Be a Part of Your College Community

on August 9, 2017

For most, the college experience is a time for growth, exploration and learning. Everything students need is within a five-mile radius and there’s no need to venture off campus. Schedules are full from the first class of the day to late-night study sessions.


But during this time of growth, it’s important to think about the world outside campus. Learning about the community where your college is and the people who live there should be an integral part of your college experience. During your college career, you are a part of that community.


Here are a few ways you can get involved:




Give back. There are dozens of opportunities to get involved and nonprofits typically flock to college campuses looking for help. Find a cause you believe in and make time to learn about it and make the kind of change you want to see in the world.


Contribute to the Local Economy


This might sound silly because you are paying thousands of dollars in tuition and room and board — but it’s important to feed into the local economy. Nearby restaurants and shops probably offer a student discount. Most probably employ college students.


Participate in Local Events


You’re a part of this community, so why wouldn’t you take advantage of the festivals, parades or celebrations happening around you? Learn about the cultures within your city, as well as things that can bolster your resume or academic experience.


Meet People


Getting to know people within your new community who are not a part of the college landscape is beneficial because it opens your eyes to people who are different. Not all of your friends have to go to school with you, and not all of your friends have to be within the age range of 18 to 24. Network, make friends and get to know your neighbors.

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