Credential Evaluation Services

on January 13, 2017

Credential evaluation services translate foreign education credentials, such as transcripts and diplomas, into the U.S. equivalents. Most U.S. colleges require international students to submit their education records to a credential evaluation service.


Credential evaluation services take into account differences in grading scales and education standards, helping colleges assess a student’s academic preparation and performance.


Note that credential evaluation is different than credential verification and document translation. Credential evaluation interprets and measures foreign credentials against U.S. education standards. Credential verification certifies the authenticity of the documents, confirming that they were received from a legitimate, official source.


Document translation translates foreign language terms into American English.


Each college and university specifies which credential evaluation services are acceptable. Some colleges and universities have their own in-house experts.


Credential evaluation fees are paid by the student. Credential evaluation fees range from $50 to $250. Document translation fees are $20 to $100 per page.


Credential Evaluation Services

U.S. colleges and universities use one or more of several dozen credential evaluation services. The most popular credential evaluation services are WES, ECE, IERF and AES.

Professional Associations of Credential Evaluation Services

There are eight professional associations of credential evaluators. Reputable credential evaluation services will be members of at least one of these professional associations. NACES, AICE and AACRAO are among the most popular associations.

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