John Paul the Great Catholic University
Escondido, CA, USA


John Paul the Great Catholic University
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Matthew from Escondido, CA

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In three sentences
This is a great school for striving for personal excellence. You will grow in the faith with the curriculum centered around the love of Jesus Christ; you will grow intellectually through challenging courses and caring professors; all around, this school gives the opportunity for students to grow and become part of the culture who wants to impact it for Christ.
Tips for prospective students
Have a desire to grow in your faith. This school will challenge you to solidify what you know and spark a flame in you to love Jesus.
Academic Rigor
Amazing professors who have worked in their field and teach from experience. All the learning, whether it be in film, business, or theology, is hands on and can be used in the desired field of study.
Dorm Life
Living in brand new apartments and townhouses half a mile from the school. Typically living with four other people. Not your typical dorm life. Its like a home away from home.
Food and Dining
No cafeteria here. You are responsible for grocery shopping and cooking for yourself. There are a plethora of stores near the housing complex and many options for local dining as well.
What to do for fun
Being in SoCal, the beach is always close; there are many events held by the school that are great for student life; a park right across the street open for exercise and sports; the housing complex has an outdoor pool and game room with gaming consoles and pool table.
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
Small campus so there is a very small and close community within the students. Not a typical college experience. Students here are looking to better themselves in there faith and intellectually and not too interested in the party scene. This is a great school for really getting an education.
Great for these types of students
Students with a desire and love of Jesus Christ; those passionate about film, business, and impacting culture for Christ.
Clubs and Activities
Good amount of people wanting to get involved in the community, sports, film projects, and business ideas
Campus Safety
The campus and housing complex are very safe. The two are not far from each other and makes for a great walk throughout the day. The surrounding area is somewhat unsafe due to bikes stolen or things of that nature, but Escondido police are always out and looking to keep the community sage. The housing complex has a private security team that patrols through the night.
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