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Am learning a lot
Going to Indiana University East has its advantages; the teachers are wonderful and very smart. Generally, if you ask a question they will answer it and explain their reasons, letting the student better understand. If you are struggling in classes there are help centers - usually called S.I. Leaders who are present from 9:00 in the morning till 5:00 at night. The teachers want you to succeed; if you apply yourself then you will learn.
Am enjoying being here
Enjoying your classes depends on who your teachers are, how you prepare yourself mentally, and how you respond towards others. If you go into a class thinking that it will be terrible, it will likely be a terrible experience for you. Teachers also make up a large part of enjoying your classes; if you have a terrible teacher then you will probably hate your class. Several experienced juniors and seniors have told me about their experiences with terrible teachers and their advice was plain and simple: drop the class. Your responses are just as important to enjoying classes as finding the right teacher; if you act aloof and unkind to the people you have never met before then you will end up a loner.
Bang for the buck
There are a lot of neat features about Indiana University East. The college has done three big events since I enrolled here: A two day 'Back With The Pack' bash which included free t-shirts, prizes, activities, food, and a live band. The college also includes a 'technology charge' which is really handy - Adobe CS5, Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Virus Software, etc. are just a few of the free programs offered under the technology charge. In fact, one Indiana University East staff member said that some people have taken a single cheap course at the college to gain access to some of the software listed under the technology charge. This college also allows students who possess a student I.D. card to use the X-box, playstation, and fitness center located at the school for free. Overall, there are many amenities for the oncoming student; all you have to do is look around, ask questions, and keep your eyes and ears open.
Tips for prospective students
My first tip would be to meet new people - you are at college and no one cares whether you were a geek or jock in high school. Secondly, you should show you care in classes - keep your notes, quizzes, papers, etc. all neatly filed in a three ring binder. Keeping things in a binder makes finding things easier and your professors will enjoy seeing a neat student. Thirdly, I would recommend skipping then college parties - in the few weeks I have been attending college there have been three stories of kids who ended up graduating in six years instead of four because of their nocturnal activities. Lastly, dress the part; I am not trying to discriminate, but if you dress in ratty, stained, risque clothing you will not command as much respect as you could if you wear a clean and modest outfit. Same goes for makeup and hair - the really serious students usually do not go for vibrant hair or makeup because they are too busy with their academics during the school year. Teachers can pick up on the serious students because they ask questions, take notes on lectures, answer question the teachers ask, and study the content. If you want to be a successful student I would say that your best chance is to study - if you study hard, then you won't have time for the parties and you will probably graduate in four years, unlike the party-loving crowd.
Great for these types of students
Get involved in campus groups; it will look good on your college transcript when you graduate. Volunteer in your field of interest, if possible, before naming a major in high school. For instance, I nearly majored in Occupational Therapy, but when I began to volunteer at a local hospital during my senior year of high school I ended up switching to a different major because I realized Occupational Therapy was not a major I wanted to go into. Lastly, get to know your teachers - they are real people, with lives outside of the classroom. The teachers might control your grades, but they can also become a friend to you. I have gotten to know my teachers by talking with them outside of class and it has helped me to establish a good relationship with them; I feel like I can talk to them or ask them questions more easily because I know now that they want you to succeed; if you fail, it looks bad on them.
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