Searching for Scholarships in College

on March 16, 2017

The scholarship search doesn’t need to stop once you’ve started college. Scholarship money still is available to you beyond college. Some scholarship applications are open only to current college students. 

Swing by your college’s financial aid office. Many institutions will be aware of scholarships for students who already are enrolled in college. They will be a great resource to direct you to scholarship opportunities you might not have realized you have.

Reach out to other people at your school. Swing by a professor’s office hours and ask if they know of any scholarships for students in your field. If the building housing your major has a bulletin board, take some time to read the announcements listed.  There could be a flyer for scholarships targeted toward students in your major. Talk to who are students further along in the same major as you. They could have some great insider insight on where to find scholarships.

It’s important that your Cappex profile is always up-to-date. We have more than 27,000 scholarships in our database, and current college students are eligible for plenty of those scholarships. Make sure to adjust anything in your profile that might have changed throughout the previous semester, such as your GPA or any extracurriculars you might have joined. These small details can help us find you more scholarships you could be eligible for.

Here are some examples of scholarships that current college students are eligible for:

The Davis-Putter Scholarship is for students who are involved in social and/or economic justice movements. Students at any age in college are able to apply. Applications are due April 1 and the scholarship award amount ranges between $1,000-$10,000.

All college students also are eligible for the Sleekens Academic Scholarship Program. Applicants must write a 2,000 to 2,6000-word essay on a given topic. The essay topic and other guidelines are available on the scholarship website. Applications are due March 30 and the scholarship award amount is $2,000.

The StudySoup Future Innovator Scholarship is for students who exemplify one or more of StudySoup’s core values: Be a Knight; Make an Impact; Succeed Together. Students at any level in college are eligible for this scholarship. The award amount is $5,000 and applications are due May 1.


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