Making the Most of Your College’s Career Center

on July 13, 2017

Students should become familiar their college’s career counseling center. Although a career center won’t be able to directly place you in a job, it can help to make sure you’re a highly qualified candidate upon graduation.


Career centers help students turn their majors into a job. Sometimes colleges will have multiple career centers for different academic departments. Many offer one-on-one appointments with students, as well as drop-in hours where students can have basic questions answered.


Centers can help students map out a plan during their time in college so they have job experience upon graduation, which often is a prerequisite for landing a job. Some also pair students with on-campus jobs. On-campus work is one way to get an inside look at a certain industry and decide if it’s a good career path.


If you don’t know what career you want to pursue, that’s something to discuss with a career adviser. Some colleges offer services such as career aptitude tests to help you see where your strengths lie and what careers align with your interests.


A center also will help you hunt for internships, polish your resume and cover letter and practice job interviews. Some offer webinars or seminars offering on how to work with managers and bosses and how to receive constructive feedback. There also can be networking events to meet other students, alumni and people in various fields.  


Career centers sometimes also have databases of alumni that you can contact. They also host career fairs, which allow you to meet with companies one-on-one.


Students should look into career services some time during their freshman year. After all, the goal of college is to prepare you for a career.

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