North Florida College
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North Florida College
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Mariela from Jennings, FL

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In three sentences
A small warm, college with colossal opportunities. Approachable staff whom are always eager to help. Small classes for a close, bond-building experience.
Tips for prospective students
Always keep your student ID handy, you will need it for tests, the library, and tutor labs. As soon as you can learn your Student ID number, it will be very important. Always check your school email, even on weekends, for many professors weekends is the only free time to send emails. Do not be afraid to participate during class, it is the best way to learn. Do not procrastinate, it is one of the worst mistakes any student can make.
Academic Rigor
All classes are like newborn babies, they require your constant attention and complete devotion. If you want good grades you have to be willing to spend most of your time studying. Checking your emails and paying attention in classes will be of major help.
Dorm Life
There are no dorms in most community colleges. I am really close to the college so there is no point in having a dorm. Some students live far however and dorm would be great for them.
Food and Dining
The food is great and none expensive. There is a large variety of food available and convenient snack machines. WiFi is available in the cafeteria and you will constantly find students working with their laptops open. The cafeteria is a great time to catch up on homework, friends, and refuel your body.
What to do for fun
In the cafeteria there is a ping-pong section where students gather around and play. It is engaging and a lot of fun. There are also many clubs, where students can get together and make new friends. There are many dances organized by SGA, where students and faculty can have a good time and release the stress.
Campus Safety
The funny approacable security guard roams the school 24/7. He is
always on the lookout for unusual activity on capus grounds. He is also has a great personality and is easy to approach.
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