Colleges in New Hampshire

Colleges in New Hampshire

New Hampshire’s motto, “Live Free or Die,” is an homage to the Revolutionary War and the state’s status as one of the original 13 colonies. The Granite State has largely warm, humid summers, contrasted by long, cold, and snowy winters, though the southeastern section experiences milder weather because of the Atlantic Ocean. Colleges in New Hampshire are scattered throughout the state, with Dartmouth College as the oldest and most selective. There are six colleges in the University System of New Hampshire, as well as 12 private institutions, which include four Catholic-affiliated 4-year colleges and universities. The primary industry supporting New Hampshire’s economy is Smart Manufacturing/High Technology (SMHT). When it comes to state attractions, Moose Alley, Castle in the Clouds, and the Currier Museum (including the Zimmerman House) rank highly.
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“…I'm so happy to be at Dartmouth. It wasn't my first choice school, but I can't imagine a better place for me now that I'm there. Dartmouth people are some of the least pretentious and yet most talented people in the country, and they constantly amaze...” – '16 from ME

“…I give Southern New Hampshire University an excellent rating, five stars out of five stars. I feel at home here and have little financial, academic, or social worries. Southern New Hampshire University does an outstanding job at building...” – Mallory from Gorham, NH

“…they have a lot to offer no matter what your major or even if you are undecided. the campus has a lot of diversity and you can expect to meet a lot of different people. the campus is large and set in a quiet little town which is very proud to have...” – Ciaira from Hillsboro, NH

“…psu is a university for those looking for a great community, in and out of their school, with lots of shops and small restaurants. there is an active and relaxed environment, with lots of on-campus activities available, as well as within reach of...” – Jamie from Plymouth, NH

“…since i have transfered to keene state college, i have felt at home and like i belong. it's a wonderful school with a great environment. the classes make me learn better and i feel more one-on-one with my professors and iep coordinator. i know that...” – Chantel from Plaistow, NH

“…this is the perfect school for faithful republicans who want to become more active in politics. there is a large focus on political activity and the development of critical thinkers and active citizens. even the less popular majors are excellently...” – Elena from Pembroke, NH

“…I would say New England College is a diversity school. It knows how to do things to get people to interact with the community. It also has all the help you need when it comes to school work.” – Emani from Columbus, OH

“…Colby-Sawyer college is a great place for interactive learning. It haves a good selections of different types of majors and courses. Going here provides you with a lot of opportunities in jobs and internships.” – Zelest from Waterbury, CT

“…it has beautiful scenery. the class sizes are small. the professors are amazing and willing to do whatever they can to help you succeed. ” – Cassie from Medford, NY

“…Located in a beautiful small tight knit community. Small class sizes with professors and advisers always willing to help. Challenging academics that fully prepare you for your career. ” – Julie from Salem, NH

“…Helpful teachers that care about encouraging students . Challenging classes that encourage creativeness . Nurturing environment . ” – Silken from Newport, NH

“…People are very helpful, and the other students are friendly. Class times are convenient and there are many online classes. Campuses are small, but are conveniently located in many areas of the state.” – Anonymous

“…Very welcoming school, with a very intelligent, caring staff willing to work with students individually. The people are awesome and friendly. Id give this school a 9/10 stars 10 being the best.(9/10 not 10/10 only because there's no dorms.)” – Joshua from Nashua, NH

“…Northeast Catholic College is a vibrantly Catholic and academically rigorous small college. It's beautifully located, has an active and amazing student body, and a true Catholic culture. I guess it's pretty much exactly what a Catholic college...” – Cappex from Warren, MA

“…Has small, productive classes with knowledgeable teachers that encourage studying. Flexible tutoring hours and opportunities make classes run much smoother. Has an awesome and growing science department.” – Victoria from Hudson, NH

“…A great place to start your future. Perfect for exploring your future. The start of something great. ” – Jedidiah from Barnstead, NH

“…The best in traditional Catholic education. You learn with the professors; discussions are deep and thoughtful. The entire community cares about your education and personal growth as a student and person.” – Al from NH

“…It is very welcoming, and everyone is nice. Once you know where you are going you will never get lost. The staff are very knowledgeable and helpful.” – Darcy from Manchester, NH

“…this college works hard to make it's students feel comfortable and welcome. they do put effort into reducing the amount of stress a student feels, and calms the overwhelming new territory feeling that comes with the new experience. they definitely...” – Emily from NH

“…Great College, but they do not offer animation or game programming there. There are more classes in Claremont than in Keene though. Cheaper than some other colleges that I've seen.” – Anonymous

“…I love the affordability. I love the flexibility. The professors and advisors are there to help students succeed! ” – student from Tilton, NH

“…A Great School for Right out of High School, After a year off or ten. I have never found nicer staff at a college or university and they are willing to help you till all of your problems are fixed without any complaints. Good School for the cost!” – Andre from Jefferson, NH

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