How to Get a Sense of a College’s Social Scene

on July 5, 2017

Whether you’re looking for a university that’s legendary for its social events or a college that’s more on the “peace and quiet” end of the spectrum, scoping out a campus’s social scene for yourself is a must-do when visiting. Here are some tips for measuring a college’s friendliness.


Go Behind the Scenes


A campus tour will pass through some of the more social areas of a college campus. Revisit these stops after the end of the official tour. Eat in the dining hall, hang out in a dorm’s common area and spend some time in the student center. Even watching students walking around campus can help you get a better appreciation for the college’s social scene.


Attend a Sports Event


College sports have entertained the nation for decades, so if you have the chance, attend a game in person. The more popular sports like football, basketball and soccer should let you sample a college’s school spirit and survey how exciting campus life can be. Attendance at these games can also hint at whether the college’s surrounding town/city helps boost school spirit.


Venture away from Campus


As essential as it is to get a read on social life on campus, many students meet up with friends away from the lecture halls as well. Checking out parks, plazas and popular restaurants is a great way to figure out what students do with friends in their free time.


If there are any street fairs, festivals or other noteworthy events happening around town while you’re there, see how many students are in attendance. Noticing students out and about is a good indicator of an active and social student body.


Talk to Students


It’s a simple piece of advice, but it’s the students attending a college who can give the best insight into its social scene. Apart from asking questions during a tour, try your best to get impartial opinions from students you spot around campus. Don’t be afraid to ask about social circles, parties, safety or the lack of a social scene. Learning about these aspects of the college experience helps once you need to decide on an institution to attend.


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