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Nevada, MO, USA


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  • Women’s College

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4 Year
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Average ACT Composite: 22
Average SAT Composite: 1096
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Admissions: visit page
Admissions Email: [email protected]
Admissions Telephone: 888-526-8839
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What Students Are Saying

4.39 Average Rating
Get your books quick! The bookstore is really expensive, so I suggest getting your books online. The professors will start assigning work from the textbooks as soon as classes start, so be ready.
They grade things differently in college. I failed my first algebra test because I wasn't expecting such harsh grading. If you don't understand something, ask your professor about it. There are also lots of tutors in the library who can help with homework and studying.
Lastly, be friendly. Everyone here is really nice, so be nice back. Be understanding and don't lie. I know that seems like something you should already know, but seriously. I know a few people who have obviously lied about their pasts to seem cool, but really if you just be yourself, that's what Cottey people care about the most. We love diversity here! We love to see different people's personalities and interests. So seriously, be yourself!
Violet from Excello, MO
Going to a women's college is NOT a bad choice at all and it can open a lot of doors for you in so many ways. You become more confident overall and you become more open with those around you and you be surprised to make friends with people you never would have hang out with when you were in highschool. You make unbreakable bonds with other girls there who you will trust and count on forever. You will evolve as a person and as a woman in a lot of ways and this can be of great benefits for you. Do not be afraid of taking chances or speaking up for yourself because people will be interested in what you have to say here at Cottey and you will always be listened to. Do not judge others right away or else you will miss friendships with those people. Take consideration for others so that they can do the same for you, for after all, they will end up being sisters to you as the year goes by at Cottey.
Don't be intimidated by an all women's college; the lack of boys leads to less distraction and less drama. Push yourself in classes; if it's too much, your professors will work with you. Have fun; you have so much opportunity to grow and to connect!
Emily from Overland Park, KS
The biggest thing I was worried about was being so far from home. My home is 2000 miles away. However, once I got here, I realized that almost everyone is far from home. Many are even international students that are much farther from home than I am. Everyone was at least a little worried about being far from home. However, Cottey quickly turns into a loving, family-like support system. So, my first tip is to not worry about being away from home. Cottey is definitely like a second home.
Another important thing to remember is that your first priority at college is to learn. Study. There are tons of quiet places you can go to study. Use the library.
Also, don't cause drama. Yes, it can be challenging to live with 300 women. Fights and misunderstandings can happen. It's never fun when it does. Be nice to other people. This seems like it is a no-brainer, but it's really important. And be prepared for some drama, because invariably it happens. Just stay calm and stay out of it as much as you can.
Rosemary from WA
Don’t forget that you can get help with anything you’re struggling with. There’s a learning center, a writing center, office hours, and scheduled appointments you can make with the professor. Everyone wants you to succeed and they’ll try really hard to help make that happen.
Charlene - Savannah, TN
Go in with an open mind. Just because its a small, all womens college doesn't mean you should over look it. sometimes smaller is better and you realize that gaining a few more friends is better than a boyfriend could ever be. Cottey is the place to find your brides maids. this school not only has wonderful educational opportunities, but also is a great place to form life long friendships.
If you are planning on attending Cottey, then it wouldn't be a bad idea to get to know your professors. They really do enjoy when a student shows interest in the class and they enjoy getting to talk to the students outside of classes as well.
Katie from Nevada, MO
I suggest to prospective students to visit the campus if at all possible. Our student ambassador program is great at really showing what the school is about and you can talk to other students who will give you their opinion, the good and the bad. Also, if you are from a large city, be aware that we are an hour's drive from any mall. It can be frustrating for some students
K from UT
Don't be scared to attend an all-woman's school; it's actually a lot better than it sounds! There are no boys to get ready for in the morning, no boys to distract you while in class, no boys to ditch your studying for, and no boys to worry about period!
But let me guess, your next concern would probably be the fact that we all have that special present that comes to us once a month to make us moody, and with 350 girls here, there'd probably be drama everyday. Well let me clear that up for you: surprisingly , everyone kind of knows each other after the first month, so we all know what to expect from each other. Sure there are those random cat fats, but surprisingly, the drama here is small to none.
Jessica from Wayne, MI
Don't be put off because this school is an all-womens school. In fact it makes it easier, not having to worry about the relationship problems that occur in school. There are colleges nearby with guys around so you don't have to worry about there not being any guys, theres even an air force base nearby. But while your in class, its nice and relaxing to be without the opposite gender for awhile, except if your teacher is a male.
Julianne from Keyport, WA

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