Colleges in Arizona

Colleges in Arizona

Arizona has a desert climate and is home to 27 federally-recognized Native American tribes. Colleges in Arizona are scattered across the state and include 4-year, 2-year, and graduate options. Manufacturing, mining, and tourism are the leading industries for the state, but it is also home to one of the fastest growing bioscience and healthcare industries in the nation. Main attractions in Arizona include the Grand Canyon, the Hoover Dam, and the state capital, Phoenix.
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“…Arizona State University- Tempe is great for those who want a large university feel, with small classes if you choose. The pricing is good, and they offer lots of scholarships and financial aide, especially for in state. I really like how there are a...” – Christianna from Tucson, AZ

“…The University that has it all- strong academics, strong athletics, and the whole college experience. With a beautiful campus that is well-planned and in the heart of Tucson, every social gathering and research project is within reach! Just remember...” – Joshua from Phoenix, AZ

“…beautiful and stunningly gorgeous. the winter's may be cold, but its worth it when there is fresh, untouched coat of snow laying on the ground outside your window. there is no place i would rather be in arizona.” – Madeline from Granite Bay, CA

“…Grand Canyon University is a very peaceful campus. The people are very nice. The professors have for the most part been a great help. ” – Lissandra from Phoenix, AZ

“…pima is an outstanding community college. the college makes it convenient for students with campus locations all around the city of tucson. the staff for the most part is very helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. ” – Shanna from Marana, AZ

“…Mesa Community College is a very affordable and competitive college. It offers a great variety of courses and the staff is very knowledgeable. Excellent education for the money! ” – Ethan from Gilbert, AZ

“…The Theater Program that Phoenix College offers has given me many opportunities to improve my acting abilities. Because it is a community college, there is a small number of students in class which makes it easier to have one-on-one time with your...” – Rebecca from Phoenix, AZ

“…Arizona State University Online is an excellent alternative to traditional on-campus programs. It's integrity as an online educational institution is strong, as it is supported by Arizona State University. The instructors and staff at Arizona State...” – Joseph from Modesto, CA

“…Prescott College is for self-directed students. If you are passionate about social justice, the environment, or a broad education in liberal arts and other studies, this school is for you. It provides an abundance of opportunities for students to...” – Emma from Los Angeles, CA

“…Overall I am quite satisfied with EMCC. I have enjoyed the teachers and other staff. I am leaving this place with a little more open mind and ready for my next step.” – El Mirage, AZ

“…GCC has been such a help to me! I tend to get lost on new grounds but they came alongside me and directed my paths; literally and metaphorically. The advisors are always real friendly and make your college experience run smoothly!” – Christina from Peoria, AZ

“…Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University is a small diverse private college broken into 3 colleges: aviation, arts and sciences and engineering. It is filled with great, outgoing, and hard working students who take pride in their work. The work is hard...” – Ross from Marana, AZ

“…This school has many scholarship opportunities and a wide variety of degree programs. It also has very versatile scheduling options.” – Brionna from Chandler, AZ

“…I enjoy hands on learning. Instructors provide one to one teaching in small groups Assistance in finding employment in your field of study” – Seth Ramirez from Harlingen, TX

“…Arizona Western College is a great place to achieve your educational goal. It is a college with great opportunities for students. It can help you achieve your eductional plan to be very successful. ” – Iliana from Yuma, AZ

“…Scottsdale Community College is a good community college. They offer a wide range of class schedules to fit anyones schedule. Most of my teachers have been great.” – Danielle from Phoenix, AZ

“…Their online classes utilize the blackboard instructional method, and they are very good. The support you receive is very useful. The feedback from the professors is prompt and conducive to a good learning atmosphere,” – Mark from CasaGrande, AZ

“…This college has grown immensely to accommodate the needs of small communities that are also growing. Yavapai College now offers a wonderful amount of courses and degree/certificate programs, to allow local residents to choose a career or start their...” – Jessica from Cottonwood, AZ

“…it is a constantly growing and improving university that has captured the hearts of many as well as trained (and continues to train) many to be spiritually active and grow up well-balance spiritually, emotionally, and even sometimes physically.” – Nicholas from Peroia, AZ

“…I am very pleased with the professors that teach the classes at PVCC. I would recommend this college to anyone of my friends and family. I cannot wait to complete the rest of my Associates degree here!” – Elizabeth from Anthem, AZ

“…Very professional and Organized,i respect their structure because it allow's student's from all walk's of life to be successful. #2.I was blessed to attend in the spring of 2013 and i excelled behind their excellent instructor's and excellent...” – Mark from Phoenix, AZ

“…Eastern Arizona College is a home away from home for anyone willing to get involved with College Life locally. The small campus size gives you the opportunity to make more friends and take better advantage of teacher assistance. Definitely worth...” – Lenna from Thatcher, AZ

“…Definitely shows that it is indeed all about MIND, BODY, SPIRIT, as quoted from William J. Carroll. The sense of unity is there. Plus, it is in the perfect location in downtown Mesa.” – Laura from Mesa, AZ

“…I am currently attending UA south (Yuma) where all the classes are online and this has been very useful due to my inconsistent work schedule. The classes are easy to manage thanks to the intuitive interfaces and clear outlines that the professors...” – Christian from Yuma, AZ

“…I love CCC, all of the staff make it extremely easy to figure out classes or payments. Im very glad i decided to start my first 2 years here, they give you the confidence to pursue your dreams.” – Rachel from Flagstaff, AZ

“…great college for students who do not have the schedule that will allow for on-site classes. the teachers are all very good at answering questions or concerns, and stay in close contact with the students. ” – Daniel from Phoenix, AZ

“…Dine College is a great way to start your school year with low tuition costs, financially, and educationally. The Institute is knowledgeable in what they teach and has awesome Instructors as well. I'd give this program two thumbs up! ” – Brichelle from Chinle, AZ

“…Mohave Community College is a very promising community college. As a high school student, I have taken several Dual-Enrollment classes and online classes through MCC. Fortunately enough, I am able to graduate high school with an Associate's Degree in...” – Shelby from Lake Havasu City, AZ

“…It's amazing! The small campus makes for great community and the professors are very accessible. One of my favorite parts is the shuttle system that allows travel between all 4 campuses, so you're never stuck on west. ” – Ayanna from Parker, CO

“…ASU's Downtown campus feels more like a group of business buildings than a college town. I personally prefer this over the layout of most other universities. It is near several different types of public transportation (ASU's inter-campus shuttle,...” – Rebecca from Glendale, AZ

“…In my opinion, GateWay Community College is one of the greatest community colleges in Arizona! The instructors that I have had the pleasure to work with are helpful and go out of their way to help you succeed. The staff and students are friendly and...” – Matt from Phoenix, AZ

“…Midwestern University-Glendale is incredible! Their campus is extremely nice and classes are close together. The faculty and staff are one of a kind, ready to help you with whatever you need!” – Kirk from Logan, UT

“…Northland Pioneer College is a marvelous community college. Its tuition is very affordable and this college has wonderful professors who get to know each individual in their class. It is a very friendly and enjoyable atmosphere of learning.” – Crystal from Show Low, AZ

“…This is an awesome school. The academic structure is great! The professors work very hard to help you do well and they give positive feedback.” – Tonya from Durham, NC

“…Cochise College is a great college full of friendly staff. They treat you with their uttermost respect and assist you by all means. The school has great classes and courses provided to all who qualify.” – Jazmin from Douglas, AZ

“…Is a great place to attend a tribal college in a rural area. I rate TOCC an excellent, welcoming college. ” – Cassandra from Sells, AZ

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