Scholarships Expiring in March

on March 21, 2016

There are plenty of scholarships to apply for as spring approaches! Here are just a few scholarships with March 2016 deadlines for you to check out.

1. Arizona Nurses Foundation Scholarship
Deadline: March 1
Award: $500-$2,500
Nursing majors in Arizona could qualify for this award.

2. ISIA Education Foundation Scholarship
: March 1
Award: $4,000
Individuals who have been members of the Ice Skating Institute for at least four years and have 120 hours of volunteer work under their belts have the opportunity to apply for this scholarship.

3. IEA Student Program Scholarship
Deadline: March 1
Award: Varies
Applicants for this award must be members of the Illinois Education Association Student Program and commit to teaching in an Illinois public school for at least one year each year they receive the scholarship.

4. Hood Sportsman Scholarship
: March 6
Award: $5,000
Seniors in New England could qualify for this scholarship program.

5. Kennedy/Jenks Consultants Scholarship in Honor of David D. Kennedy
: March 7
Award: Varies
Students majoring in engineering may be qualified to apply for this scholarship.

6. 4-H Post-Secondary Education Scholarships
: March 11
Award: $1,000
Active Maine 4-H members who plan on furthering their education can apply for one of these awards.

7. Association for Women in Science – Seattle Scholarships
Deadline: March 15
Award: $1,000-$5,000
Women majoring in science with a strong academic history, financial need and a record of community service may qualify for this scholarship.

8. Intertech Foundation STEM Scholarship
Deadline: March 15
Award: $2,500
High school seniors and college students with a 3.3 GPA or higher who plan on studying computer science at an accredited college or university can apply for the Intertech Foundation STEM Scholarship.

9. McMenamin & McMenamin Law Firm Washington Community Scholarship
March 15
To qualify, students must create a video explaining how they’ll make their community a better place and post it on YouTube.

10. Scholarship for Arkansas Students in a Public Health Field
Deadline: March 16
Award: $1,000
Arkansas residents studying or planning to study public health could win this $1,000 scholarship.

11. Thomas F. Black, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Deadline: March 25
Award: $20,000
Rhode Island students entering law school have the opportunity to win this large scholarship.

12. Lance Corporal Phillip E. Frank – Fifth Third Bank Memorial Scholarship
Deadline: March 31
Award: $2,000
Graduating high school seniors can qualify for this award by being an example of honor, patriotism, loyalty and respect.

13. Madge Lewis Scholarship Fund
Deadline: March 31
Award: $500
Florida residents who are high school, college, or technical school students can apply for this award.

14. MnUSA Scholarship
Deadline: March 31
Award: $3,000
To qualify, applicants must have been in good standing with MnUSA for at least three years.

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