Universidad Ana G. Mendez-Carolina Campus
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Universidad Ana G. Mendez-Carolina Campus
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In three sentences
Like most Puerto Rican colleges, UNE is very inexpensive compared to the US. The appearance and hygiene of the university is excellent. It is very well kept and the administration resources are great for students. Student activities are promoted regularly, but when it comes to financial help, the system is lacking in providing students with what they wish.
Tips for prospective students
Make sure to know what you are going to study so that you can form a good relationship with your departmental superior. He or she will be your guide throughout your college life, specially when it comes to learning about transcripts, courses, requirements and eligibilities. Also consider financial help by the university such as being an employee of the university or working in Work Study. Hours are flexible to your course schedule and you don't have to travel, your job is in your college.
What to do for fun
For those interested in athletics, we have an indoor basketball court, weight lifting equipment and a gym. We also have free wireless internet service throughout the campus and a number of outlets to plug an play. There are regular activities such as prep rallies, art exhibitions and nightly celebrations of our culture. We also have a library and a large amount of computers for those interested in that, also mentioning a number of computers that include the master collection of Adobe software.
Bang for the buck
Dollar for dollar, some things are over priced, others are just right and some are underpriced. For example, sometimes buying books can be over priced compared to other businesses selling the same or similar product. Food is cheaper than average and parking is also very economic. Our gym is very economic as well for the moment, considering that it is a fully equipped gym, except for the extras like a swimming pool and an integrated basketball court. Overall, if you can administer your money correctly and carefully, you won't have a hard time paying for college.
Share any unusual traditions or locations on campus
There is nothing very unusual on campus, except maybe for those who aren't familiar with daycares. We have a daycare center on campus available for students who have children that need to be taken care of while they take their courses.
Great for these types of students
Athletes are praised and are the ones with the most benefits. They can get as much as a dorm provided by the university, free lunch, no gymnasium expenses and a small monthly salary for their training. Students with high GPA are offered Honor benefits, although they have to oblige with taking specialized courses and attend meetings and extracurricular activities. All students are welcome, although the university is more focused on business and sciences when it comes to courses.
Clubs and Activities
There is a great variety of clubs. Everything from library clubs, business clubs, leadership clubs, christian clubs and clubs that help the environment and people in need. As mentioned before, there are regular activities such as prep rallies, art exhibitions and nightly celebrations of our culture. Usually every holiday and festive day is considered to create activities for students.
Greek Life
Unlike United States colleges and campuses, greek life is not implemented in Universidad del Este de Carolina. The only real rivalry and competition is evident against colleges when it comes to athletics, specially a special event called Las Justas where the best athletes of every college in Puerto Rico meets up in Arecibo to compete for medals in their categories.
Campus Safety
There are cameras that cover the entire campus, security guards, fences and walls in the perimeter of the campus as well as a security HQ located in the center hallway. Although there aren't statistics or information available on crimes on campus, the atmosphere is one of safety.
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