<span>Colleges for a 32 ACT</span>

Colleges for a 32 ACT

The ACT is a standardized test administered nationwide that most colleges use as part of their application process to determine proficiency in math, reading, science, and English. Rated on a scoring scale between 1 and 36, the average score for the two million students who take the ACT each year is a 21. A score of 32 shows that you have demonstrated academic excellence in all four fields of study and have answered the majority of questions correctly in all sections.

Is a Score of 32 Good?

A score of 32 ranks in the 97th percentile and has for the past several years. A 32 is competitive for acceptance at most colleges and universities, and it also brings you on par with what the most selective institutions are looking for. Because the primary purpose of taking the ACT is to improve your higher education opportunities and a score of 32 is extremely competitive, it is definitely “good.”

I Want to Go to College, What Do I Do?

You’re in a great position to go to college. A 32 ACT not only makes you an eligible candidate for acceptance, it also makes you a competitive one. This high of an ACT score will also likely provide a decent amount of merit aid at most colleges and universities, especially paired with a decent GPA, whether it’s a large public university or a small private liberal arts college.

As a junior, you’ve likely started thinking about college already, but now that you’ve received your standardized test score, it’s time to really solidify your college list and start visiting campuses. If you don’t know exactly where you would feel most comfortable yet, don’t worry. Pay a visit to your school’s college resource center and consult the college counselor. You can also attend sessions with visiting admissions officers to get a better idea of where you want to attend.

The only reason to consider retaking the ACT at this point would be if you have your eye on an Ivy League Institution. A 32 makes you eligible to apply, but it doesn’t make you the most competitive candidate. Falling in the 25th percentile of what they accept, a 32 is still a good score to apply with, but most students they accept fall in the 34-35 range, which makes up their 75th percentile. The higher your ACT score, the more difficult it can be to elevate it even the few points that make up the distance between 32 and 35. With some concerted effort, though, it’s definitely possible. Take a closer look at your score breakdown and see where you can improve. You can also consider hiring a tutor if it’s financially in the cards.

As a senior, it’s a little late to try and retake the ACT, especially for colleges and universities with earlier deadlines, but it’s not out of the question if you’re determined to become a prime candidate for a selective institution. A 32 ACT, as stated previously, is a great score and will likely come with a significant amount of merit aid at most institutions, so focusing on your final year of high school and perfecting your college applications is a great next step. Writing a compelling personal essay and putting together a comprehensive list of your extracurriculars, projects, and after school activities will be extremely beneficial. Also, remember to contact any teacher who impacted your high school career and ask them to write a letter of recommendation.

What Kind of College Can I Apply to With a Score of 32?

A score of 32 is competitive for acceptance at just about any college and we’ve assembled a list of schools to consider below. It should be noted that a standardized test score by itself cannot guarantee admission but all of the following schools have set a precedent of admitting students who score a 32 on the ACT.

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