Craven Community College
New Bern, NC, USA


Craven Community College
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Joshua from New Bern, NC

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
I have learned much about the field I am interested in and about what actions and devices are necessary to accomplish the tasks I intend to undertake.
Am enjoying being here
I have thoroughly enjoyed being a Craven Community College. The people who teach, work, and are being taught there are nice, all the resources needed to complete the course assignments can be found on campus, and the extra-curricular activities are fun to experience and helpful to others outside the campus.
Bang for the buck
The prices of tuition and books aren't as high as some colleges and the cost for the education is an investment to learning the necessary skills and obtaining the aptitude required for a career.
Tips for prospective students
The best advice for prospective students is to complete all assignments, pay attention to the instructor, keep good notes or read the course books a lot, and never give up even when the work seems hard because the effort will almost always yield good results.
Great for these types of students
Craven has a career path suitable for all students and can supply a vast amount of courses to those students, which is especially helpful to transfer students.
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