The Top Warm Weather Colleges

on May 19, 2016

Wouldn’t it be great if summer could last forever? It's not impossible if you choose the right school! If you’re from a state that’s lucky enough to have great weather year-round, we’re envious. If you’re not, donate that old parka and send your application off to one of these schools, where the summertime sunshine never ends.

Chaminade University
Ever dream of living in Hawaii? Us too. Living in Honolulu means you have access to the big city, beautiful beaches and nature reserves. Relax after class by working on your tan or learning to surf – it really doesn’t get much better than that!

Find out your chances of getting into Chaminade.

Woodbury University
Want to be part of the LA scene? Woodbury’s your place. You’ll get great weather all year long, plenty to do and easy proximity to Disneyland (because who doesn’t want to spend every weekend in one of the happiest places on Earth?). Bonus: It was named one of Money Magazine’s Top Colleges That Add the Most Value, so it’s a total win-win.

Find out your chances of getting into Woodbury.

Benedictine University
Benedictine’s Mesa, Arizona, campus offers plenty of warm weather – average daytime winter temperatures don’t drop below the mid-60s. That means you can actually spend time outside in December or January without risking frostbite, which is great since there’s plenty to do on the Benedictine campus.

Find out your chances of getting into Benedictine.

University of California, Los Angeles
Who hasn’t thought about going to UCLA? Not only is it a school known for its intense academics, it’s in a perfect location. You’re less than 20 minutes from Santa Monica beach, near Hollywood, and close to the city center. Stock up on sunscreen and prepare for weekends of beach trips and celeb sightings.

Find out your chances of getting into UCLA.

University of South Florida
Tampa Bay sees an average temperature of 73 degrees and 361 days of sunshine – it doesn’t get much better than that. With a huge and active student body (there are more than 40,000 people on campus!) there’s always something going on. The only question: Is it mean to send beach selfies to your friends back home when they’re piling on the layers in January?

Find out your chances of getting into the University of South Florida.

University of Georgia
Worried you’ll miss that crisp fall hoodie weather? No worries. The University of Georgia has pretty high temps year-round, but averages drop to the 50s in December, January, and February. That means you still get a little variety without the bone-chilling cold you’re used to if you’re from up north. It’s located in Athens, which is a super hip town if you’re into music, art or food.

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