Trinity Bible College and Graduate School
Ellendale, ND, USA


Trinity Bible College and Graduate School
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Katrina from Ellendale, ND

a current student here
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In three sentences
I would recommend Trinity Bible College to any student that is serious about their academic career and learning more about God. The students and staff make the college feel like a home-away-from-home with their welcoming atmosphere and willingness to help with anything at all time. The academic programs at TBC are professional and high-notch programs that does a great job in preparing students for their career choices.
Tips for prospective students
I would check out Trinity if I was looking for a college to attend. Even if it is just for one year, Trinity is a good place to be.
Academic Rigor
The professors are all equally serious about actually helping their students to learn the material. They are willing to give up their time to help a struggling student.
Dorm Life
Living in the dorms is like living in one huge mansion it seems at times. My neighbors in the dorm halls become like family and we all have a good time just hanging out with one another. The RA's and the Resident Directors (for both boys and girls) is always ready to help in any way they can.
Food and Dining
The cafeteria is a great place to just hang out. While the food is not always the best, it is just part of student life.
What to do for fun
While Ellendale itself is a small town, there is still many things that can be done for fun. Going bowling at the bowling alley or even just hanging out at the gas station (they have ice cream!), there are many things students can do. Taking a weekend trip to Aberdeen is always popular too. But nothing can replace just hanging out with friends and having fun.
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