The Most Amazing College Dorms

on April 22, 2016

We all know one of the best parts of college is living on your own and feeling like an independent adult. College dorms that resemble jail cells are on their way out as schools create luxurious living quarters for their students, which makes living on campus that much better. Check out some of these truly amazing on-campus housing options and add your favorites to your college list

1. University of Arizona
Location: Tucson, AZ
Size: 39,000 students
The Hub at Tucson may be an apartment building rather than your traditional dormitory, but it tops our list for luxury and amazing amenities. Thanks to the warm weather in Arizona, you’ll be able to enjoy the rooftop infinity pool and hot tub all year long. Once you feel your skin starting to wrinkle, towel off and play some pool or foosball, step onto the sand volleyball court with the 22-foot LED TV screen, or grill with some friends. On rainy days, hang out in the clubroom or hit the building spa to relax. 

2. University of Chicago
 Chicago, IL
Size: 5,300 students
Every kid dreamed of attending a school like Hogwarts – now you have the chance (minus the magic). University of Chicago’s dorms are eerily similar to the houses J.K. Rowling describes in the famed Harry Potter series. Each building has its own houses that have their own traditions, history, and culture. Swap out Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, and Hufflepuff for Phoenix, Graham, Crown, Keller, etc. and you’ll get the gist of it. Traditions include things like ski trips and scavenger hunts, and the culture of these many houses ranges far and wide, but we’re pretty sure there’s no house devoted specifically to evil witches and wizards. Now where’s that sorting hat?

3. Brandeis University
: Waltham, MA
Size: 5,600 students
Okay, so Hogwarts-style houses aren’t enough for you – what about living in an actual castle? Brandeis University’s Usen Castle dorms are not only super cool to look at, but awesome to live in. The building has its own coffee shop, snack bar that’s open late and performance space, and the round common area in one of the towers boasts a fireplace, foosball table, and plenty of study nooks. You have the option to choose a single, double, or a suite-style room.

4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
: Cambridge, MA
Size: 10,500 students
If you work hard enough to get into MIT, you’ll be rewarded with one of the best residence halls on the planet. The list of amenities in Simmons Hall is crazy – a two-story movie theater, thousands of windows to keep it nice and bright, and a ball pit. Nothing says pre-test stress relief like pretending you’re four years old and diving into a massive hole full of balls. Once you’ve worn yourself out playing around, there are always plenty of activities and meetings happening within the building.

5. Washington University
: St. Louis, MO
Size: 13,800 students
What if everything you needed was located within your building? With the exception of getting to class, you’d never have to leave on freezing cold days, which is a huge plus. Washington University’s South 40 House makes this dream a reality. You’ve got a market, bakery, multicultural food court, fitness center, and a rooftop garden all at your fingertips. And forget about doing laundry – the school has a student-run laundry service that picks up your dirty clothes and drops them off once they’ve been washed.

6. St. Lawrence University
: Canton, NY
Size: 2,500 students
So a yurt may not fit the definition of luxury but if you love the outdoors and chance to get close to nature, it definitely fits the description of intriguing. St. Lawrence University’s semester-long Outdoor Program gives students the chance to live in a yurt and experience the wilderness from a whole new angle. You’ll learn more about climbing, snowshoeing, hiking, fly-fishing, paddling and skiing, in addition to gaining serious survival skills. Participants don’t have service for their phones and are responsible for chopping their own firewood, but it’s all made worthwhile by the beautiful surroundings and sauna.

7. University of Michigan
: Ann Arbor, MI
Size: 42,700 students
University of Michigan’s new North Quadrangle Residential and Academic Complex is one pretty fabulous housing option. Choose from spacious single, double, or triple rooms, and a few of your classrooms may be just down the hall, meaning you can roll out of bed literally five minutes before your lecture starts. When it comes to food, the North Quadrangle Complex rocks it. Adventurous eaters rejoice – you have an onsite coffee shop and the dining hall serves up plenty of exotic dishes (including shark!).

8. High Point University
Location: High Point, NC
Size: 4,200 students
What does your ideal dormitory have? Private rooms? Bathrooms shared by just a few people instead of several dozen? A movie theater with free snacks and plenty of pools? Volleyball and basketball courts? What about an ice cream truck? Let’s throw an arcade, sports bar, and steakhouse in just for good measure. If you think this campus doesn’t exist, you’re wrong – you just haven’t heard of High Point University. The on-campus housing is more like a resort than a traditional dorm.

9. Union University
: Jackson, TN
Size: 4,000 students
If you don’t want to risk being stuck with a roommate in the housing lottery process, apply to Union University. The vast majority of students get their own private bedrooms and typically only share a bathroom with a couple other students. The privacy is great, but suite-style accommodations mean you’ll still have company nearby when you feel like chatting with friends. And there’s no need to worry about the dining hall being closed when you’re in the mood for a late-night snack – accommodations have their own kitchens.

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