East Mississippi Community College
Scooba, MS, USA


East Mississippi Community College
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Brea from Hattiesburg, MS

a current student here
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In three sentences
This is an excellent school to attend. Teacher's really care and try hard to help students. Its a peaceful environment to be apart of and the sports teams are great.
Tips for prospective students
Come with an attitude that is eager to learn. The school is not as hard as everyone makes college seem. I truly enjoyed my freshman year here at EMCC.
Academic Rigor
Most of the classes I took were pretty easy compared to the Advanced Placement classes I took in high school.
Dorm Life
The dorms are pretty decent. They are not new, but they are not worn down either.
Food and Dining
The cafeteria has its days just like any high school. You have a wider selection of choices however, and can eat as much as you want.
What to do for fun
For fun, you can always attend one of our many championship winning athletic teams, or you can travel to Meridian or Starkville to hang out with friends.
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