Kuyper College
Grand Rapids, MI, USA


Kuyper College
4.39 Average Rating

Alexandra from Cedarburg, WI

accepted here and planning to attend soon
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Will learn a lot
Academics are incorporated well with the Bible's teachings. The professors are good at what they do; teaching from a Christian worldview.
Will enjoy being here
The atmosphere is stunning. The smaller campus makes it easier to meet people. There are so many friendly faces to make you feel welcome.
Bang for the buck
Kuyper College is cheaper than most private colleges in the area. But even so, the Financial Aid Office works hard to ensure you can find a way to attend the college. Also, the dorm rooms are twice as big as the typical rooms!
Tips for prospective students
Get a head start on financial aid. Don't be afraid to ask questions; admissions counselors are there for you. Visit more than one college and seriously pray about your decisions.
Great for these types of students
Kuyper is a great fit for those looking to serve God in a community with so many opportunities. Those who wish to grow in their faith, like me, will be continuously strengthened and challenged here.
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