a College Advisor and Consultant for 18 years, both in the school system and privately. She has helped thousands of students get into college. As the Territory Manager for The Princeton Review, Mrs. DiAlberto is still helping students get into college.

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