What to Look for in a College Town or City

on June 22, 2017

Taking a walk around the town or city that surrounds campus is almost just as important as touring a college.


Here are some things to look out for while checking out a college town:


Student Discounts


You’d be surprised how prolific student discounts can be around college towns. It’s common for restaurants, hair salons and other small businesses to offer discounts to people with a college ID. Making a habit of going to these businesses could save you hundreds of dollars by the time you graduate. Keep an eye out for signs and flyers advertising these deals.


Event Spaces


Unless you plan on going to college in or near a big city, you should make sure there’s stuff happening around town. Whether it’s occasional festivals, a farmers market, races or concerts, these kinds of events keep college life refreshing and give you an adventurous alternative to everyday life.


Be sure to look for parks, as wide-open spaces are perfect for you and your friends to organize pick-up games, outdoor study sessions or picnics.




As exciting as college campuses are, you might want to get off campus and go somewhere more exciting. When touring a college town or city, see what’s available. Asking current students about their experience off campus also is a great way to get a sense of the social scene.


Affordable Housing off Campus


Many colleges require all first-year students to live in a residence hall, and although being on campus and close to a large portion of the student body are significant conveniences, moving into an apartment or house has its benefits. Living off campus brings a greater sense of independence and can be more affordable than a dorm.


Look around the area surrounding campus to survey the options for living off campus. Most students don’t live in dorms for their entire time in college, so making sure that the college town or city has adequate housing could help avoid future headaches.




This is a more obvious point, but make sure the surrounding area has things like a grocery store, pharmacy, summer storage facilities and dry cleaning. Any college town missing one of these businesses could be a tough place to live in considering their use by almost every student.



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