Diver, Professional and Instructor

A program that prepares individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills to function as professional deep-water or scuba divers, diving instructors, or diving support personnel. Includes instruction in the use of diving equipment and related specialized gear; diving safety procedures; operation and maintenance of underwater life-support systems; underwater communication systems; decompression systems; underwater salvage; exploration, rescue, and photography; and installation and fitting of underwater mechanical systems and their maintenance, repair or demolition.

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Florida Keys Community College is an open-access public community college. The main campus is located on Stock Island in Key West, FL, and there are two satellite campuses in Key Largo and Marathon. FKCC has a waterfront residence hall, Lagoon...


FKCC is a very small school but has very dedicated staff and faculty. This school doesn't have the resources of larger schools so it gets by on community support, which it receives graciously.

” – Christopher from Key West, FL