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Jamestown Community College
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Ashley from Campbell, NY

a current student here
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Am learning a lot
Being a music major, I can't really comment on a large portion of the classes offered at Jamestown Community College. Not to sound full-of-myself, I am a little ahead of where the music classes are, so I'm not learning a lot in them. But, the general education courses that I have had to take have all been very educational.
Am enjoying being here
The people at JCC are all very welcoming (teachers and students alike). Being one of the few people attending JCC that didn't come from a local school, I was worried that I would not be able to break into the already existent cliques, but that hasn't been a problem.
There are also a huge variety of activities on campus. In the last two semesters we have had concerts with internationally know artists, concerts featuring the students, art shows, games shows, ice-cream socials and tons more.
Bang for the buck
You can't beat the price. For a full time NYS resident the tuition is only $1,860 a semester (and only $3,720 for non-residents)!
Tips for prospective students
If you plan on living on campus (I am not), apply early. There is only space for 220 students!
Don't be afraid to go and talk to the teachers to see if it is right for you. Any of the staff that I have met, have been wonderful and accommodating. As long as you let them know you are coming, I'm sure they would love to sit down and talk with you.
Great for these types of students
JCC is great for students that come from small schools, or prefer small classes. Since the classes are small, teachers are able to accommodate all of their students either in class or during office hours. I feel JCC is an amazing stepping stone between high-school and larger universities.
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