Legal Studies, General

A general program that focuses on law and legal issues from the perspective of the social sciences and humanities.

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“…The students are great, teamwork is encouraged (I've heard from transfers that it is to a unique degree), there are a lot of ambitious people but nobody is too competitive. There are a million things to do, in terms of academics, extracurriculars,...” – Current Sophomore

“…i am a very proud penn state student. penn state is an institution that wants you to succeed. people here all this talk about college's don't care if you succeed or not, they just want your money. that may be true but as long as you apply yourself...” – Ashley from Lancaster, PA

“…Cal is such an an amazing home to thousands of brilliant, dedicated, imaginative individuals. Life in Berkeley has been none other than fantastic. Berkley brings out the best in me, academically, socially, and personally.” – Madison from San Pedro, CA

“…Arizona State University is a great school. I attend the Walter Cronkite School for students of Mass Communication and Journalism and I love the experience I have gained from the college. I feel prepared for future jobs and work experience. ” – Kirsten from Phoenix, AZ

“…The University of Washington is a challenging school that blossoms independence and creativity. The majority of all faculty members are enthusiastic about the subject they teach, and are willing to assist all students. This school provides excellent...” – Ronald from Honolulu, HI

“…I rate UPenn at a 10 out of 10, I love my school and everything about it. I think what really makes us great is the oppurtunity to have a well rounded education so critical thinking is put at the center of all classes. In addition it is a beautiful...” – Ami from Philadelphia, PA

“…Northwestern is very good at challenging its students with a variety of academic courses and sequences. The faculty are very attentive to students' needs, and it is easy to meet with professors to discuss any questions or comments related to...” – Claudia from Park Ridge, NJ

“…The ambient and city surrounding UM contribute a completely unique cultural experience the likes of which are cannot be found any where else in the world. The academic environment is lackluster, and those seeking a truly rigorous scholastic...” – BME from Miami, FL

“…Central Michigan University has the best professors for the Recreation Department! Everyone here is a family and the people really do care about your well being and future. This college has made me a better person through it's programs.” – Jelina from Mt. Pleasant, MI

“…Settled in the middle of Pittsburgh, students learn in one of the best, most interesting, and understated cities in the country. Pitt has it all with beautiful academic buildings, an abundance of interesting classes, and sports teams unifying the...” – Debra from Harrington Park, NJ

“…Exciting and diverse” – Thomas from Philadelphia, PA

“…I love University of Denver. The community is very inclusive and open-minded, and there is a wide variety of activities. Additionally, it is clear that the professors truly care about your success and are all passionate about what they teach.” – Marianne from Colorado Springs, CO

“…Pace University is a great school that has afforded me so many fantastic opportunities I would not have received had I gone elsewhere. Pace has the most fantastic location in the heart of downtown Manhattan, making it ideal for anyone who wants to...” – Sarah in Brooklyn, NY

“…The University of Texas at San Antonio exhibits an outstanding support for school and team spirit. Because the college is situated both on the outskirts (main campus) and downtown (second campus) regions of San Antonio, there are numerous...” – Samuel from Fair Oaks Ranch, TX

“…I have had a great time during my four years at AU. Not only did I receive an excellent in-class education, but I was able to supplement this part of my education with an internship every semester. In addition, the study abroad program that I did was...” – Kaitlyn from Frankenmuth, MI

“…UCSB is an amazing university located in beautiful Santa Barbara, California and is surrounded. UCSB will provide any student with great academics, a healthy social life, ways to get involved and most importantly a degree that you can be proud of. I...” – Katy from Murrieta, CA

“…Illinois State University is a wonderful school full of amazing opportunities. All staff strive to provide the best working and learning environment for their students. Gladly they teach and learn.” – Taber from Antioch, IL

“…The United States Military Academy at West Point is a very prestigious institution in which one can discover what he or she is truly made of in the academic, military, and physical fields. Every student graduates a leader of character and earns the...” – Alexander from Missoula, MT

“…UW-Madison is a university prized for its small town feel with a huge social experience. Never is there a dull moment on campus. Your academics and extra curricular activities will be memories you'll never forget.” – Louie from WI

“…UC Santa Cruz is a beautiful oasis. The views, environment, and opportunities are open to everyone. The teachers are just as inspiring as the classroom locations, because they are brilliant in their area of study and eager to help their students...” – chappy student

“…Mercer University is a great college for students who want academic rigor, professors who know their names, and a place to meet all kinds of people.” – Kelsy from Tifton, GA

“… Umass Amherst is a great school with abundant of activities and academic assistance. Within a nice and suitable environment to study and learn, you will able to explore one of the most beautiful places in the world.” – Jian from Jamaica Plain, MA

“…You learn more about the world and yourself than you can possible imagine. Intellectual diversity and curiosity are cornerstones of Amherst and are ingrained into every aspect of daily life. It's a college that both allows and trusts you to be self...” – NQS from New York

“…LMU has a beautiful campus with lots of potential for student involvement in clubs, sororities or fraternities while maintaining high academic standards. It is a jesuit school, but there is no mandatory religious involvement.” – Kyana from Los Angeles, CA

“…One of the most challenging and rewarding colleges in America. The competition is tough, but being surrounded by the best minds in the country will only increase your skill. It provides more opportunities than you could only imagine of having at...” – Sarah from USAFA, CO

“…the university of new haven has a wide variety of ways for my to excel as a student. they also ask in classes to venture off campus to learn by doing. this university has very helpful teachers as well that are very helpful and understanding.” – Kelsey from Milton, VT

“…It's honestly a great place to be if you're looking for a nice and simple environment. All resources are made available to students and the classes are small so students can receive a lot of attention from their teachers. Seeing how Ithaca College...” – Malika from Ridgewood, NY

Oakland University
Rochester Hills, MI

“…Oakland University is an involved and exciting school with so much to offer students. A place to learn and explore many options of career choices. A place to meet life long friends. ” – Yewande from Warren, MI

“…Central Washington University is the provides the perfect environment for education. With smaller class sixes it makes communication with your teachers and peers much more comfortable as well as laid back. There also are plenty of programs throughout...” – Zebediah from Ellensburg, WA

“…slu is a beautiful campus in the heart of mid-town st. louis, mo. slu offers a wide variety of courses to chose from. the staff are all very accessible and want to see you succeed. ” – Amy from Granite City, IL

“…drake is an amazing school, the professors are easy to talk to and more than willing to help. the campus itself is beautiful and small enough to navigate easily without feeling compact. as a private school, it is a little costly but the quality of...” – Virginia from Des Moines, IA

“…Park University is a very DIVERSE school. It is also very private not cluttered like most of your public schools. The teachers there also give you more attention then any other school I went to.” – Chaz from Saint Louis, MO

“…St. John's University is an amazing school. Not only is the campus amazing but the people are great as well. You will feel more than at home here.” – Jessica from Elmhurst, NY

“…Dickinson seems like the perfect college for me. It's close, but not too close to where I live, there are many opportunities, and the study abroad program is awesome.” – Cynthia from Greensburg, PA

“…The University of La Verne is a great university to attend because the class sizes are small enough to be able to interact with everyone, especially Professors. I find that it is easier to learn in a small classroom setting. What I love most about...” – RR from Duarte, CA

“…I love Hamline! It is small enough so you have a feel of community, but there still are quite a few students. It feels like it's own secluded campus in the middle of a big city; which is amazing. And the professors are always available to the...” – Carolyn from Minneapolis, MN

“…lipscomb is an excellent school with a very caring faculty and staff. the christian community here is uplifting and encouraging.” – Jessica from Smyrna, TN

“…Claremont Mckenna College is an amazing community with wonderful students and professors. It's extremely difficult to not fall in love with the college, even students that consider transferring in the beginning change their minds. The education that...” – Sarah

“…It is a small cozy college with a beautiful campus. Teachers are amazing friendly and caring about each student individually. The campus is old fashioned, but with a modern twist. ” – Wiktoria from Melrose Park, IL

“…very proactive hands on teachers that are serious about helping you to learn.” – Colea from Montgomery, AL

“…scripps will challenge you to grow academically, personally and politically. i wouldn't be who i am today if it weren't for the people i met and the education i received here.” – Kristie from South Gate, CA

Mercy College
Dobbs Ferry, NY

“…The campus is beautiful it's right on the Hudson and when your walking around you feel the fresh air ( in the summer and spring) and just feel calm. The students are very friendly, i haven't even started and i have already so much friends from my...” – Edgenea from Putnam Valley, NY

“…Southeastern University is an enriching atmosphere, they focus on the person as a whole, not just one aspect. The professors who work there, are there only because they love young people and want to see them succeed. There is something there for...” – Matias from San Leandro, CA

“…Hampshire College is a remarkable institution in which I have been able to explore my interests and discover new passions that I would not have otherwise discovered. Their innovative take on learning and teaching allows the student to pursue...” – Rodrigo

“…webster exudes an open atmosphere filled with people that are easy to get along with. the staff is friendly, and personable, and the education quality is top-knotch.” – Lowell from Saint Louis, MO

“…i am looking into morehead. since they have a campus relatively close to home and they charge in-state tuition for my area, they are by best choice right now after i get my associate's degree and will be moving on to a bachelor's degree in computer...” – Garyson from Stout, OH

“…The University of Central Oklahoma is very beautiful inside and out. Campus is well kept, teachers are nice, and the education is top notch. I would recommend this school to anyone trying to further their education. 10 out of 10! ” – Justin from Edmond, OK

“…An Excellent University! Building up to become one of the leading schools in the area. Safe and Affordable.” – Beau from Cincinnati, OH

“…National University is a great opportunity for me, as a military spouse living overseas, to achieve my goal in receiving my degree. The advisor that I have been conversing with has been a great help and answers all of my questions. Everyone at...” – Acacia from APO, AE

“…the campus of the school is beautiful, and has every tree industrious to minnesota growing on the campus.has over 100+ major and minor undergraduate programs, with a wide range of specializations within each department. the staff and professors are...” – Anthony from Winona, MN

“…Houston Baptist is an excellent school. The professors know you by name, really care about you and want to see you succeed. It's small school so you get a lot of attention from your professors!” – Claudia from Missouri City, TX

“…overall this has been a good school, many of the students are focused and the teachers i've had have been helpful and willing to spend time answering questions. ” – Brice

“…University of Maryland- University College provides various types of degrees and programs for all potential students. Univeristy of Maryland - University College also has very interactive and professors who are expeirenced in the fields they teach....” – Marina from Turlock, CA

“…i love this school. its a nice urban campus thats probably bigger than alot of people would think. this school also has a wide range of diverse people.” – LaQueisha from Pittsburgh, PA

“…At Northeastern State University, most of the professors have a Masters Degree or higher. Northeastern State offers a variety of intended majors and provides classes located in four different cities. Small class sizes and friendly, personal advisers...” – Mallory from Owasso, OK

“…This university takes education seriously, but also manages to be very student-friendly. The small size allows for strong community bonds, and the location in the middle of the city is very convenient for all endeavors. The university sticks to its...” – Cathryn from Washington, DC

“…My college is a ten. The students and staff our very friendly and helpful. The school is a team in making sure each student is successful in reaching their goals.” – Samara from Chesterfield, MI

“…Western New England University has a gorgeous campus with challenging academic programs and numerous clubs. Teachers are helpful and the classes are small enough for personal attention. It is a great school for students looking for strong academics...” – Paige from Waterford, NY

“…From touring the campus of Hood College it is easy to interpret that even though the school is smaller and less populated than your average University, this factor does nothing but work in it's favor. The small canvas in Frederick, MD is cozy but yet...” – Stacey from Columbia, MD

“…Washburn University is a great school, anyone can feel like they belong here. It's diverse and the faculty are absolutely great. My first year here has been remarkable.” – Taneshia from Topeka, KS

“…Elms College is best described as a friendly, tight knit family. Being a smaller college, students quickly become familiar and comfortable with their professors and fellow students. With a diverse population of students, a beautiful campus, and...” – Rachel from Ellington, CT

“…I love going to school at Saint Francis, because they care about our education. All the programs have a high graduation rate. Everyone wants to help you to achieve your goals and graduate in four years. ” – Nicole from Oswego, IL

“…they have very helpful instructors and they will do anything they can to help you succeed in class. the campus is well kept and very big with great facilitys. i love uaa because everyone there, including students, will help you in anyway they can.” – Lucinda from Palmer, AK

“…St. John fisher is a great place to go if you want to go to a small school were the professors like to work with you. The only bad thing is it's so small that it's kinda like high school. Don't do something you think people will never find out about,...” – Alexandria from Akron, NY

“…best school to stay connected with. where student opinion matters. life long learning environment that fosters the intellectual, psychological, physical, social, spiritual, and career development of students.” – Annabel from Edinburg, TX

“…University of Arkansas at Little Rock is a great place to go to school. The counselors care and go out of there way to help their students. I also enjoy all the teachers and how they care and teach their students for success. They are wonderful help...” – Jerolyn from Hot Springs, AR

“…it's a great two year college with teachers that actually care about each students education. unlike other two year colleges i've heard about, lacc makes it easy to register for classes. there is never any confusion and all the counselors actually...” – Ani from Los Angeles, CA

“…This college is small with 1700 undergrad. You can have easy professors or you can have hard ones depending on your major you may have a lot of work or not. Time management Is key.” – Mariana from Auburndale, MA

“…Touro college is a small school with smaller classes which allows the professors to build individual relationships with students. The professors are interested in the students overall and display enthusiasm for their area of study. The campus is...” – Sara

“…MSUM provides a great learning experience for all students who attend. A wonderful campus, small enough to get to each class on time. Great, friendly atmosphere. I can't stress that enough! ” – Carly from Wahpeton, ND

“…I love foothill because the campus is beautiful and when you don't have time to workout climbing stairs and walking hills helps a lot. All my teachers have office hours to help me and my classmates are all friendly. I love the food here, it's just...” – Katie from Menlo Park, CA

“…I would rate Lake Superior State as a good, close-knit University with an opportunity to meet most of the students there and accomplish your goals there without the big-city distraction. One is able to focus and achieve as a student at Lake Superior...” – Carolinne from Westland, MI

“…good college. classes are interesting. professors are very helpful. ” – Lidor from Great Neck, NY

“…Ivy Tech Community College is an awesome school. They are very flexible with your schedule and challenge you to do things that you thought you could never do. They have taught me a lot about being an adult and being a college student.” – Anthony from Indianapolis, IN

“…It's an amazing place where you can share special experiences with family and friends. The classes are really good and you get to see new things that probably you didn't know about DC. You have many resources on campus so that you won't have to worry...” – Jared from Washington, DC

Cuesta College
San Luis Obispo, CA

“…Cuesta has a beautiful small campus. The teachers here will challenge you, it is a good transition school to get you ready fro a 4 year. Most people that attend Cuesta and work there are friendly and helpful.” – Elina from San Luis Obispo, CA

Thomas More College
Crestview Hills, KY

“…It is very easy to get help from the teachers when you ask them questions. The atmoshphere makes me think of my high school which makes it easy to relax and concentrate. Everyone is very nice and is very helpful.” – Katherine from Covington, KY

“…I love the way this school offers on ground courses as well as online. I also love the way this school has classes starting every 2 months. The staff was very friendly and more than willing to help me out with everything.” – Lynne from Fontana, CA

“…I love this school. I have attended for the last year and the teachers are wonderful and they take time to help you. Their is always a sense of professionalism with each teacher. I couldn't see myself anywhere else. I know eventually I will have to...” – Pamela from Jackson, MS

“…I Love Anderson. It is a small school full of people who care. The class sizes are perfect so you can get individual attention.” – Stephanie from Greenville, SC

“…AMC is a small Catholic college in the middle of nowhere, north of Worcester. It is well-renowned for programs for music, sciences, and art. The teachers are knowledgeable and care about their students.” – Anonymous from MA

“…the campus is small, friendly and welcoming to new and transfer students. it was a great education program and other majors. ” – Jessica from Longmeadow, MA

“…Folsom Lake College harbors professors who have your best interest in mind. The staff will jump through hoops to help you succeed. The welcoming atmosphere eases the stress of college life.” – Kaylan from Folsom, CA

“…harford community college is a great school to start off at. it is the best for students who do not quite know what they want to major in, or who want to save money. everyone is friendly, including the professors. ” – Caitlin from Jarrettsville, MD

“…The learning environment is wonderful. The classes are small enough to get one on one time with teachers. Most of the teachers try to make you and others better and try to help you succeed. Its a wonderful school!” – Kristine from Crete, NE

“…It's a great place to start off getting used to college particularly work load and grading. A convenient college because it has three campuses and online classes. Plus you are able to get a two-year degree or certificate for a cheaper price.” – Abreellen from Newburg, MD

“…High quality educational experience, wonderful instructors, superior assistance from all staff members” – Kimberly from Redwood Falls, MN

“…amazing. john jay college has a great program for students considering law school. they have a dedicated faculty and a supportive staff. they understand the struggles that their students are facing and provide as much help as possible.” – Christine from New York, NY

“…They have a great community that is friendly. They have the best program for Criminal Justice. They are everything that I want and need for a college.” – Denzel from Kansas City, MO

“…the staff if very helpful and are very dedicated to your learning experience. the town is small but the campus family is very close. everyone i have met has done anything in their power to help me be successful. ” – Emily from Ravenswood, WV

“…william paterson university is a great school to go to. there are many academic majors to choose, from fine arts to business. the atmosphere is comforting and relaxing.” – Monae from Neptune, NJ

“…bethany is a great school to attend if you're looking for something small and close-knit. it's impossible to walk to class and not have someone smile and greet you by name! ” – BLC Student

“…The College of Mount St Joseph is a college that has a great teacher to student ratio (about 1:20). The staff and faculty are supportive of the students. It is away from downtown Cincinnati so there is a calmer atmosphere.” – Jeffrey from Milford, OH

“…it is a beautiful place. very chill. MLIB.” – Ricky from Beaver Dam, KY

“…Hodges University is a very small populated school in which the teacher actually get to know you and are able to help you. Each class only meets once a week which is great for working students. Hodges if filled with staff that is willing to help...” – Maria from N Naples, FL

“…I've visited the campus and it's beautiful. It has a nice small town feel. All the historical buildings give it a nice feel. The dorms are great there as well. They are apartment styled, but not expensive.” – Thalia from Federal Way, WA

“…I would rate WVUP a five stars because, they take pride in everything that they set out to achieve. I was scared about going back to school but that fear disappeared after the first week, everyone I meat was willing to help.” – Tabitha from Parkersburg, WV

“…What are the pros of this school? Do employers accept the degree as if you received one from a brick and mortar school?” – Jeffrey from Oklahoma City, OK

“… The campus is really vast and has multiple places for studying purpose and also for fun. The facilities are in great shape and they're great equipped. Each department have great professors that are wiling to help whenever is needed. ” – Omar from Puerto Rico